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All About Reading/Spelling Day

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A few weeks ago the stomach virus hit our house. It was no fun. Guess who took the longest to get over it, yup, me. The one who eats no wheat, is 90% processed free eater and the one who doesn’t eat sugar, haha, go figure. My kiddos bounced back pretty fast.

It’s been two weeks since I sat down with the kids to do Heart of Dakota, ack! But it is what it is right? I have been doing the basics though, reading, writing, and math.

Today was an All About Spelling and Reading day!

I started All About Spelling level 1 with Lance.
All About Spelling
We started lesson 5 and will finish it tomorrow.

Lance segmented words today.
All About Spelling
I am finding that my son still needs some basic phonics, even though he has been through All About Reading levels Pre and 1. He still gets confused with short and long vowels.
All About Spelling
I have decided to have him go through All About Reading level 1 again. Unfortunately I don’t have that level anymore. I reordered the Teacher Manual and the first reader, a friend gave me her partially used Student Activity book. Only the first 14 lessons are done and she sent me all the pages her daughter completed. And thank the Lord, another friend is letting me borrow the cards and two readers.
All About Spelling
Lance going over the short vowel sounds.
All About Spelling
Here is Lance adding the the correct vowel for each word. I put the two consonants with a blank red (vowel)tile. I said the word, like “mut”, he replaced the blank tile with the correct vowel tile.

Lance also completed two lessons of Teaching Textbooks and one lesson of English Through Literature.

His penmanship is improving. Before his letters would be extra large and floating.
English Lessons Through Literature
Next up was Ethan.
The only subject I didn’t get to was English Lessons Through Literature.
All About Spelling
He had to spell words with a suffix. First the root word than add the suffix.
All About Spelling
Ethan has been parked in lesson 11. Tomorrow I’ll have him spell on paper “More Words” and dictate a few sentences.

Today spelled the words using tiles then wrote them in his composition book (words 61-70).
All About Spelling
All About Spelling
Ethan also identified the job of Silent E and wrote the words in his Silent E Book.
All About Spelling
He also completed half a lesson (15) of All About Reading Level 3. Writing and Rhetoric, we have been going pretty slow but we are working our way through. Today Ethan completed lesson 6. With English Through Literature he is on lesson 65, wahoo, he is more than half way through the book. I want him to start book 3 in January, so regardless if he completes book 2, he will start the 3rd book. I’d really like to skip to book 4 but that might be too big of a jump.

I didn’t take any pictures of Caleb and Brent’s school. They both completed All About Reading Level 4, Lesson 7. Both completed their math and some Heart of Dakota.
All About Reading
Caleb completing an All About Reading (AAR) activity from lesson 2.
All About Reading
I don’t always have them complete the activity pages because some are too easy. I pick and choose.

This is my first affiliated link post. I have been an affiliate with All About Learning but have never done anything with it. Since I blog about it enough, I thought I'd add them. 


My Morning Cup of Java

Every morning for the past three months I’ve been starting my day with a (semi) Bulletproof Coffee. (I say semi because I'm not actually using Upgraded Coffee) I have mentioned before that I’m not a breakfast person so this has really worked for me. It keeps me till noon. I don’t feel hungry and am not grumpy.

I’ve been adding different things to my coffee like cacao butter. Yum! I alternate between the good, yummy, fats: butter from grassfed cows, coconut oil, organic-raw cocoa butter. So one day I may add two tablespoons coconut oil and about 5 cocoa butter chips. Another day I’ll add coconut oil and butter.
Bulletproof Coffee
Right now I’m adding, cough, cough, um, Target brand cream. I made a batch of frosting that didn’t come out right. Instead of wasting it I am adding it to my coffee. It’s made of raw cacao powder, coconut oil, heavy whipping cream, stevia, and vanilla. The recipe called for 1/2 tsp of chocolate stevia. I knew I should not put that much but the recipe said . . . well sure enough it was stevia overdose!

I didn’t want to waste it because I used my raw cacao powder and Tropical Traditions coconut oil. Those cost a pretty penny. 

I bought cocoa butter 9 months ago and just started using it. I made some fat bombs with it (brain boosters) and they tasted pretty good. I used 1:1 ratio cocoa butter and coconut oil.

Next I’m going to try Upgraded Cacao Butter. I bought this for my birthday (smile). It shipped today, so I’ll have to blog about how it taste later.

With all the good heart healthy fat I’m adding to my morning cup of java, I must say it is pretty high in calories, like 500. Oh, and that included gelatin. I think that’s why I don’t get hungry. When I was making my Bulletproof Coffee with only 1tbls butter and 1tbl coconut oil, I would get hungry. By adding 2tbls of each fat has been the key for me.

To shake things up, some mornings I’ll have my Bulletproof Coffee over ice.

So how do you start your day? Do you drink Bulletproof Coffee in the morning? If so, are you tweaking it a bit (sorry Dave ‘wink, I know it’s probably no longer Bulletproof if I’m changing it up’)?


Schoolhouse Review: Middlebury Interactive Languages

Monday, October 20, 2014

My son Lance has been having fun learning Spanish using Middlebury Interactive Languages.
Elementry Spanish
For the past five weeks or so we have been reviewing their Elementary Spanish Course. For this review we received 6 months access to their online course.
Middlebury Interactive Languages Review
Recommended Grades: 3-5 (K-12 depending on the level you choose)
Price: Without Teacher per semester $119
Middlebury Interactive Languages uses an immersive approach with teaching children to learn a foreign Language. The program has your child watching an animated story in Spanish right from the start.
There are 8 lessons in this course:

To give you a peek of what a lesson looks like, I’ll focus on Lesson 7: Body Unit

Each lesson has sub lessons.
Spanish Lessons
Once you are ready to start, click on Lesson 1. You will see by the dropdown menu what your child will learn in this lesson.
Spanish Dropdown
The first lesson is when the child will watch an animated video in Spanish. They will see and hear the words as well.
Spanish body lesson 1png
As your child completes each section of the lesson a green checkmark will appear in the box a great visual for the child to see all that he/she has accomplished!
Spanish Dropdown
Throughout the lesson your child will do many activities like matching words to pictures, coloring a page and hearing the word on the section they ‘colored’, speak the sounds, and highlight the vocabulary word of the picture they see.
Here is what your child will do in the the Body Unit.
In the first lesson of the Body Unit your child will have watched the video as mentioned above and would have completed a few practice lessons.
In Lesson 2 of the Body Unit it starts with the child reviewing.
Spanish Body Review l.1
Then practicing.
Spanish Body Review l.1.2
Next comes the Speaking Lab. A microphone is recommended for these lessons. If you don’t have one that’s okay, just have your child repeat after the speaker. We didn’t use a microphone because we don’t have one and Lance was still able to enjoy the course.
Spanish Body Speaking Lab  l.1.3
The little numbers in the upper right corner is where you will see a score given to your child. 5/5 means they got them all correct. If your child misses the program will have them try again.
After the Speaking Lab your child will complete a no stress quiz. This is what I liked about the program. Lance didn’t feel overwhelmed.
Spanish Body Quiz  l.1.4
Your child will explore new body words.
Spanish Body Explore  l.1.5
Then practice by dragging the words to the body part.
Spanish Body Practice 2  l.1.6
And lastly your child will do another Speaking Lab.
Spanish Body Speaking Lab l.1.6
And that is from only one of the 6 lessons in the Body Unit.
Some other activities are:
Spanish Body Lesson
Spanish highlighting
A neat optional feature is using the calendar to pace your child. For some I know this can be too rigid and overwhelming but for others it might be super helpful. And again, it’s optional. You don’t have to use it.
Spanish Calendar
A gradebook is also included. I will admit I didn’t use this feature very often but it’s there if you would like to print it for your records. I would have included a screen shot but I couldn’t get one that was large and clear, sorry. Basically it has the percentage of what your child got correct. In the gradebook there is a section that has a due date. Because we reviewed the non teacher course, it can be ignored.

There are 40 lesson in Elementry Spanish 1, Middlebury suggest 2-3 lessons per week.
How We Used Middlebury Interactive Languages
I used this Foreign Spanish Course with Lance my 10 year old 4th grade son. Brent joined in when he saw how fun it was so he was a tag along learner in this review.
We didn’t use the the calendar to pace Lance. Instead Lance would log in and go straight to his lessons by clicking on the Table of Contents. We went through the introduction and a few lessons together. Once he was familiar with the program he was able to log in on his own.
I had Lance use this 4 times a week, completing 1 lesson from a Unit a day. Some days he'd do less and other days more.  The program makes it easy for the child to find a stopping point (if not using the calendar to pace your child). 
It took Lance a week and a few days to finish a lesson. Sometimes when he got a low score on the quiz he would repeat parts of the lesson.

Our computer is in the kitchen so I was able to hear the words that Lance was working on. Throughout the day I would say a Spanish word and ask Lance what the word meant in English and vice versa (ask the word in English and he'd give me the Spanish translation).

Lance’s favorite part of this course was watching the cartoons.
Middlebury Spanish Interactive Languages
My Thoughts
I believe Middlebury Interactive Languages does a great job with really engaging the child. It’s fun, colorful, shows the child the progress they are making, and I love that there are so many activities for the child. It’s never boring!
The program is fun and doesn't overwhelm the child. The child can go at their own pace, repeat lessons if needed, and just have fun while learning Spanish.
Bottom Line
We have used more than a few Spanish programs here at Homeschooling6 and I must say Middlebury is our favorite!
Click to read Crew Reviews
Crew Disclaimer


Saturday with Brent

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Brent and I were the only ones home this Saturday for half the day. He played with his cousins, computer time for 30 minutes, played outside, and with his Legos. I used this quiet time to work on a Schoolhouse Review.
The weather was nice and cool, loved it!
Brent and I played a game, he won.
We enjoyed a cup of coffee together.
The first time it didn’t work out so great though. Brent forgot to but the coffee pot under the drip thing-y.
The rest of the crew came home and it was outside for the boys.
We need to pave the driveway but for know filling it up with dirt will have to do.
The kids brought fries home.
Brent cleaned the fridge before bed.
He looked so cute. He was doing the job so cheerfully. I could here him singing.

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