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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

One Saturday (the 10th) Lance and I were the only ones at home which is really rare. So we both took care of our computer stuff first. Me with blogging, TOS Crew stuff, and going through emails. Lance had to finish up a computer game. Most likely it was a Lego or Star Wars game.
Don’t you just love the pink robe!?!?! Yup, it’s mine. I have 4 pink robes that I’ve collected over the 18 years of marriage.

Our first CHRISTmas together Lupe gave me a robe, my MIL gave me one when prego with my 4t or 6th child ( I can’t remember which pregnancy it was) , my kids gave me one about 5 years ago or so, and this CHRISTmas my hubby gave me one. I’m robed out, haha. I still have them all.

The one Lance is wearing is the robe the kids bought me, by ‘kids’ I mean their dad. That was when Lupe use to buy a gift for me from the kids. Now the kids buy their own. Growing up they are!
I don’t remember all that we did that weekend. The rest of the kids were with their dad.


Time with Ethan

Monday, January 19, 2015

My 5th child had a birthday. I wish those birthdays would stop. My kiddos are growing up so fast. Each year they are maturing and getting older. Josh is well on his way to becoming a wonderful young man of God, Annette is really maturing as well. In fact some of her goals are to be slow to anger, like not snapping at her younger brothers when they strike a nerve or act younger (like their age). And Caleb and Brent too, they are growing and learning.

Ethan is the big 12. He is a pre-teen now. This can’t be happening!!! Okay, mini-mommy-break-down over.

We took Ethan out for dinner on our date night. I love these times of one on one time with my kids.

Lupe worked physically hard getting one of our rentals ready that day and was looking forward to a nice juicy steak! Unfortunately Texas Steakhouse was an hour wait. We were both too hungry to wait that long (even though we absolutely love, love, the steaks there).

Next we tried Chili’s. We thought they have a decent steak, no-go. 30-40 minute wait. Our third stop was T.G.I Fridays. Not going to happen. Right across from TGI is Genghis Grill. Yay, we were told there was only a 10 minute wait which wasn’t even that long.
Awe, Ethan filled out the little card. Of course mama had to take a picture for memories.
Look at my handsome young man. He is so loving. Always giving me hugs and he still likes to snuggle.
Beef and calamari for him with lots of cilantro (although you can’t see the cilantro.
He really enjoyed Genghis Grill. It was his first time eating there.
After dinner we took him out for a cup of coffee. We told him to bring a book because his dad and I usually read while sipping our cup of java.
He ordered a frozen coffee, flavored with a cherry syrup. Lupe and I have been venturing out and trying new places. As much as I love my Starbucks coffee I want something new. It’s been fun finding some local coffee shops.
Can you see Lupe in the reflection?
Ethan's Birthday
Every year my sister faithfully sends the kids a letter, their cousins draw a picture, and she sends the kids $15.00! My kids absolutely love receiving their letter each year.

Ethan opened his letter, admired the drawing, we all oohed and awed at the details of the drawing.

He then took his letter from his Auntie Cynce and got comfortable on the couch.
My kids have a special place for their letters. They keep them all (drawings too!).
Ethan and his younger cousin had their birthday party a few weeks ago. Their birthdays are so close that they usually share their birthday and have a party together. I’ll have to post some pictures soon.

Ethan got a nice Lego set from mom and dad. Because we don’t buy them lots of toys and stuff during the year, I like to buy one of the more expensive sets for them. This year I got the Lego Star Wars Wookee Gun Set.


How I Make Ice Tea

Monday, January 12, 2015

Perfect Iced Tea
Ice tea, refreshing, flavorful, and just a good way to enjoy a cool drink. My method of making ice tea is pretty easy and it comes out good every time.
All you need is your favorite tea bags or loose tea, some jars with lids, and cool filtered water.

Depending on the size of the jar all I use is 2 or 3 tea bags.
Here I am steeping an English breakfast tea, peppermint, and a peach tea. Some of lid inserts are missing so I used a sandwich bag and screwed on the outer ring to keep it secured. By the time the tea is done it will be a little darker.
How I Make Ice Tea
I let them sit for 24 hours. Once done I put lots of ice in my glass, a little water, and the rest tea. I also add some Sweet Leaf liquid stevia, so good.
I have never-ever had a bitter ice tea when making it this way. Before I use to boil water, put 16 tea bags in, let it sit for 30 minutes (and most the time forget that I had tea steeping, ack!), and because I’d forget that my tea bags were steeping my tea would be a little bitter.

I’d then add equal amounts of water and still it was not always good. It was a hit and miss but I’d drink it because I didn’t want to waste.
Now I always get a delicious tasting glass of iced tea using only 2-3 tea bags.

How do you make ice tea?


It’s Time to Start Reviewing

Friday, January 9, 2015

It’s that time of the year for us at the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I can’t believe I’m going on my 4th year!

Two review items are already being shipped to some of the Crew members. Freedom Project: Mother, Should I Trust the Government? and In Freedom’s Cause audio book. I’m not on these reviews but am looking forward to reading them.

My first review (it hasn’t shipped yet) will be IndoctriNation a documentary, a film about public schools and the decline of Christianity.

So that’s a little sneak peek of the start of another reviewing year.

Meet the 2015 Crew!

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