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Sick Week

Friday, April 11, 2014

My kiddos have been dropping like flies with being sick. Monday Josh came down with some weird flu like symptoms. He was dizzy, couldn’t stand for very long, and his head and throat hurt.

Tuesday Annette said her head hurt. Wednesday she was bed ridden too. With her it was her allergies. She had a hard time breathing because her nasal passages were stuffed, she had watery eyes, had a headache, her body ached, and she had some chills. She gets like this when her allergies are acting up.

Wednesday Caleb asked for an Advil. Thankfully he hasn’t been as sick as the others but has had a headache since. He’s been on Advil for the past few days.
Thursday, Ethan started feeling sick. He has a headache, is coughing, and has no appetite. He has a slight fever.

Friday, Brent was stricken as well. He is hot but has chills. He has no appetite as well. His head and body aches. Bright lights make him feel worse.
I was so tired yesterday I was almost in tears. It was kind of funny because at 1:00 P.M. I looked out my kitchen window to see the neighbor across the street (who does nothing but hangs out in his garage all day) cooking up some steaks on his BBQ pit. I thought, it must be nice to have time to BBQ ones lunch.

This was when I was so, so, tired. The baby was fussy and the kids needed tending too like when they were little.

Then today I just had to laugh because seeing the guy cooking up his steaks the day before was my ‘breaking’ point (when I wanted to just collapse, lol). I had to laugh about what happened yesterday because today I’m doing much better. I can’t believe I was envious of the guys time, how silly of me. Of course I’d rather be tending to my little brood than have nothing to do but walk around in my garage.
Since I have been super busy with the children and babysitting I had to make a quick batch of laundry detergent. Usually I enjoy cooking up some homemade laundry detergent but not this week.

Instead I took a gallon milk jug filled half way with hot tap water then put 1TBL of Downy Unstoppables Fresh in Wash Scent Booster, I shook the water to let the Downy Unstoppables dissolve. I then added 3TBL of the blue Dawn liquid detergent, then filled up the rest of the jug with water, and that was my laundry detergent. Works great, it gets the job done.

I didn’t want my kiddos to dehydrate so I made my electrolyte ‘sports’ drink for them.
I squeezed 1/2 cup of fresh orange juice, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/8-1/4 tsp of Himalayan salt, 1 cup coconut water, 1 cup water, 1tsp vitamin C powder (optional), some of the pith from the lemon (not much also optional), 1tbl of MCT oil or coconut oil, 2tbls raw honey, 1 little scoop of Now Stevia or whatever sweetener you like.

Put all ingredients in the blender and blend. Pour over ice.

With the coconut water I purchased just the water from the store. I have also used the water from the cans. I let the coconut cream rise to the top.

I have also used coconut cream because I was out of coconut water and didn’t want to open another can. When I used the cream I put about 3tbl and added 2 cups water.
The kiddos (except Ethan of course) liked it.

No school happened today. Lance thankfully has not gotten sick. I could have done some school with him but I didn’t.


Schoolhouse Review: Curiosity Quest

As a mom and homeschooling parent I am always on the lookout for good quality DVDs that will not only keep the attention of my children  but teach them something new as well. Especially for those rainy days.

The Schoolhouse Review Crew had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing not one but two DVD Combo Packs from Curiosity Quest.
Curiosity Quest
Each Combo Pack (DVD Combo Pack: Swimmers of the Sea and DVD Combo Pack: Produce) has three 30 minute episodes all hosted by a fun and very energetic Joel Green!

For this review we received DVD Combo Pack-Produce ($24.95).
You can also buy these episodes individually for $19.95, so purchasing the Combo Pack is a real savings.

The kids and I learned how cranberries, oranges, and mushrooms are grown and harvested.
All were of interest to me but I really liked the mushroom episode. I love, love, love, mushrooms and consume them almost daily! I didn’t realize that they are grown inside, that was something new I learned.

In this combo pack you and your children will also learn how oranges are grown, harvested (they are handled with care), cleaned, packaged, and shipped. Did you know that many oranges are picked when they are still a little green? I didn’t.

Cranberries, we love cranberries at our house. My kids can eat them straight from the bag. I always see cranberries in water so I um, thought they grew under water, wrong! Thankfully I watched Curiosity Quest and now know the truth!

We also were blessed with DVD Combo Pack-Swimmers of the Sea ($24.95).
On this DVD Combo Pack your children will learn about Salmon, Sea Turtles, and Penguins.

My kiddos watched this one before I did. A few days after they had viewed it Lance asked, “Did you know that Salmon fish go back to where they live because it’s like they’re smelling stuff?”

He was talking about imprinting which to me is fascinating how Salmon years later will return to where they were born to spawn. The Salmon stay in what they call a Net Pen for about 3 months before they are released to be free. While they are there they learn the chemical composition of the water. It’s kind of like they are learning the scent.

Out of this combo my favorite was learning about the Salmon. You and your children will learn about the life cycle of the Salmon. Did you know depending on the kind of Salmon they can live from 3-7 years? Wow, so when they return to their birthplace to spawn it has been years since they have been there but yet they know the way because of what they call imprinting! I have a hard time remembering how to get from point A to point B.

Also on this Combo Pack you will visit Marathon Florida and learn how injured or sick Sea Turtles are cared for so they can return to their natural habitat. Did you know that Joel Green was not allowed to touch any of the turtles? You and I can’t either because the turtles are protected by the government. You need a special permit or license to handle them otherwise you can end up owing a fine and even spend time in the slammer!

Penguins are so cute and in their own way cuddly (at least to me). My children and I have watched films about penguins that live in the artic but haven’t learned much about the little guys that live Monetary Bay Aquarium.
Curiosity Quest
My younger children ages 13, 12, 11, and 10 have watched both DVD Combo Packs a few times and have really enjoyed them. In fact I signed us up for the Curiosity Quest Homeschool Monthly Membership! It cost $24.95, this includes free shipping, yay! I love free shipping. You also get 2 DVD each month delivered to your mailbox with follow up questions, projects, and activities.

In case you have a Lego loving child like I do, Curiosity Quest has a 30 minute LegoLand DVD which shows how Legos are made. This is one that I plan to get for my Lego loving boys!

As you can see we absolutely loved our Curiosity Quest DVDs. They received a 5 star rating here at Homeschooling6!

Recommended age for Curiosity Quest is 7-14.

Connect with Curiosity Quest:
Crew Disclaimer


Homeschooling6 Days

Thursday, April 10, 2014

This week has been pretty rough. You know Josh is sick when he is sleeping all day and hasn’t completed one day of school. Poor guy. He’s still gets a bit dizzy if he stands too long.

He’s getting bored with being in bed.
Since Joshua’s room leads to the backyard we put a sheet up so he'd have some privacy when people walked in and out of the house.

This is so not like Josh. He’s always doing something. He still managed to get his AWANA done. He went Wednesday only to turn in his Bible summaries.
Annette slept most of the day as well. She got up to heat herself a burger around 9:00 P.M. and that alone tired her out.

Ethan did some school today.
I didn’t realize that he was still not feeling well and had him complete writing, grammar, history, and spelling.
Heroes and Heroines of the Past
I had the four boys: Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance listen while I read aloud from Heroes and Heroines of the Past.

Ethan colored a page while I read. I also had him copy a sentence that went with the coloring page.
Heroes and Heroines of the Past
Lance didn’t want to color but I did have him copy the sentence. I thought he did very well.
Heroes and Heroines of the Past
Since Ethan and Caleb weren’t feeling well (they ended up napping) I had Brent and Lance do the activity which was to make a teepee. This was actually suppose to be done yesterday but the kids weren’t feeling well.
Heroes and Heroines of the Past
I even let him use my good sheets. He was really excited to do this. I had told him he didn’t have to since his sibling wouldn't be able to help but he wanted to do it anyway.

Lance was suppose to help Brent. You know, work together and solve problems. Lance said he wanted to make his own because Brent wasn't making it right (or the way he wanted is more like it).
Heroes and Heroines of the Past

As I read the lesson I would have them find the places on the map and globe. We studied about the Vikings.

Here is a picture of Ethan’s binder. I felt like taking some pictures of it. It's memories.
His spelling notebook, pencils, stickers, and chapstick.
All About Reading
I was tired today as well so we didn’t get a lot of school done including All About Reading.
English Lessons Through Literature
This is last weeks cursive. Ethan is still learning so some words are in print. I am still reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to Ethan as part of English Lessons Through Literature
Today we went over nouns, pronouns, verbs. He has also learned about quotation marks, indirect and direct.

After I schooled Ethan it was Caleb and Brent school. We started with correcting their English work from Rod and Staff.
Rod and Staff English
Look at that face.
 Spelling You See
My sick Caleb completing a dictation from Spelling You See.
Spelling You See
Brent completing his Spelling You See dictations too.

I am sharing to pictures that are almost the same because in the top pic I like how Brent his holding his blanket. Yes, that’s all that is left of his baby blanket.

Below we were having so much fun during school that I had to snap a picture of Brent smiling while writing.
I was not feeling well myself and kept goofing while teaching. Brent had to correct me a few times and that made him laugh.
Lance had fun drawing and acting his creation. It as fun to watch him draw as he was animating the story.
Lance completing his Spelling You See.
Spelling You See
And that’s a wrap. I’m so ready for bed but thought I’d write this post while my hubby finishes with a few things.


Let’s Click 365 Days (Baby)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I love how my children interact with the baby. I wouldn’t really know this since we don’t have a baby of our own Winking smile so watching Little L has shown me that my little guys and Annette love, love, love, having a baby around.
Lance with the little guy. We just got back from camping the day before.
I love how he snuggles in my arms.
And sleeps.
Look at those grey hairs. Oh my!
He’s so limber. Awww, I remember those days with my own little (big) ones.
He fell asleep in my arms in the above pic. It’s the same sleepy time from the photo above. He was getting more comfortable. Look at those cute little toes and his chubby little hands. 
Nap time again.
Lance playing with the school bus. Baby L is growing up so fast. He too now plays with the school bus and other toy cars.
Annette is a big help.
I love how they are looking at each other.
He also loves to blow spit bubbles. It cracks me up watching him concentrate on making them.

When I feed him a bottle he always puts a leg up and something new he does is pull at his hair. Too cute!


Homeschooling6 Days

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Look what we will be learning!!! I’m pretty exited about our history program.
Heroes and Heroines of the Past
I received a pdf download for Heroes and Heroines of the Past – American History. I printed the two books at home and had them bound at Fed-Ex Office.
The other books are optional but you know me, I like to have all my ducks in a row. One book Jack and Jill is on backorder and the audio book: Ten Girls From History, I bought a year ago for Annette. Thankfully I didn’t need to purchase that one. Heroines from the Past Bible Study was a review item (pdf format) from Schoolhouse Review Crew in 2012, so I now have all the books from the optional Literature Pack.

I thought the books that I had spiral bound came out really nice. I’m very pleased with how they look. I can’t wait to get started. I am going to read the first chapter tonight. I love homeschooling. Who says it all has to be done from 8-5?!?!
I might add All American History. I already own it but it might be too much and Amy’s history program will come first as it is a review item.

As for school today I had Caleb and Brent complete their Rod and Staff English and Spelling You See on their own.
They also completed another lesson of All About Reading. Wahoo!!!
All About Reading
My camera was acting up again this morning with the reddish tint and all. I took pictures of the boys but they came out blurry. I had a good one of Brent laughing (because we have a lot of fun at Homeschooling6!).
With the reading practice I have the boys each read half. Brent will read the first 6 sentences and Caleb the last 6. Same with the phrases, words, and new words.

One of the reasons I switched to All About Reading was the practice pages. Before they weren’t practicing with reading much but now they do daily. They read from their Bible daily as well for more practice.
All About Reading Level 3
This picture came out better. I’m not sure why my camera does that randomly reddish tint and/or blurry pics. It’s so frustrating! Hopefully I’ll get a new one soon. My hubby bought me one for CHRISTmas but I didn’t like it and returned it to Costco.
All About Reading Level 3
That’s Brent reading. My dad brought over some tomatoes. I need to eat them up soon because they are starting to mold, yikes!

Here I am happy to get the boys started with Spelling You See. The workbooks are gorgeous. I love that they are in color. It just adds some pizzazz and color.
All About Spelling
The boys don’t complain with completing their Spelling You See but I think I’m more excited, haha!
Philosophy Adventure
Caleb and Brent also completed their Philosophy Adventure. We are really liking this.  For this review I need to get through two lessons, each lesson is taking the boys two weeks which is a good pace but we might take it slower later.

I had the baby today so not too much schooling happened with Lance and Ethan. I plan to do American History after supper and get at least All About Reading done with Ethan and Lance.
Math for Caleb, Brent, and Lance was CTC Math.

Lance completed the addition section last week. He earned his Platinum Certificate. He was excited about that.
CTC Math Lance Addition
Now he is working on subtraction.
CTC Math Lance Subtraction
Other happenings here:
~ Josh is sick and I mean where he didn’t do any school yesterday and today. We went camping over the weekend and I think the rock climbing did him in. He was already showing signs of a weakened immune system so I the cold, the climbing, and getting wet at the lake didn’t help.

~ Annette is getting excited about her high school program she’ll use next year. I see her peeking at Joshua’s Heart of Dakota Guide.

~I ordered the complete set of Liberty Kids from Christian Books for $8.99 (it’s now $9.99), so the kids are watching an episode as I type.

I remember Joshua, Annette, and Caleb watching Liberty Kids when they were younger. Now Brent, Ethan, Lance, and Caleb too (again) are enjoying them. With the older kids we use to watch the free episodes online. Not sure if they are still available or where to find them now.


Raspberry Cheesecake Shake (Trim Healthy Mama)

Friday, April 4, 2014

This morning I enjoyed a delicious shake for breakfast.
Trim Healthy Mama Shake
I found this recipe while going through my Facebook feed. Mercy one of the Trim Healthy Mama’s came up with this. I am not on the THM ‘diet’ but I do enjoy the simple low-carb recipes that I find.

What is in this incredibly good looking smoothie!

Raspberry Cheesecake Shake

1/2 cup cottage cheese or Greek Yogurt
2 TBS cream cheese
3 scoops stevia (like NOW, THM, etc. ) or your own sweetener to taste
1/2 tsp glucomannan or xanthan gum
1 cup water
1/2 cup frozen berries
1 cup ice cubes {optional} (the original recipe calls for a handful, I scoop some ice in a child size cup)
1 scoop of whey powder (I didn’t add this because I don’t have any and am trying to use less whey powder)

You sub all the dairy with low or fat free but I prefer full fat because from what I’ve read it’s less processed.

Here is the cup I use to add the optional ice.
Trim Healthy Mama
I have been enjoying this shake for a week now. As you all may know I’m not big breakfast eater but I do love sipping on a shake.

You can make this an S or Fuel Pull. Like I mentioned I don’t care for low or non fat dairy products so mine are considered an S.

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