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Flat Danny

Saturday, October 3, 2015

One of my nephews wrote Caleb a letter with a Flat Danny in it. At school they are reading about Flat Stanley and part of their project is to send their version out to someone. How sweet, Danny chose to send his to Caleb (they’re buddies).

Flat Danny has had fun homeschooling with us!

He’s a pretty smart little guy. He did a few lessons of U.S. History Detective, some logic using Practical Critical Thinking, learned some new vocabulary words reading Planet Exile, and loved using the Delight Directed Learning Guide from The Thinking Tree!

He played with the kids on the make-shift-water slide except we didn’t use water. Flat Danny doesn’t like getting we Winking smile

He climbed my favorite flowers that pop up in the back yard every spring but this year they arrived early.


I think God knew I needed to see them sooner.


I seriously need to dig up the bulbs and plant some in a pot. This way when we move I can take them with me.


Flat Danny really loved to swing on the rope that hangs from the tree.


The kids love swinging from the rope. They also climb it too. Great for P.E.


And of course Flat Danny had to climb the tree. All my boys love climbing this tree.


Here Flat Danny is climbing the fence.


Caleb thought Flat Danny might like to read Flat Stanley.

Caleb took Flat Danny to the library but forgot the camera. We decided to take a picture of him in front or our little library.

Caleb is going to miss his little buddy. Flat Danny will be going home this week. Maybe we’ll take him to Wendy’s or something before he leaves.


Homeschooling Using The The Thinking Tree Journals & Dyslexia Games

Friday, October 2, 2015

What do you get when you add Dyslexia Games and The Thinking Tree Homeschooling Journals to your homeschool day?!?! A fresh new fun way to homeschool.

This is a nice change for us here at Homeschooling6. We need a little change and something that’s not so ordinary.

All week Ethan & Lance have been completing 10 pages from their Do-it-Yourself Homeschooling Journals.
Spelling Time
Annette encouraging her brother Lance during his Spelling Time lesson.
The Thinking Tree Journal
Here Lance is copying a page from the book Greg’s Microscope.
Lance Book Choices for The Thinking Tree
Here are some pages from The Hyper-Active Homeschooling Journal that Lance is using.

When Lance missed something like the other half of the cat's smile, I'll point it out to him. I'll ask him to look at what he added and see if he can find what he missed. I don't say things like you did it wrong.
The Thinking Tree Hyper-Active Homeschooling Journal
The Thinking Tree Hyper-Active Homeschooling Journal
The Thinking Tree Hyper-Active Homeschooling Journal
Ethan using The Eclectic Journal.
Do it Yourself Eclectic Journal
I love homeschooling my kiddos because they don’t have to sit at a desk.
The Thinking Tree Eclectiv Homeschooling Journal
Each day the boys have to read 4 books from their stack. They read each book for 15 minutes and write or draw about it in their journals.

Here is Ethan completing his assignment.
The Thinking Tree Eclectiv Homeschooling Journal
Ethan has been reading about comets, the moon, and space. I didn’t know he was interested in that (bad mama).
The Thinking Tree Eclectiv Homeschooling Journal
Thanks to The Thinking Tree my boys are reading more. It’s interesting to see what they choose to read.

Here are some pages that Ethan completed. He’s using The Eclectic Journal.
The Thinking Tree Eclectiv Homeschooling Journal
The Thinking Tree Eclectiv Homeschooling Journal
He made himself a smoothie for lunch!
The Thinking Tree Eclectiv Homeschooling Journal
His nature page he made one of my favorite flowers that grows in the front yard.
The Thinking Tree Eclectiv Homeschooling Journal
Here is what the flower looks like in color Winking smile I’m hoping my boys will add some color to their pages.

The Thinking Tree Eclectiv Homeschooling Journal
I need to get a picture of Caleb my 15 year old son using his. He uses his twice a week. It’s a nice break from his regular studies.

Even Flat Danny (that’s the name of this one sent to Caleb from his cousin in CA) wanted to use The Thinking Tree Homeschooling Journals!

The kids and I are also using Dyslexia Games. We each do 3 pages a day.
Dyslexia Games
My pages!
Dyslexia Games
After adding the missing components I decided to color it.
Dyslexia Games
Ack! I forgot the ‘n’ in the word muffins.
Dyslexia Games
Ethan’s page from Dyslexia Games Series B – Book 2
Dyslexia Games
Another page from Book 2
Dyslexia Games
Poor guy, his pen kept skipping.
Dyslexia Games
Below Caleb is working through Series C Book 1.
Dyslexia Games
Dyslexia Games
Ethan and Lance also completed Teaching Textbook Math and The Reading Kingdom.

Next week I’ll add Grapevine Studies. I think the kiddos will enjoy drawing some stick figures!


Homechooling Using The Thinking Tree

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yesterday was our first day using Do-it-Yourself Homeschool curriculum Journals.
The Thinking Tree Journals
Before we start using our journals we all meet in the kitchen to get some pages done from the Dyslexia Games series. I’ll put some classical music (usually Mozart because that’s Caleb’s favorite).

Caleb and I are using Series C and when my 17 year old son Joshua and 14 year old Brent come home from California they too will start using Dyslexia Games.
Dyslexia Games Series C
Here is Caleb.
Dyslexia Games Series C
Dyslexia Games Series C
Lance is using Series B.
Dyslexia Games Series C
All you need to get started with using the journals are a stack of books from home or the library . . .
Homeschooling using The Thinking Tree
A fine tip black pen and lots of coloring pencils and/or crayons!
Homeschooling with Dyslexia Games
And have fun with it!

Here are some pages from Homeschooling Handbook for Mom from the Ideas for Fun & Learning Together page.
Handbook for Moms
We have a good time doing some Brain Food with each other. One of the books in the Dyslexia Games series is called Brain Food so we kinda call this time our Brain Food time.

The kids will ask, “Are we going to do our Brain Food today?”
Handbook for Moms
As you all know some of my favorite pages are the coloring ones. They are always fun.
Handbook for Moms
This page is from Mom’s Illustrated To-Do List. On this page I put Bible reading, poetry with Caleb, and of course I added that I love Lupe. With the hearts and roses, it just seem like a great place do put that I love my hubby! I used the petal of the flower to write what I wanted to pray.
The Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal
Lance is using The Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal.
The Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal
Here are a few pages from his journal.
The Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal
Ethan is using the Eclectic Learners Journal.
I didn’t get a picture of the books that Lance is using with his journal today. I’ll try to get one tomorrow or by the end of the week.

Here are Ethan’s books.
Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Homeschool Journal
I did choose a few like the cavity and bird book. Ethan continues to use Teaching Textbook Math 7 but will also use Bible Games: Math and Creativity when that workbook arrives.

Today he got to experience a little bit of The Thinking Tree way of doing math.
Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Homeschool Journal
He made a rocket ship.
Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Homeschool Journal
His Nature Study page. He drew the tree that is outside. The big cavity in the middle is where it’s hollowed out where lightening hit it.

Below is another page from Ethan’s journal: Start Your Day.
Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Homeschool Journal
I didn’t get too much of Caleb’s book today. He was working on his when I took the pictured but here he is with his brothers.
The Thinking Tree
They are getting ready to watch Odd Squad so they can complete their Screen Time page! 

I’m sure Caleb should be watching something geared more for his age but it’s our first week using the journals and I want it to be fun. Besides Caleb will go back to his regular schedule tomorrow for the rest of the week.
The Thinking Tree
Along with his regular school load tomorrow he will continue with completing Dyslexia Games worksheets.
The Thinking Tree
I didn’t share all 10 pages that the boys did like the current event page, reading time, and copywork/writing pages. I’ll share those some other time.

I also read from Eat Your U.S. History Homework.
Eat Your US History Homework
We didn’t make anything today but will tomorrow or Thursday (so stay tuned!).
And that was a day at Homeschooling6 using The Thinking Tree’s Do-it-Yourself Journals.

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