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It Put Him to Sleep

Friday, April 17, 2015

Our read aloud books for the week. We are continuing to learn about the constitution via our Homeschool Legacy Once-a-week unit study.
We The People
This week we watched the United States Constitution video and look what happened to Lance.
I guess it was just a tad bit boring for him. Actually all the kids almost fell asleep.
Homeschool Legacy
Thankfully I didn’t buy the DVD but borrowed it from the library.
Real Life Press
We are half way done with the second Bible study lesson. I’m enjoying our Bible time with the kids. I love for us to sit around the table and discuss the verses. Even though it seems I do most of the discussing. I’m finding it hard to get them to elaborate with what a scripture passage  means to them or to flesh out an answer to a question.

I’ve been enjoying my butter coffee in one of my favorite mugs (at least this weeks favorite).
My kids have been staying up way too late. Here is what I find in the morning.
I love his feet!
Lupe is still taking the allergy bomb!
Young Living
Time for a coconut-lemon hair mask.
I saturated my hair with coconut oil with some lemon essential oils.
You can’t really tell in this picture but my curls were really curly after I washed out the coconut oil and let it dry some.

My hubby was thinking of me.
He said it reminded him of me. I’m far from an angel but love my surprise gift.
I stocked up on toothpaste.
Although this isn’t a Week in Review post we did complete week 13.


The Critical Thinking Co. Review

U.S. History Detective
If you are a regular reader you may know that I love The Critical Thinking Co. They have some really, really, impressive homeschooling material. I have used their math books, critical thinking books, and a few language arts components.

The most recent item that we are using here at Homeschooling6 is U.S. History Detective Book One. This is a 363 page colorful American History book recommended for grades 8-12+. 

The skills are based on common state social study standards for 8th grade. U.S. History Detective can be used as a supplement or as a stand-alone history text. If using with an older student this would be great as a supplement or to review American history.
U.S. History Detective Book 1 consist of 9 sections or chapters. The first starting with The Colonial Era and the last being Reconstruction Era.

Each section has between 6-9 lessons for a total of 65 lessons. By completing 2 lessons a week this course can be completed in a year as a stand-alone history text. If using it as a supplement and having your child complete 1 lesson a week it will take about 2 years to complete.

How U.S. History Detective Book One works: Each lesson contains a reading selection of 2-3 pages with maps, pictures, and a fun fact. Once the child completes the reading there are multiple choice questions, with the multiple choice your child will also will have to find the sentence(s) that best supports the answer. There are also venn diagrams, written response questions, and analytical essay questions.
What makes The Critical Thinking Co. American History book unique is it requires deeper analysis and how the text has the child find supporting evidence from the lesson. Your child must draw inferences and conclusions, they will sort through what is fact or opinion when answering the questions and writing the short essays after each lesson.
Most history text include:

  • Understanding historical chronology
  • Timelines
  • Vocabulary usage
  • Geographical maps
But The Critical Thinking Co. takes it even further by including:
  • Essay Evidence
  • Drawing inferences and conclusions
  • Distinguishing between facts and opinions
  • College level analytical essay questions
  • develops reading comprehension and writing skills
 How we used U.S. History Detective Book One: Caleb my 8th grade student helped me with this review. Because he has a main history curriculum already we decided to use this as a supplement. As a supplement he’s been completing one lesson a week.

Before Caleb starts reading the 2-3 pages I have him look at the title and headings. I have him turn some of them into questions. I also have him look at the maps, pictures, and read the captions. And lastly before reading I have him asks questions about the text. I read that having your child do this before reading helps him/or retain more of the information. It only takes minutes for Caleb to do this.

Caleb struggles somewhat with reading so I sat with him and have him read the pages to me or sometimes we took turns.

With the questions and essays I’ve had him answer in a notebook. The Critcial Thinking Co. is very generous with their copyright and gives permission for the immediate family to copy the pages but because there are a lot of pages and many in color we chose to use a notebook. By doing this Caleb does have to copy the venn diagrams and/or draw the concept maps.

The toughest part for Caleb is writing the short essays. This is a challenge for him but a good one. One that will help him throughout his life and thankfully he sees it as a good thing.

Our thoughts: It’s a keeper. I love everything about U.S. History Detective Book One. I like that the book can be used as a stand-alone U.S. history text or as a supplement. As a supplement it’s not overwhelming.

It keeps Caleb’s interest. Although he’s not jumping up-and-down with excitement he doesn’t mind it being added to his current history studies.

And I found U.S. History Detective interesting. When Caleb’s book went missing he often found it in my bedroom on my nightstand!

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Allergy Bomb

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our testimony and experience using essential oils to help with my husband's allergies.

(Note: I’m not a doctor (obviously). I’m a wife and mom who just happens to love using essential oils. I’m in no way claiming that essential oils can cure allergies or should replace one's allergy medicine. As with anything please use common sense when using EO.)

My friend Michelle at Delightful Learning suggested the Allergy Bomb. This was maybe a month ago. I was telling her one night I had given my husband a lavender capsule and the next day he said, “Are you going to give me another miracle pill?”

I was delightfully shocked when my hubby said that because honestly, I didn’t think it would really help his stuffy nose, itchy watery eyes, and just the comfortableness of allergies.

So of course I was happy to make up another pill and super happy that Michelle suggested the Allergy Bomb which is simply adding 3 drops each of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint EO with a carrier oil. We used avocado but any oil will work. Then swallow and that's it!

(Ethan and I having way too much fun taking pics for this post)009
My husband has been taking the Allergy Bomb ever since and is feeling so much better. He hasn’t taken any medication at all and is doing fine.

His eyes were so irritated. He was always rubbing them and they were so red. Since taking his daily Allergy Bomb he is no longer rubbing his eyes.

I felt so bad for my husband because he was constantly blowing his nose. I mean all.the.time. But not anymore. Since taking the Allergy Bomb he can finally leave the house without having to take a roll of bathroom tissue with him.

He had a hard time sleeping at night because his nose was so stuffed up. When he did fall asleep it would only be a few hours before he was awake again because he couldn’t breath and had to blow his nose. Since taking the Allergy Bom he now is sleeping through the night again, thank you Jesus!

He was exhausted from all of the above. If you have experienced allergies than you know how draining on your body it can be.

This is why I’m blogging about our experience. Maybe it’s something one of  you may want to try.
Now that my husband takes this nightly I have since found a better way to fill those capsules. I now use a dropper. I put the avocado oil in a smaller bottle with a dropper.
Allergy Bomb
Have you tried the allergy bomb?


Limited Time Special for ILL & PLL

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Please click on the image below to purchase the ILL, PLL, and the Instructor’s Guide bundle for only $27.00 a limited time offer!

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Limited Time Special for EVERYTHING (PLL Workbooks, ILL Workbooks, ILL Instructor's Guides- All for $27 Reg. $59.60!)



Here are a few photos taken a few months ago before she had her 5th child; and a photo of her newborn. They took him too!
Save the children from CPS Save the children from CPS


Schoolhouse Review: Star Toaster

Star Toaster Review
My two oldest love to read but with my younger kiddos it’s a whole different story. So, I was excited to be part of this review and even more happy that my boys couldn’t wait to get started with reading Orphs of the Woodlands!

Company Name: Star Toaster: Orphs of the Woodlands

Review item: Orphs of the Woodlands first book: The Treasure of the HighTower

Who helped with this review: I had three helpers with this one: Brent-7th grade, Ethan-6th grade, Lance-4th grade. All boys struggle with reading.

What is Star Toaster: It’s a fun online reading program that encourages children (including my reluctant and struggling readers) to read a story about an orphaned gray squirrel. The story almost instantly captivated my boys. As the boys read pages and chapters they were able to unlock lessons in: math, science, language, vocabulary, thinking skills, life skills, character, and the arts. There are over 300 lesson in this program.

When you sign up you get a two month subscription for three children ($19.99). If your child(ren) need more than 2 months you can extend it for another 60 days for all students for only $6.99.

How it works: Once you have your account set up your child can log in and right away the fun begins. The first step is to fill out an ‘application’. This is where the boys were able to name the main character. Once the application was submitted they were ready to start on a reading adventure with their character being the star of the show!

With words like “Top Secret” or “Keep Out”, my boys were hooked real quick!
There are three steps included in this adventure:

  1. A Reading Adventure: read a fun 15 chapter story about a squirrel who fights against the evil Night Creatures and eventually finds himself taking care of a settlement of orphans.
  2. An Academic Treasure: Woven into the story are lessons. There are tips with how to remember things, memory tests, and reminders to “pay attention” <—pretty amazing stuff.
  3. Games: Your child earns gold stars which is the currency used. He/she will need gold stars to buy food, seeds, homes, land, etc. for the orphs.
Star Toaster Review 1
The first chapter introduces the the gray squirrel (which the child names) and how he came to be an orphan with no parents. The orphaned squirrel’s home is in a city called Ivythwaite and his adventure takes him to HighTower the city where many of the

The orphaned squirrel joins an underground group called W.A.K that battles against the Night Creatures. The Night Creatures are the bad guys. They are the ones terrorizing the towns and leaving mice orphaned.

The squirrel is excited when his application is approved and can’t wait for his first assignment. When he receives a package that has “Top Secret Highly Classified” he new immediately that it was from W.A.K. He tears it open only to his disappointment finds a book and a math book at that! The cover reads: Great Discoveries in Math . . . Open at Your Own Risk! This Book has Problems!

He tosses the book aside but throughout the week he continues to receive more books like The Unabridged Completely Complete Dictionary of Common Words and Not-So-Common Words, Scientific Discoveries that Have Been Discovered, Rigorous Rules of Great Grammar, and more. Because he was not interested in these treasures (that’s what I call our books) he stopped opening the packages altogether. Big mistake!

One night the The Brains of the Night Creatures discovers his hideout and finds the books. The Brains orders his followers to take the books and as he said, “We have his books and with them his knowledge.” One of the books that was taken was very important: The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of  HighTower After it Rose and Fell Again

With his books gone he realizes that he missed the opportunity to learn and become The Brains match! Thus begins his adventure to HighTower to find the treasure. And that’s just the first chapter!
Some neat features are:
  • Sound affects, your child will see an icon that he can click to hear (add a few examples)
  • Top Secret Spy files
  • Vocabulary Rollovers, simply roll over the word to see the definition
  • Disappearing ink!
  • Letter Pop-ups, click on the letter to open and read it.
and more!

As the child completes a chapter there are jobs (lessons) in the Woodlands. The lesson may contain a video, use online flashcards, or StarToaster’s unique Memorytyper. Gold stars are earned and needed to take care of the orphs.
Parent Account: Here you can see what your kiddos have been up too, read the ‘book’ yourself, and test drive  the lessons. Star Toaster will send a detailed email of what your child has learned and what he will learn in the next chapter.
Star Toaster Review Parent Account 1
How we used Star Toaster: My boys were really excited to start Orphs in the Woodlands. At first they were hopping online daily. Now they log-in three times a week and I find this a much better pace for them. Before they were spending too much time (a good thing) on the computer.

Brent struggles with reading but was able to use Star Toaster independently. The vocabulary words helped him when he wasn’t sure if he read the word correctly. He simply hovered over the word to see the definition.

Ethan too was able to read most of it. He would at times sit in when I was helping Lance. Lance really tried to read this on his own but it worked out better when we would take turns.

The lessons for earning gold stars didn’t seem like ‘school’. There was a mix of lessons; some were more of review for my boys and other like the Latin and vocabulary lessons were not. My kids especially liked Prof. Forp’s math and science lessons. The kids thought he was funny.

My thoughts: I was happy to see my boys so enthusiastic about reading. I have a hard time getting them to pick up a book but with Star Toaster they were asking to read!

The lessons were great for review and some new learning. The site was easy to navigate and the account set-up painless. The companies customer service was super. Always quick to respond to any questions.

What I would have liked to see is more of the lessons (jobs) in audio, especially the flashcards and the Latin lessons. This would ensure that they are pronouncing the words correctly. Lastly a print button for the recipes would be nice.

Final thoughts: The boys really liked using this program and they all give it  a thumbs up!

I’d say this was a winner and we are looking forward to the next online book (love to get this in paper back!) from Orphs of the Woodlands.

Orphs in the Woodlands would also make a great summer reading program!
Star Toaster Review
Crew Disclaimer


Week 12 (2015)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 12 already! My time is going by too fast. Although it seems strange because I’m seeing post of many homeschoolers wrapping up their year and here we are just starting out. It’s been nice though because many of the Crew review items are at the beginning of our school rather than the end.
This has been a fun week with learning about Shays Rebellion. I enjoyed reading the interactive website about why and how it all began and watching clips on YouTube. Tonight or tomorrow we’ll watch 10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America.

We also read The Declaration of Independence and listened read by Max Mclean. You can listen too.
Bible was great! We wrapped up the first lesson. It took us over a week to complete because there was a lot of good learning. We started Week 2/Day 1, so next week we’ll continue with day 2.
I didn’t realize how much I missed having the kids and I use a Bible study together (how sad!). They study the Bible but it’s been too long since we did this together.

The four younger kids have also been blessed to enjoy Summer Countdown by Amy Puetz. This is part of her Countdown Series. This week we started reading about Flag Day.
FYI: Summer Countdown will be released toward the end of this month.

The weather has been so nice that we’ve been schooling on the front porch.
Lance is doing so well with working through his PACEs. I love it!

All the kiddos have been using A+ Math. Caleb and Brent are using Spelling You See and I would like to start Ethan. As soon as I get a free shipping code from Christianbooks I’m going to order him the Americana book and I need to have Lance finish the 2nd book of Writing Tales. I love that it’s copywork and dictation. For some reason when it’s scheduled the way Spelling You See has it, it gets done.

Soon Ethan will start Latina Christina I. He’s excited that he’ll be receiving a review item all his own. Lance wants to continue with Prima Latina so we’ll see if that can be continued. I probably should combine them though.

Ethan has slowed down with using GPA Math because right now I want him to use A+. Once the three month subscription is up he’ll continue with GPA. My plan is to get him ready for Teaching Textbook 7 by the end of this year.

Being part of the Crew has been a huge blessing to my family and I’m so thankful for the opportunity.

Linking up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Weekly Wrap-up!


Review Schooling

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In the morning is when we get a lot of our Review Schooling done.
Review Schooling
We started with Firmly Planted: The Books of Moses. We finished the first lesson. Above in the picture we all worked together to complete a word search. Tomorrow we’ll start lesson 2.
Homeschool Legacy
Then we completed reading from Summer Countdown. And lastly we read the Declaration of Independence as part as our history study from Homeschool Legacy.
I read the second scene that lead up to Shays Rebellion.
Historic Scenes 1
Today we learned about how America was booming with business but just a year later America was in a recession.
Shays Rebellion
The boys and I are having fun using the interactive site. By the time we finished reading the Declaration of Independence and read Boom and Bust: Post-War America it was getting late and the kids had to finish the rest of their studies so we didn’t get to the read alouds that I had planned for this week.
Hopefully I’ll read If I Ran for President tomorrow.


Shays Rebellion

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Today I was excited to start our Once-A-Week unit study from Homeschool Legacy about the constitution. We covered Shays Rebellion.

I was pretty excited about our first week so this weekend I went hunting for anything about Shays Rebellion and I found a really neat site.

Throughout the week we’ll work through the scenes as shown below.
Historic Scenes 1
Today we read about the War’s End: Promise of the Revolution (1783).
Historic Scenes
Once you click on the scene there is a wealth of information. I read the overview, government, and army tabs as well as clicking on underlined words to find out more about dept., bounties, what the Continental Army was, etc. The boys and I really enjoyed using this site.

We also watched a clip from Liberty Kids~Episode 40: We the People.
I found lots of book at Half Price, my own collection, Amazon, and Christianbooks. Christianbooks was having a scratch and dent sale so I was able to snag a few books for $2.99-$5.99. Can you tell I’m just a little excited about this unit study?!?!
You don’t have to purchase any books to use the unit study but I thought after we complete Homeschool Legacy’s: We the People we’ll continue learning about American history.

To keep my finds organized I started a Pinterest board just in case you all might like to join me with using We the People: Getting to Know the Constitution.

I could have spent hours on this but we had other school subjects to do.


Week 11 (2015)

Friday, April 3, 2015

This week has been really great! The weather has been super nice. Not hot but not cold either. Everyday I’ve had one of the boys take one of the fold-up tables outside and that is where we’ve been getting some of our homeschool work done.

I have been starting our homeschool days with our new Bible study: Firmly Planted-The Books of Moses 2.
It’s been great having the four younger kids together for Bible time. Usually they are all studying the Word on their own.
After our Bible time I’ll read from Summer Countdown since I have the four kiddos attention. We are learning about Mother’s Day.
I have been super diligent to get our Bible study and Mom’s Day study done everyday (except Friday with Summer Countdown) and I feel accomplished in this area.

Then the boys split up and do their study.

Ethan’s also completes his Bible study using ACE PACEs. I like that he reads and looks up scripter, then answers questions about what he has read. Sometimes I help him.
Ethan school
Here is how I have organized Ethan’s studies.
He has all his ACE PACEs in a binder. I 3-hole punched them. Every week that he completes all his pages that I’ve assigned he gets to add a star to his Progress Sheet.

Literature and Writing-Ethan read chapter 4 of Camp Friendship and answered questions like: What change took place in Mr. Friendson after their arrival at camp? or How did Camp Friendship influence Ace’s father?

Word Building-he practiced words like fright, season, afraid, weight, unload and wrote sentences.

English-reviewed nouns and how to change nouns from singular to plural when the word ends in s, x, sh, or ch.

Social Studies-he reviewed everything he’s been studying in his workbook. Next week he’ll take a test.

Science-learning about Atomic States that Atoms have Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons. He’s also learning about elements and all living things contain carbon. He also watched a few science videos from Visual Learning.

Math-works a half hour using A+ Tutor and 30 minutes on GPA Math.
Here is Ethan studying super hard, haha.
Working on creating an army or maybe the LEGO guys are helping him.
Here’s a good one of Ethan studying God’s Word.
Lance (and Ethan) are doing much better with getting schoolwork done but I still have to remind them throughout the day. We are working on that.
Lance School
I set up Lance’s binder the same way as Ethan’s.

Math-Lance is doing a little of this and that. He completed5 pages of Mathematical Reasoning, did 4 days of CTC Math, and 3 days of A+ Tutor.
English-he’s practicing putting words in alphabetical order. This may sound like he should be beyond this but it’s something that needs to be reviewed. I’ve covered this in the past (once) but he does need to practice it.

Word Building-practicing words with short vowels.

Literature and Writing-he copied a poem and wrote sentences what God sees in his life.
Social Studies-Lance is learning about farms and the tools and machines they use.
Bible- he’s studying Mathew 1:24-2:8
Science-he read about how God made the sun, moon, and stars on the 4th day.
ACE has been good for Lance because he’s reading and getting more school done, he’s been asking a lot of questions about God and the earth. It’s been neat to see his little brain-gears going.

Lupe has been reading the kids a book on stocks and today Lance said, “Dad took my life saving and bought stock with it.” He made me laugh. Lupe had his permission of course. Lance saved $100.
Lance School
One of my only pictures of Josh and his eyes are closed!
We were discussing questions from his health program.
Brent studying hard. Can’t believe he’s in Junior High!
7th Grade
I’d love to write more about out week but I’ve been at this post for over an hour! It takes time finding pictures, editing, making collages, and gathering their schoolwork so I can see and be reminded of all that they are learning.

I love blogging about our days and miss how I use to blog daily.

Linked-up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers blog.

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