Monday, October 31, 2016

Spelling Pack for Sale by The Thinking Tree!

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I'm excited to bring to my readers a neat sale of some of The Thinking Tree books. Sarah has been so kind to allow me to sell a Spelling Pack!
The Thinking Tree
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Here's what's included in the Thinking Tree Spelling Pack:
You get all 5 books 20% off the original price - plus FREE SHIPPING!  To purchase these separately on Amazon you'd be paying over $100!!! 

U.S. Residents only and payments are made via paypal.

If you have children of all ages this would be a great Spelling Pack. You can have the 5yr. old using 100 Easy Bible Verses, 8yr. can start with the Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal or Spelling Time or Bible Time, while your 10yr. old can start with Master the Top 150 Words or Bible Time.
If you only have one child then you'll be set for the next few years! Or use one yourself. I'm currently using Bible Time and I have one for four of my kiddos ages 11, 13, 14, and 15!

You can read my reviews for some of the spelling books:
If you have any questions regarding the Spelling Pack please fill out the contact form using the words Spelling Pack in the subject line.

The Thinking Tree

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fun-Schooling Journals - What's the Difference!?!?

There are four journals that are very similar yet different. I have had a lot ask about these so I decided to make a video of course!

The Fun-Schooling journals have 365 Delight Directed Learning pages. These Fun-Schooling journals don't have date pages which some moms love the freedom of having their child skip around and use one, two, or only three pages a day.

I am having my children complete one activity a day in their Fun-Schooling journal.  

One thing I have notices about these journals is library books are not used everyday. I like that this journal has your child doing research though. There are occupation pages, what happened in the past, and current event pages.

Also included are:
Bible pages
Emotions and Moods
Animal Quiz
Copywork (passages included)
Copywork (using their library book)
Reading Time
Spelling Time

When using the Fun-Schooling books I'd add a spelling journal because the spelling pages aren't included daily. 

Click HERE to read about the two older journals. It will give you an idea of what these journals are like.

You can visit my Thinking Tree page to see more books and reviews!


Thinking Tree Journals with the Suggested 6 Pages Per Day

I have another video that will help those using The Thinking Tree. This one I share which journals have the suggested 6 pagers per day which averages to about 2 hours of learning.
The Thinking Tree Journals
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I had a lot of fun displaying all of Sarah's beautiful journals.

To see which ones are secular and have Christian content please visit my blog page that has many of The Thinking Tree journals listed.

The Thinking Tree Thursday Link-UP (10 Pages per Day Journals)

I've been having so much fun making video reviews of The Thinking Tree books! I need to get back to my regular blogging, :)
The Thinking Tree 10 pages per day Journals
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For today's Thinking Tree Link-Up I thought I'd share with you all the journals that I own of the suggested 10 pages per day in a short video!

There may be more that are 10 pages a day journals but these are the ones I am familiar with.

To find out which journals are secular and/or have Christian content please visit my Thinking Tree page.

Sorry to share a few that are not available right now. Hopefully soon they will be for sale.

If you have a Thinking Tree post that you would like to share, please do by linking up below. The only rules is link back here via the button below or using text (your post may be deleted if it's not linking back here) and that it somehow pertains to TTT. Either in a weekly wrap-up or review it's up to you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Thinking Tree Review by Homeschooling6

I am having so much fun with making video reviews!!! Here is one of the new 12 Subject Portfolio from the Thinking Tree. I am going to take pictures and write up a review as well but for now here's a peek inside, enjoy!

I do think it came out a bit long and I'm finding that I am a chatty person which is weird since I'm super shy. My goal is to keep them short and sweet but it's a bit more difficult when one is comparing it to another somewhat. 

Let me know what you think of adding video reviews to my written reviews. What I'd like to eventually do is both on one blog post.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Thinking Tree Review by Homeschooling6

                   This was my first attempt making a video review. I was so nervous and it was a on-the-spot thing, meaning I didn't prepare. I saw the book and camera and just decided to go for it. Sorry I fumbled with some words. In one part I should have said, ". . . research the breed" not the horse.

And the monkey part is about my little monkeys. Lance when little looked like a cute baby monkey. More like Curious George than the one pictured, haha.


Fun-Schooling Mama Journals (Review) & Quotes from Sarah Janisse Brown

The Thinking Tree has some new mama journals out!!! As always they are super awesome. Sarah is one creative mama!

Fun-Schooling Handbook Review
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I love how The Thinking Tree (Sarah Janisse Brown) thinks of mamas too! Usually the only homeschooling books for moms are teacher manuals. It's great to have something pretty and/or fun for mom.
The Thinking Tree
The Think Tree is encouraging moms everywhere to Flip to Fun-Schooling. What exactly is Fun-Schooling?

For every homeschooling family it will look different. I love how Sarah puts it:

"We believe that learning should be delightful, and the children should be the ones doing the research. We believe that children should ask questions and seek answers. We also know that children need guidance and training. For some kids this method looks a lot like unschooling, for some it looks like delight-directed learning, for some this looks like Father's World, Sonlight, or Charlotte Mason... or something else! Every family and every child has the freedom to be different!" -Sarah Janisse Brown

For us at Homeschooling6 it's a bit more structured. For instance right now we are using Notgrass History: From Adam to Us along with many of The Thinking Tree supplemental books: Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal, Comic Book Math, Are You a Math Genius, etc. 

The Fun-Schooling journal for mom is different from the others that I have written about.  It's set up to give you an idea of to implement fun in your homeschool.

One of the ways to encourage fun-schooling is to make baskets (or tubs and crates) pertaining to a subject. For instance the math basket can have manipulatives, fun math reading books, games, etc. 
Flip to Fun-Schooling with The Thinking Tree
Or a Tea Time basket!
Flip to Fun-Schooling with The Thinking Tree
You can also make a timeline, art, coloring, and all kinds of baskets. Get creative. Set the baskets out where the kids see and are able to easily pick them up and start.

If it's a timeline or art basket put scissors, tape, coloring pencils, and anything else your child will need to complete a project.

There are also pages for you to write what YOUR children WANT to learn. Space for you to write how to plan and organize and eventually execute or in other words Goals for This Week!
Fun Schooling Handbook
Coloring pages to share with your kids! How awesome is that!?!?! You get to involve your child in YOUR journal. What special moments, memories, and bonding time.
Fun Schooling Handbook
Here are some pictures of what you will get when you purchase a Mom's Fun-Schooling Handbook!

Fun Schooling Handbook
Fun-Schooling takes many forms and is constantly changing. We really desire to give the children freedom to study the things they are interested in, but at the same time, we are making sure they learn to read, write, spell and calculate... and we try to help our children to avoid bad habits and poor behaviors. I think that we are all learning, growing, changing and trying to understand each child's gifts, weaknesses and talents. -Sarah
Fun Schooling Handbook
I think we all want to be willing to toss out methods that our children can't thrive with, and find ways to help them learn, ways that they enjoy. We are moms who see our kids struggle and wonder if there is a better way. We are moms who make mistakes and learn and try something different.

We all desire to see the joy of discovery as our children learn new things - and we love all things beautiful. We want to share our dreams, goals, morals, faith and traditions with our children - and help them to live beautiful lives. We want to be an example to each child to show them what it is to love learning. We want our children to see our example and think to themselves that learning looks like FUN. -Sarah
Sarah Janisse Brown

Next up is the Mom School journal. This is one of my favorite journals for moms (next to the Coffee Time one of course!).

Mom School by Sarah Janisse Brown
I love the whole retro look of the Mom School journal. It's fun and reminds us moms of a time when mama staying home was the norm BUT you don't have to be a stay-at-home mom to love this one or even a homeschooler.  
Mom School using The Thinking Tree
Mom's that work can use this fun Mom Schooling book too. We all can teach by example whether we are stay-at-home or working moms =)
Mom School using The Thinking Tree
 Sarah makes everything fun, even making a shopping list and things we need to buy! And like I've mentioned in the past, what a great keepsake. I know Caleb needs shoes. I can put that on the Things I Need to By page with his age and size. Memory!
Mom School using The Thinking Tree
 Math for mom. This is a great way for your children to see math in action!
Mom School using The Thinking Tree
To read and compare more mom journals on my website: Choosing a Mommy Journal.

Visit The Thinking Tree's official website, just click the cute thinking tree graphic!

The Thinking Tree

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Thinking Tree Cafe Collection (Review)

The Thinking Tree has come out with two new purse sized coloring books!!! And guess what? They're coffee/cafe themes!!! 
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
My favorite (although I LOVE both!) is the Cafe Any Month Any Day Any Year Coloring Calendar. It's the first of its kind. It's mini, cute, fun, and a calendar too!
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
I haven't seen a calendar like this one before. The blank calendar pages are so pretty and cute!
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
Notice the name of this cafe!
What I like about this Cafe Calendar (besides the name) is it will last two years. 

It's so cute how Sarah named the cafe shops after her kids and the one above is for her and her hubby Josh.
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
There is space to write important dates.
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
 A little space to journal. I like that there aren't too many lines because then I feel like I need to fill them all up! This is perfect, just a few sentences or words. 
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
Of course Sarah has a chapter for you to write you memories, To Do List,Your Story, Plans, Desires, etc.
 There is even space for prayers and big ideas. What are some of your prayers and your BIG ideas :)
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
It wouldn't be a Thinking Tree journal if it had no doodle pages thankfully this Calendar has Devotional Doodling included!

Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
 I love doodling and writing words on my pages. These pages are the right size for me -not overwhelmingly big.
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree

And you can't forget to write your daydreams in the Daydream Diary section. 
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
 How wonderful for a journal book to include and encourage us moms to write out daydreams.
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
 We can could even share these pages with our kiddos or have them write some of their daydreams. What memories to look back on years to come.
The Get Your Feelings Out are some of my favorite pages. My only con is -I wish there were more of these cute pages!
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
 You can doodle and write verses or words that will encourage mama on bad days and happy days too!
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree
 They are so adorable!
Of course The Thinking Tree didn't leave out a place for Friends and Family.
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree

Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree

 Quick Contacts are important too.
Cafe Collection by The Thinking Tree

We LOVE The Thinking Tree!
I plan to start using this one soon. I love everything about it. Its size, theme, and how doesn't have big calendar spaces to feel in. I want to use this to write memories and to keep it special and personal, a keepsake. In fact I think it's neat how so many of The Thinking Tree journals and books aren't something you just throw out when done. They are beautiful keepsakes full of memories!
The next book in the Cafe collection is an Adult Coloring and Doodle Book: My Stories, My Life, My Coffee!
The Thinking Tree Cafe Coloring Book
 This is very similar to the Cafe Calendar but without the calendar pages (haha) and contact type pages.
The Thinking Tree Cafe Coloring Book

The Thinking Tree Cafe Coloring Book
 There's space to doodle your plans, hopes, and dreams in this one as well.

The Thinking Tree Cafe Coloring Book

The Thinking Tree Cafe Coloring Book

 Write your memories, plans, story, lists, poetry, and of course your BIG ideas ;)

The Thinking Tree Cafe Coloring Book

Click the graphic below to visit The Thinking Tree official site!
The Thinking Tree
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