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Curriculum we are Using

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I thought I would write about the curriculum we are using. That way

when I talk about our schooling you will have an idea of what we are
doing and learning.

Our core program is from Sonlight ( www.sonlight.com ) We are using
Core-1 right now. This means that our History, Read Alouds and Bible
are our main part of the core program. We then add in Language Arts,
Penmanship, Math, Science and Electives.

Sonlight is a Literature based curriculum. For History we have and are reading
George Muller, The Great Wall of China, The Story of the World,
Missionary Stories with the Mullers, Tuts Mummy Lost and Found The
Usborne Time Traveler and many more to learn about World History.

We also have Read Alouds. These are books that do not relate to
history. Just fun books and don't forget great literature . Books like
Charlotte's Web, Detective in Togas, Follow My Leader, Greek Myths for
Young Children, Henry Huggins, Little Pear, Homer Price. We are
currently reading Follow My Leader. The kids love to listen to me read
these books.

For Bible time we are reading Leading Little Ones to God. The kids are
learning memory verses (I need to do better with this) We are reading
the Old Testament from Egermeier's Bible Story Book. We sometime
re-read a story with one of the kiddos Bible too.

Sorry, this is so long. I am really enjoying Home schooling the kids.
If my mom were here she would love to hear all this and read what the
kids are doing. (she started home schooling Joey before she past away.
I know she would have homeschooled me if she would have known about it
when I was young) So since my mom is not here to hear all about Josh,
Annette and Caleb's home schooling, I will have to torture all of you
with it.

God Bless,

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