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Dentist Day

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Today we had dentist appointments for 5 of our 6 kiddos. My kids look forward to their appointments. They love the little goodies they get.
Happy to report; no cavities. yahoo!!
Josh had lots of plaque on his back teeth though. I was surprised because he usually is a good brusher. They took his x rays and did the fluoride foaming stuff. He picked Marshmallow flavor. Yummy. He will need braces in the next couple of years.
Annette had some plaque, but not as much as Josh. Annette. picked Bubble Gum flavor for the fluoride treatment. She too will need braces. Her teeth are pretty close together and not much room.
Caleb had even less plaque then Annette. He picked Marshmallow flavor and they said his teeth are not as crowded as Joshua's and Annette's. Caleb is so funny. The assistant is asking him to open his mouth but he is clenching his teeth instead.
Brent couldn't wait for his turn. It was his first time to get his teeth cleaned. He picked marshmallow flavor too. And the dentist said he might not need braces, because his baby teeth have gaps, leaving room for the bigger permanent teeth. He said it's not %100 percent but it looks better then the others.
Ethan got his teeth cleaned too. He looked so cute in the dentist chair. They just did a good cleaning no fluoride treatment. Next year for him.
Lance, didn't get his teeth cleaned but he was a handful. We really need to train him to be more obedient. He was whiny and just not happy.
It all went well. My Sweets took us all to Taco Bell for lunch and he went back to work. He won't be home until late. He has to go to Dallas to work on the apartments. One has a leak. Seems like they all had a leak at one time. But he is fixing the problems, not covering them up like it was done before.

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