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SpellQuizzer Review

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SpellQizzer is a downloadable spelling software that is compatible with any spelling program. What makes this spelling program unique is you can audio record the spelling words, so your student will hear your voice. You can even get dad involved to record a few words. It's really a neat feature. You can make this more amusing for your child by exaggerating your voice, have fun with it.

Most computers come with a PC microphone. If you don't have one you can purchase one for about $10.00. If you don't have a microphone you still can get started right away by typing in your spelling word then simply type in a sentence or phrase that gives a hint as to what that word is. For example: if the spelling word is 'chair' you can type in 'something you sit on' and the child reads and guesses chair and types the word in.

The software has a built-in spellchecker that recognizes both US and UK English spellings. It warns the user when a word is being inputed incorrectly thus makes it user friendly for your student. They can add their own words. SpellQizzer also has several downloadable spelling list on their website. They are constantly adding new list, so check back often.

Another great feature, you can easily export and import to share your spelling list with other SpellQuizzer users.

Their site also has a page for homeschoolers. You can share your spelling list with other homeschoolers too .

With SpellQuizzer you can add or delete words to your list easily. I can make two separate list one for Annette who uses Rod & Staff spelling and another for Josh who uses Bob Jones. As more of my children start spelling I can add or use a previous list.

If your child misses a word SpellQuizzer will automatically have him re-quizz the word he missed. If they get a perfect score they are rewarded with an applause . My children practice about 5-10 minutes a day and it's not drudgery for them . They look forward to their daily spelling time.

With six children to teach, SpellQuizzer is a great help. My children can hop on the computer and practice their spelling independently.

Here is a video demonstration on how SpellQizzer works. SpellQizzer is $29.99. If you click on SpellQuizzer Trial you can try it for 30 days FREE.

Happy spelling,

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