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What We Used 09/10 School Year

Monday, June 14, 2010


Christian Light Grades 4 & 6 (Annette and Josh)

Audio Book

A few dvds


Christian Light Grades 4 & 6 (Annette and Josh)

Jonathon Park audio cds (all)

Lot of books from WinterPromise Animal World (Caleb, Brent, Ethan)

Trip to Yellowstone Park (all)

Trip to Dinosaur Valley (all)

Studied Wolves (mostly Caleb, but I read books to all the children)

Studied Bees & Wasp (all)


(this was our main Bible time with all the children)

Christian Light Grade 4 (Annette)

Daily Bible Reading (all)

Sunday School (all)


Math Mammoth Grades 1-4 (Annette, Caleb and Ethan)

Christian Light Grade 3 (Caleb)

Spunky Math (Brent)

Language Arts

Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading (Caleb and Brent)

Spell-to-Write & Read (Josh)

Megawords (Annette)

Character Quality Language Arts (Josh)

Christian Light 4 (Annette)

Meaningful Composition 4+(Annette)

The children listened to many audio books for history, composers, and science. Maybe next year I can do a better job and list them as well.

Many of our read aloud books and books the children read were from Sonlight, WinterPromise & My Father's World as well as many new ones from Half Price Books.

Annette, took a semester of sewing at the church. They met two hours a week on Fridays.

The boys have been and continue to learn about the outdoors (survival). They learned how to properly dispose of a United States Flag and learned Army skill. They watched videos on skinning, knife throwing and roping.

We had a nice full year!


Linda said...

Great stuff!
You all did a fabulous job!

Love the new look, Tamara does an awesome job!

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