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Tired=Happy Blessed Mom

For those of you who read my blog regularly may have noticed that it seems the word tired, exhausted, or just slightly frazzled pop up A LOT. Well I thought I should explain a bit because I don't want you all to think of those words as negative when you read them on my blog.

I love my life, I love having 6 wild lovely children. I have always wanted lots of children (like 12).

With six lively children and add homeschooling, which means my '6 Hearts' are home with me 24/7, well, yes, this mama is going to be a bit frazzled, tired, and exhausted at times but it's a happy frazzled a happy tired, and a happy exhausted. It's a good thing. I would rather be extremely exhausted and a mother of 6 than have all the energy in the world but no children.

So when you read those wonderful words here, I'm not complaining or being negative, because what I'm really saying is I'm a happily tired mom.

Definition of tired @ Homeschooling6-Happy and blessed mom. Happily tired mom.

Happy-in high spirits. Satisfied.
Synonyms for happy~blessed, delighted, joyful, content, glad, gleeful.....

Here are some high energy, happy children (when they were younger).

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