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The Thinking Tree Journals (I Organized Them for You All)

The Thinking Tree Journals
This Post Contains Affiliate Links. Please see my DISCLOSURE.
Since I started blogging about The Thinking Tree journals I have readers ask which journal is right for them or which ones are secular and/or have Christian content. 

So I thought I'd put a page together to help y'all decide. This way when I receive an email it will be much easier to refer someone to this post. 

I have tried my best to place the journals accordingly. Please always use the "Look Inside" that Amazon provides before purchasing to make sure it's the correct journal you wish to purchase. 

Once a week I have The Thinking Tree Thursday Spotlight where I feature a Thinking Tree book so be sure to read those and visit my Helpful Links page.

Watch my YouTube Videos too =)  

At the bottom of this page see what we use to color our beautiful journals with!

This is a work in progress. I'll add journals as I have time.

Enjoy and have fun, these are amazing journals and I absolutely love them!

Purchase the Spelling Pack HERE!

Click on the graphic to get your free Mom's Handbook!
Mommy Journals and books, I wrote a review HERE and you can see more of how I use my mommy journal HERE. Read the differences between the Mommy Journals HERE.

Mom's Fun-Schooling Handbook and Mom School review HERE.
Cafe Coloring book and Cafe Calendar review HERE and Video Review.
Coffee Time Journal (video review)
See more mom journals via my Youtube Mom Journals Playlist!
How To Homeschool (pocket size book video review)
Mom School
A Day Like Tomorrow
How to Escape the Digital World

90 Day Pocket Sized (get out of survival mode) Planner Journals. Read how I'm using my 90 Day Pocket Journal HERE
Begin Again (video)

Devotional Coloring Books - Read my Review and another post about HERE. And a video review.
Just for Teen Girls ~ Devotional Coloring Journal video review
Bible Time Kids (video review)
Tea Time -A Prayer Journal & Devotional Coloring Book
 Bible Study Guide & Prayer Journal 1st & 2nd Peter
365 Day Thanksgiving Journal (video review)
Just for Teen Girls Bible Journal (girl on cover)
A Proverb a Day (moms & girls)
Walk By Faith (dad & guys)

Pocket Size Curriculum Journals
Pocket Size Girl Themed Journal
Pocket Size Boy Themed Journal (see video review HERE)

Plan Books for kids and Portfolio books - (no Christian content), you can read my review and see more pictures of us using our Planbook  and read my 12 Subject Portfolio  and 10 Subject Portfolio reviews! NEW 12 Subject Portfolio -video review- (5th book pictured below)
Compare all three portfolios in this VIDEO.

Christian based Journals and workbooks: Journals that have some Bible verses or Bible pictures. As always use the "Look Inside" to see exactly what you are purchasing.

Read about the differences between the 6th-8th Grade Fun-Schooling journals. What's the difference between the 6th-8th Grade Fun-Schooling journals and the 3rd-5th Grade.
Video Reviews;
Christian Family Homeschooling Journal
Devotional Homeschooling Journal (flowers on cover) and Do-it-Yourself (5th journal below)


Journals with no scripture but has space for a prayer list and/or an inspirational quote. You can read a little more about the Eclectic and Hyper Active Journals HERE.
Single Reviews:
Hyper-Active Journal and video review
Do-it-Yourself Journal with the Horse cover- video review
Eclectic Journal (Space cover)
Teen Guy High School Journal (campfire cover)
Teen Journal (steampunk ~color yourself cover)


Secular Journals: I put the Asperger's Syndrome, All About Horsesand the "Active Boys" journal here because they don't include a prayer list but does have a space for your child to, "Copy a Verse or Quote".
Minecraft Journal (video review)
Summer Journal (video review)
Autumn and video review
Girls Winter Journal and a video review
Active Boys Spring Journal
Winter Boys Journal
All About Horses
Horse Dreams video review
Asperger's Journal
Charlotte Mason Journal
Eclectic Journal video review (telescope cover)
Winter Girl's Journal & Summer Journal Comparison 
Kitty Doodle Journal video review
Do-it-Yourself Homeschooling Journals (Flower and Bird covers ~Journals 13 and 14 pictured below)
All About Animals Fun-Schooling Journal


Secular Library Based Journals. You can read my Library Based Journal Review HERE.
Video Reviews:
Homeschooling Creative Girls (cat cover)
Library Based Curriculum (butterfly cover)
Homeschooling Boys ~Library Based Journal  


Supplemental Journals: These journals can supplement any curricula.
Time of World History and Picturing the Past 
Timeline of World History (peek inside ours)
United States ~ Geograpy, History, and Social Studies Handbook (video review)
Science Handbook Video Review
Creative Copywork
Reading Time 180 Day Journal (video review)
Travel Dreams Fun-Schooling Journal (video review)

How to Make Money -A Handbook for Teens, Kids, and Young Adults (video review)
An Educational Coloring Book: 99 Occupations ~When I Grow Up I Want to Be


Spelling and vocabulary journals:
Spelling & Vocabulary Journal Reviews:
Teach Your Child 100 Words to Read, Write, Spell, and Draw
Bible Time Vocabulary 100 Words
Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal
Four Seasons Spelling Time Level B
Peek inside Spelling Time Levels A, B, & C via YouTube
Sarah approved post on the spelling books
Reading Time and a Video Review which goes into more detail :)
Spelling Time: Master the Top 150 Misspelled Words
100 Easy Bible Verses (Video Review)
Word Hunt Series (Video included)
Creative Comic Book-Cursive & Spelling 175 Words to Master by Age 12
Alphabet Fun-Schooling 100 Activities: Color, Write, & Draw

Math Journals:
The Littlest Math Book and Video Review!
Math Mysteries 
Kitty Doodle Math (Video Review)
Count & Color for Girls and Count & Color for Boys (Video Reviews)
Number Time for Ages 2-5 (Video Review)
Teach Your Child to Count to Ten (Video Review)
Comic Book Math (video review by Lance)
Are You a Math Genius
Do-It-Yourself Multicplication Games and a Video Review
Bible Math Games & Spelling Games (Video)
Foundational Math Skills ~Wolves on cover (video review)

Writing Journals:
Creative Writing Journal video review (house on cover)
All About Animals (video review)
All About Food (video review)
Poetry Writing Journal (Video Review) 
Creative Writing Notebook (horse/trees on cover)
50 Fun Creative Writing Prompts for Teen Girls (video review) Written Review.
Hobby Time Adventure Journal
50 Creative Writing Prompts for Boys

Younger Journals: These are adorable. I wrote a review HERE (video review included)about the first 4 journals below.
Review of Teach Your Child 100 Words to Read, Write, Spell, & Draw. Learn more about The Littlest Math Book HERE.
Review for My First Fun Schooling for Tree Climbers & Fort Builders and Laura & Leah's Fun-Schooling Journals (video reviews included).
Princesses & Ballerina video review
Horse Dreams video review
Bible Bunny Learns to Read 30 Bible Verses (see video review HERE)
Curious Creatures
Fun-Schooling Minecraft Jr. Curriculum Journal
The Littlest Kindergarten Workbook


Minecraft Journals 
Mincraft Journal
Mincraft Journal for Beginning Students (1st, 2nd, 3rd grade and struggling readers)
Minecraft Mysteries Math

Classical Poetry Collection

Dyslexie Readers:
The Blizzard of 1944

The Storytelling  Book (wordless book)

Autism Spectrum Coloring Book  review (tiny size)

Storybook & Workbooks
Pignapped! (Video Review)

The Singer and the Songwriter ~Handbook & Workbook
Video Review

Family Journals & Coloring Books: Some of these journals are meant to be shared with someone like a sister or dad depending on the journal. The Dad Time Journal has Bible pages. You can read my review of Favorite Things HERE.
Video Reviews:
Big Sister & Little Sister (see video of pages colored)
Ember's Favorite Things to Color
Dad Time Homeschooling
A Tiny Treasury of Favorite Things coloring book
Coloring Book, Sketch Book & Journal
Secret Village -Large Edition Coloring Book
Just for Teen Girls Devotional & Coloring Book Video Review
Bible Time Kids (video review)
Design a Dress: Drawing & Coloring Book
All the Colors of Spring Coloringbook
A Little Book of Letters
Baby Shower Blessings
Yum-Schooling Cookbook

Holiday Themed Journals:
CHRISTmas Countdown

Books by The Thinking Tree :) Read my review of The World's Most Beautiful Horse.
The World is Our Classroom (We Call it Rome Schooling) video review
75 Reasons to Believe in God video review


DIY Books: Read my DIY Review! A peek inside the Scientific Discoveries book (video)

Teach Yourself to Draw Series

Dyslexia Games Series A~ Peek inside via YouTube.

 Dyslexia Games Series B: Peek inside via YouTube


What we use to color in our beautiful Journals! I absolutely love the Gelly Roll gel pens. You can see them in action here! I love the Derwent coloring pencils for water coloring and the Prismacolor pencils for dry blending and coloring. Those are my two top professional pics and Amazon has them at a great price.

I still use my crayons and markers. The Ultimate Crayon Case from Crayola is great. I love that I have so many colors to choose from all in one container.

Fun tools to use with your coloring books. I am having fun learning how to blend with different art supplies. I especially like the water brushes because they are very portable.