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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

My mug for the day ☕ Love Chick-fil-A! Just coffee with cream. Keeping it simple on a Friday.

Saturday's coffee.
Just cream today ๐Ÿ„ Enjoying coffee from a Darth Vader ☕ mug. This one belongs to Brent. He received the mug as a CHRISTmas gift from his sister.

Monday's coffee: drip coffee with a tablespoon of butter, MCT oil, and a scoop of vanilla bean protein powder.

Tuesday's cup of java: drip coffee with a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter, MCT Oil, and a scoop of Vanilla Bean Protein Powder. Yum! Yup, that's why I'm drinking this yummy coffee in my YUM mug =)

Rainy, thunderyWednesday morning but it cleared up enough for me to take the kids swimming. I had an antioxidant and gelatin-rich coffee, with some healthy fats: butter & MCT Oil in a Snoopy mug.

This coffee and mug arrived in the mail for Josh. He let me be the first to drink out of it. I love the shape, size, and thickness.
Today I used my Aeropress. Made a gelatin rich antioxidant coffee with butter and MCT Oil. I was going to add a scoop of protein powder but wanted to taste the coffee since it was a new brand.

What's in your coffee this morning

Friday's mug (to be determined, haha)

Costco "Window" Shopping

My hubby dropped me off at Costco (this was a few weeks ago) while he took Annette to get her permit (what!?!). I was done shopping and waiting for hubby and the kids to come join me, so I went "window" shopping.

 I thought these would look nice in the backyard.
 Would love this nice set of Mikasa mugs. They are so pretty.
 I thought Josh and Caleb would appreciate these ThermoFlask drink bottles.
 I have been wanting a toaster oven for a loooong time, 15 years to be exact =)
 A great price for this Hamilton Beach hot water heater upper, funny!
 Thes G2 pens are my favorite. Especially the last six colors on the right.

 I would love a new dry erase board.
 Needed to see the price so I could show my hubby later, haha.
 Oooh, love this stove.
And this is what I actually walked out of Costco with, hehe.

๐Ÿ˜ฎAnd Annette got her permit ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Ethan and Me

I like these pictures of Ethan and me. I was sitting at the top of the stairs and asked Ethan to sit with me. I'm normally not a selfie picture taker. I usually have a hard time taking selfies because I never know where to look. My hubby and I laugh so much when taking selfies because we look so funny and we just look goofy.
This time I kinda like them. These are unfiltered photos. It's the real us. I like the one below because it captures us just having fun.
I don't really like the way I came out but I like the little memory that is forever captured in a photo.

Thinking Tree Super Summer Sale

Sarah from the Thinking Tree is having a huge sale on many of her journals. Many are 30%-50% off.

The sale ends July 10th. The images below are just a handful of what's on sale. I have links to videos and reviews HERE to most of them. I don't have the Dino Doodle, Master Class, Ocean Creatures, and Strokes of Worship yet and will add a video of the Mom of Preschoolers, 20 Bible Verses in Spanish and English, very soon.
Video review of Classical Poetry (back on sale!)

Some of the Pdf are on sale too at Educents