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Creating A Masterpiece Review!

Art, this is a class that has been a challenge in our homeschool. My older two did fine with using books for our art courses. My four younger kiddos, well, they are more visual and need a "teacher" to show the steps.

#artclass #highschoolart

Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece fits that bill! 

The Homeschool Review Crew received a one-year subscription to the Drawing Program which includes Beginners to Level 3. Creative Masterpiece has been very generous to us!

Sharon Hofer teaches students (and adults) how to draw beyond stick figures (like way beyond) ~ it's amazing! The lesson videos are short, so one lesson may have four videos which really keeps the program from being overwhelming to the student. 

#artclassforallages #creatingamasterpiece

The lessons are all on the Creating a Masterpiece site so you don't have to download them and no disc to lose! I use to be one that preferred having disc but after homeschooling for 20 years and seeing that no matter how careful we are the disc either gets lost or scratched so I'm really liking modern technology where the course is online. 

The Beginning Drawing Course has eight lessons, Drawing Level 1 has seven, Level 2 has six, and Level 3 has eight. The videos for each lesson varies as you can see in the graphic below. One lesson may have four videos while another seven.

Ms. Sharon Hofer does a great job of explaining each step. I and my kiddos found it easy to follow the lessons. 

The first time we did a lesson we followed along but realized that sometimes she gave us more instruction or said something toward the end of the video that was helpful. After the first lesson, we decided that it was better to watch the video first then replay and draw along with her during the replay.

We paused the video often too. Because we all needed to pause the video at different times we decided to watch the videos on our own. Meaning we didn't all sit and have art class together. 

One son would complete a lesson at night in his room while another during the day in the kitchen.

The Drawing Program is not only great for kiddos and teens but adults too. I found that I really enjoyed the courses as well. Ms. Sharon teaches in a way that all feel welcome in "her class".

After completing a few lessons, some of us would go back and redo the lesson. As we continue with the program I think we'll continue to redo some of them.

We tried to keep one lesson within one week. Sometimes we'd do a lesson over two weeks. This is with doing art twice a week. My kiddos are older ages 15-18 so younger kiddos may need more time.

It is recommended to use good quality supplies and the course does provide a link to Blick art supplies. You don't have to purchase from Blick but I found that some of the items were much easier to order ~ like the single Prism pencils. Since I was buying those I added a few other items to my cart. You could easily find many of the supplies at your local hobby and art supply store though.

If you are looking for an art course for your high schoolers (or elementary students) I would encourage you to look into Creating A Masterpiece. Check out their sample page ~ the sample is not from the same course that I reviewed but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

I highly recommend Creating A Masterpiece!

Be sure to click on the graphic below to read more Creating A Masterpiece reviews!

Learning to Draw {Creating a Masterpiece Reviews}
Crew Disclaimer

Brain Blox Creations

As I was sitting down with my cup of coffee to share photos of my kiddos Brain Blox creations I realized I don't have that many pictures. I thought I had taken more. So with that said, I'll add to this page as we make more. I'm so sorry. I thought I had at least five different pics.


#funschooling #brainblox


Fun Family Chess is another item that Brain Blox carries.

#chess #beginnerschess #funfamilychess

#funfamilychess #familyfun

My New Job! In the Kitchen with Linda

Whew, it's been a busy couple of weeks but good weeks. Guess what's been keeping me busy? My new job ~ In the Kitchen with Linda! I'm starting a new adventure with becoming a Pampered Chef consultant. It's scary but I'm super excited.

#pamperedchef #pamperedcheffconsultant #inthekitchenwithlinda

As many of you may know, I DO need to get a job. Doing affiliate links were okay in the past (I still am doing that) for some extra Linda book money but with the recent financial Homeschooling6 Family crises I REALLY need to work. Like, contribute to our income.

I have anxiety/shyness issues which make it hard for me to get out and do interviews. It terrifies me. I feel awful that my husband is working his weeks away while I'm home and am able to work but let the deer in headlights fright stop me.

I have tried selling Creative Memories and Mary Kay in the past and didn't do to well BUT I had to do in-home parties and with my super-duper shyness it, well, didn't go very well.

#pamperedchef #quickcooker #pressurecooker

With Pampered Chef I can do parties virtually via Facebook or catalog parties. My brain is spinning with ideas. I am still super nervous about having a virtual Facebook Part but at least I can hide behind a computer.

And I LOVE Pampered Chef and how its products help busy people (and not so busy people) to get back in the kitchen and create good meals instead of going through the drive-thru.

I love the quality of the items. For example, I just purchased the 10" Stainless Steel Skillet with a lid! It cost $145. In the past year and a half I have bought three cheaper ones for about $30 each because they end up getting scratched. In that time I have already spent $90. I finally had to stop the insanity and bought the one from Pampered Chef.

The PC one ~ you can use metal utensils. As long as you are not cutting your steaks in the pan you can use your metal spatula and other utensils! What was really great is I hosted a party and was able to get the pan at half off! Wahoo!

This is my first time having a really good skillet. I am looking forward to receiving the 8" non stick Fry Pan next week.

I am really excited about this new adventure, nervous, but excited.

Do you own any Pampered Chef products?

Let me know if you'd like to earn some PC products ~ book a party!

I Want Fall Weather!

When September came around I was really hoping for some cooler weather. News Alert ~ it's still hot here.

In fact, for the month of September (which is supposed to be cooler by now), TX is having high temperatures that haven't happened since 2005. Normally by now it's cooling down some and we are needing to pull our long sleeve shirts and maybe a sweater.

I'm so tired of above 90* it's so hot and uncomfortable. Did I mention that the house we live in has no insulation, yup! It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter 😊 I'd rather have it cold though because then I can layer the clothes and grab some blankets. What about you? If you had a choice between the summer heat or winter cold which would it be?


What is a girl to do when it's so hot, oh, it's time to read The Borden Murder 😱 What do you think, did Lizzie Borden murder her father and step-mother?

A New Adventure for Me

Hi, Friends, so if you have been following me on Facebook or are a regular on my blog you may know that I need to find a job. I am super shy so it makes finding a job hard. I mean those interviews, ack, and to tell you the truth ~ I don't have any skills really. My talents really don't make me any money.

In the past, I've tried using affiliate links and will continue to do that. I don't have a huge following so it's hard to get my affiliate links out there. I don't have a 'theme' with my blog. It's a little about everything which means I don't have content where people come back. I have nothing to offer really.

I created this blog as a diary or journal for my family so it's really been hard to make money off of it. I get a lot of hits and such but I just don't have that content.

So with all that said (drum roll please . . . ) I decided I will become a Pampered Chef Consultant. Eeeks, how scary. I'm really terrified but hopefull with being able to hide behind my computer I can do this.

I love that with all the social media even people like me (think anxiety issues, introvert, super-duper shy) might just have a shot at making some money being a consultant.

I haven't joined up just yet. I am having a Pampered Chef Facebook Party to help me earn my Consultant Kit.

If you'd like to join I'd love to see you at my "party". You can even wear your pajamas!


The details. If you are not on Facebook you can still order using my hostess link. Just be sure to change the shipping from host to guest so your order doesn't come to my house. All orderes won't ship until after October 5th when the party ends.

If you are a Facebooker, you can join the party for some fun, recipes, products, tips and games with chances to WIN prizes throughout the week!

Again, for those of you who don't live near me, please remember to change the shipping.

You can browse the online catalog to see all the neat things they have.


I'm so nervous 😱 Next month I'll be a consultant. Excited but nervous.

Edited links ~ I'm now an Independent Consultant ~ my Facebook Page

God's Glory Box ~ September Unboxing!

Wow, I can't believe September is almost over and I haven't got my God's Glory Box post up yet. Whew, September went by fast!

I was excited about receiving this box because it had a t-shirt, wahoo, although I will admit as much as I like the color yellowish/orange ~ I'm not sure if it will look good on me. You know how some colors kinda make you look washed out and such. But I do love the color yellow, it's such a happy color!

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow hymn is one of my favorites so whether or not the shirt color is not "my" color, I'm going to love wearing it with the awesome message. 

In this box: 🌷GGB All-Star Meek Sheep Apparel presents “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow” T-Shirt (8 sizes available-enter at checkout) | $21.95 value | Meek Sheep Apparel’s Website https://meeksheepapparel.com/ 🌷Talented Christian Musician Jonathan Ivey’s New Album “As In Water” | $8.99 value | Jonathan Ivey’s Website https://www.jonathanivey.com/ 🌷GGB All-Star Lana Scroggins of Giving Jesus presents “Finding Kindness: Scripture Guided 🌷Maze Book” E-Download | $2.99 value | Giving Jesus’ Website https://givingjesus.com/ 🌷Mystery Bonus Past Book (Guaranteed you haven’t received) (Authors: Kristen Smeltzer and Tammy Glenn) [Message for specifics/requests] | $8-11 value | God’s Glory Box FB Page 🌷2 Mystery Sharable Items (stationary, stickers, decals, etc) [Message for specifics/requests] | $2-5 value | God’s Glory Box FB Page

I loved the two mystery shareable items in this months box! The art prints (one shown below) are so pretty. I think they would look nice in a shadowbox type frame. The ones that you don't have to hang up because they can sit on your bookshelf or table.

I think that is what I'm going to do with these. Put them in a frame before I give them away.

The Jonathan Ivey ~ As in Water Cd, my only complaint is I want more songs 😃 I totally love the songs: I Want to Be A Christian, As the Deer, YHWH (Jesus, Jesus), Jesus Paid it All, Invitation (Turn Your Eyes), and One Bright Day!

I love all the songs, especially As the Deer. It's one of my favorites. I remember singing that in my youth group back in the days.

I am looking forward to reading a little each day of  Rise Up by Tammy Glenn!

Watch my unboxing!!!

For every God's Glory Box shipped ~ God's Glory donates five meals to Feeding America!

Annette Turns 20!

Wow, wow, wow, my baby girl is no longer in her teens!

Tuesday Annette and I spend the day together. Her birthday was on Monday but we had our mom/daughter birthday-day on Tuesday. 

We had to work on Monday.

We ended our day at one of Annette's favorite coffee shops ~ Buon Giorno Coffee.

I didn't get pics of our day but is started off with running some errands for the business. We had lunch at our favorite salad place; Salata Salad Bar.

Then finished our errands of dropping things off at the business and then stopping at the coffee shop. Okay, now that I wrote out our day, it doesn't sound like much but we were literally out all day, haha.

Even though we had to run some work errands it was fun just hanging out with my daughter.

Date Night (Overnight Date!)

My hubby and I had an overnight date last week. It was nice getting away for the night even if it was only 20 minutes from home.

It was nice to have some space to ourselves. Even if it was only for 24hrs. I loved the little kitchen. It's as little as ours but bigger! Bigger because of the way it's set up. I loved it! Look at all the counter space.

Loved the little "living room" too. We need smaller couches so in our house our living room will look more airy and bigger. But Lupe loves our leather couches so they won't be going anywhere 😁

It was a nice evening, just the two of us. 

Lupe had to work during the day so we didn't get to the hotel until around fivish. We had a really nice dinner. I ordered stuffed trout and it was so good. We were too stuffed to get a coffee at Starbucks so we ended up getting a Trenta Passion Tea. Mine without sugar -I added stevia.

The next day we had lunch at this really neat salad place. The salads are $12 but you get so much. I wasn't hungry for five hours (I know, eat every 3hrs but I really was not hungry at all).

Look at that salad! It was soooooooo good. Annette introduced me to this place. I think it's called Salata. 

We also went to the Chocolate Factory - bought some chocolate covered cherries for the kiddos and some sugar-free chocolate for me.

It was a nice date!

Small House Talk ~ Kitchen

Hi, Friends, last week I did a post about some of the things I'd love, love, to have done to the small house we are currently renting.

This week I thought I'd talk about our move (which happened in 11/18 abouts) and the kitchen.

I probably should just write a separate post about our move but the short of it is went from a 2600sft house to 800sft house. I must say that I'd been interested in downsizing but also enjoyed having a bigger house. 

I would have loved to downsize in our own timing so we could make our little home ours. But life happened and we downsized into a rental that is not ours so we can't do anything to make it ours if you know what I mean. Because we were forced to downsize. We had a financial turn of events where we could no longer afford our house.

In this post, I wanted to share just a little bit of our kitchen. I want to do a full kitchen post soon and eventually do a video but for today I just wanted to share a few things.

I am humbly showing you what our kitchen looks like most days 🙈 lived in with six kiddos (ages 15-21).

We don't have enough room for a proper dinner table so we all eat where-ever which is not what I want so I'm still on the hunt for something that will work for us. But with that said, up until a few months ago, we had an old card table. It was unstable so I'm thankful for the vintage table I found.

I do want to get a nicer tablecloth but that's one that I had. We have one countertop which I call the kitchen wedge (more about that space in another post).

My kitchen is a total work in progress so I'll be sharing updates as we go.

Yesterday I added a few things to the kitchen to help save on space. We have only two drawers. Yup two and they are the original homemade ones from 1959 I believe (again, more on that later. Wait till you see the original sink, would have loved if it was a farmhouse one 🤣).

#smallhouse #smallhousetalk

I bought these little organizer hangy things on Amazon. It's a set of two. I hung one in my bedroom and another in the kitchen. I love the bright yellow. It puts a little sunshine in my kitchen.

Right now I have my salad chopper, collapsable food storage containers, and coffee filters in the pockets but it may change. The collapsible colander I may move that but it works for now.

On the opposite of where I hung the hangy bright yellow things is the fridge. I'm using as much of it as I can. I bought a mesh pencil caddy for our forks, spoons, and small items, I had a pencil holder that I now use for the measuring spoons, and I bought a magazine holder to put magazines in but it was so cheap and smaller than I thought ~ so I am using it for my larger spoons, spatulas, and so forth.

I thought it was pretty cheap but at the same time, it has a big magnet on the back which is great for holding the items I needed it to hold. 

The pencil cady has some good magnets but because I'm using it to hold utensils (only spoons and forks), I put a few magnets under it so it doesn't slide down.

I want to eventually get a magnet strip to hold knives, the scissors, and tongs but for now, those round magnets are working.

I found a post that I wrote back in March. You can see the card table and we use to have the dog kennel thing in the kitchen. I'm so glad we moved it to the living room.

Do you live in a small house?

City Creek Press Inc ~ Review

My 15-year-old son knows most of his multiplication but there are a few of the bigger ones that he just can't seem to get memorized. When City Creek Press Inc. offered the Homeschool Review Crew to review the Online Times Alive and the Times Alive App I jumped at the chance to try it out with my son!

#timesalive #citycreekpress #timestable

We received a six-month subscription of the Online Times Alive. When you sign up you are billed monthly and can cancel at any time.

Here are a few screenshots from the Times Alive App!

#timesaliveapp #timesalive


Times Alive Online uses animation and stories to help your child learn their multiplications from O's to 9's through stories, songs, test, and fun activities all in a fun way.

Your child will first take a pre-test (at the end of the program there will be a post-test). After the pre-test, you will know which facts your child is having trouble with.

Learning through story and song. Your child will listen (and read along if he/she likes) with the story. After they hear the story they will move on to the song.

#timesaliveonline #timesalive

With 8x8=64 if they can remember 8x8 is sticky four they got it! ←(it really sticks are four but I liked "sticky four) The story and songs will help them the child remember along with the visual of seeing the sign in the picture!

After the story and song, your child will be asked if they remember the picture story and then without the pictures.

#timesalive #citycreekpress

Other activities to help your child remember is dragging the story to the box. The program will read everything to the child so your child can read along as well. This is what I love about the program. If you have a struggling reader they will hear everything -they don't have to stress about knowing the words so it's not overwhelming.

#timesalive #citycreekpress

Below is a screenshot of one of the test. You can print the test out if you feel your child will need to practice before the test is taken. You can also print it out if your child missed more than a few to practice them.

What I love about the Online version (they also have the Times Tables the Fun Way physical products!):
  • Keeps track of the student's progress: dates the lesson is completed, scores, & quizzes!
  • Students can stop and resume without losing their place ~ I love programs that allow students to stop in the middle of something and it saves the work.
  • It engages the child. This is great for children who struggle with reading or don't like to read.
  • Pre & Post-test - a great way for your child to see how he/she improved!

For those of you with younger kiddos and idea to help your child ~ have the child draw a comic strip of the story or just the scene. You can even make a book of the stories once done.

Lance used the App and the online version for the purpose of this review. The App was a lot easier for him because he could use it on his phone anywhere/anytime. When using the online version (which is what I prefer) he would have to borrow my computer.

If using Times Alive five years ago the online version would have worked best for us so it's really what works for you all with either the App or online. For me myself I like the online, for the kiddos, the App.

My son Lance used this three to four times a week and is finally memorizing the multiplication tables that have been hard for him like 8x8 and 9x7.

He's not too fond of the animation but I think it's because he's older and has played games on his Xbox that aren't so "cartoony"

One tip! Remember the name you use to log in otherwise you will have to start from the beginning again if you forget (um, yeah, ask me how I know, 😄)

Click the graphic below to read more Times Alive Reviews!!!!

Online Times Alive {City Creek Press, Inc. Reviews}
Crew Disclaimer

End of the Week Check-In (House Talk)

I am still adjusting to living in an 850sft house. The couches have piles of stuff, there are boxes piled in one corner, and we don't have a dinner table that will fit us all. The kitchen is so small.

I was hoping by now that I'd be able to share pictures but I'm too embarrassed with all the clutter. We have been living here since 12/18 so about 10 months.

There are some major updates I'd like to do. Here is a list:

  • New kitchen counter (yup! we only have one 🤣) actually a new kitchen corner would be nice as the sink is the original one and it's pretty gross. I can clean and scrub it but it still looks dirty.
  • Kitchen and hallway floor ~ the laminate floor is at least 10 years old and looks pretty ugly as well.
  • New bathtub/shower ~ like the sink, the bathtub needs to be replaced.
  • New windows ~ at least three windows don't open because they are so old. The other windows have been replaced though.
  • New roof 
  • Outside needs to be painted
  • Add a door so we can access the big backyard without having to go around from the front.
  • Boys bedroom ~ walls can be redone.
  • Add central air and heat.

Some smaller, not major projects I'd like to see done:
  • Two windows need screens
  • Add more shelves
  • Screen door for the front to let in fresh air and more light.
I think that's it for the small list of things. I can't think right now as I have a headache. I just took some Advil.

With school, it's been crazy. Some of my homechooling things got lost in the move. We had to put a lot of stuff in storage (I also got rid of tons of stuff ~ like 40 boxes of books!).

I was hoping to be the mom who minimalized her stuff and had an uncluttered small house but it hasn't happened yet.

I need to clean the house and add a few pictures. For the past few years (like 4-5yrs.) I've had problems with uploading pics to my laptop or desktop computers from my phone. They never want to connect with each other. It makes it hard to add pics to my blog post because it's time consuming.

I have to upload them to Facebook, then download them to my computer before adding the.