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Art & Logic Brain Games by Sarah Janisse Brown from The Thinking Tree

Hi, Moms! Sarah, has come out with a new series for moms who have brain fog! It’s called Art & Logic Therapy Brain Games.

Brain Games

What is Brain Games: Brain Games is a series of books that Sarah Janisse Brown put together for moms with brain fog, those recovering from Covid-19 and have “Covid brain”, or have experienced some trauma in their lives.  It uses art & logic to help those with “brain fog” become more focused & less scattered brain.

The first three books of Brain Games are based off of the popular Dyslexia Games Therapy Level B & Level C.

Many of the photos in this blog post are from Dyslexia Games C before the new series of Art & Logic Brain Games was created. They are from the research group mentioned in this post.

Dyslexia Games Therapy

Dyslexia Games is a method of dyslexia therapy created by Sarah Janisse Brown to help children who struggle with symptoms of dyslexia, as well as ADHD, ASD, and other learning issues. The books use art and logic to “reprogram the brain” by gradually helping children shift from using the right side to the left to process letters, numbers and finally, words.

When creating Art & Logic Brain Games for moms, she kept many of the logic and art pages and some pages from the Language Arts and Math pages but not as many. For example, you won’t see Word Hunt pages or all the pages from Math & Logic and Think & Draw books. She also reorganized the pages and added in some new pages as well.

Dyslexia Games Therapy
Photo courtesy of Georgia a participant in the research group (and Sarah's mom!)

Brain Games for adults came about when Sarah noticed many moms who were doing Dyslexia Games along with their children and were reporting that it was helping them with feeling more relaxed and focused.

Throughout the years she has created Facebook groups for moms to use Dyslexia Games (like the Green Lemonade Mamas group back in 2016) and most recently Moms with Brain Fog (which has over 700 moms working through the first two books of Dyslexia Games).

The activities are very calming and soothing in their own way. Some moms prefer to use them before bed time to relax their minds while others prefer the morning to wake up their mind. It’s amazing how each person is so unique and our body knows when to use the Art & Logic Brain Games therapy.

Brain Fog Therapy
                                  Photo courtesy of Melissa a participant in the research group.

One page that the moms have coined, the “dreaded t-shirt page”, it’s funny how we found many moms in the research group not looking forward to this page because of the creativity needed but they plowed through it and did great.  

Dyslexia Games Therapy
                                   Photo courtesy of Amanda a participant in the research group.

Some worked on a few t-shirts a day and coming back to it while they continued on with their pages and others completing the page before moving on but all were glad that they stuck with it and some were surprised at how it sparked their creative side (or brought art back into their lives) and really enjoy the page now.

Here is what one mom in the group said =)

“I was not looking forward to the t shirts, but after what seemed like 100 years, I finished it.” -Misty

Dyslexia Games C
                                    Photo courtesy of Misty a participant in the research group.

Currently there are three books in the series:
Book 1: Morning Light ~ Mental Clarity & Attention to Detail
Book 2: Wind & Rain ~ Mental Clarity, Renewed Focus, & Mathematical Reasoning
Book 3: Fire Light ~ Mental Clarity, Mindfulness, & Creative Literacy Skills

You can complete the books in any order. Sarah, the creator of the series mentioned that if it she does Brain Games in the morning or it’s an overcast or rainy day, she will reach for the Morning Light. In the evening she may grab her Fire Light book. It really depends on her mood or the time of day. And of course, if you prefer to use the books in order, that’s fine too!

I do want to add, if you make a mistake, please be kind to yourself. It’s okay, don’t get upset, take a deep breath and continue on with the pattern.

Dyslexia Therapy
                               Photo courtesy of Megan a participant in the research group.

Coloring the pages is optional but I do encourage you to give it a go. Grab some gel pens, colored pencils, or even some alcohol markers. TIP! If you use alcohol markers (and even some gel pens) put a piece of paper or cardstock behind the page you are working on. Alcohol markers WILL bleed through.

More than 700 mothers with Brain Fog have joined a research project using Dyslexia Games Series C to sharpen their minds. So far, the results have been astounding. Here are what moms from the group.

One 70yr. old mom said, “I feel like I got my brain back!” in fact many moms of all ages were saying the same thing. 

Dyslexia Games Therapy
                                 Photo courtesy of Lucinda a participant in the research group.

Below comment is from a mom who completed the first book of Dyslexia Therapy Level C and has an autoimmune diagnosis, 5 kids--including a newborn and a kiddo with a life-threatening medical condition... I have felt depleted for a long time, and it had started to feel like my whole life was chaotic and disorganized!  None of us have been thriving, we've just been surviving (for years).

"BRAIN FOG: even if I lose my train of thought, which let's get real.. still happens, I can usually find it again! Before my Brain Games my thoughts would just be GONE ... truly poofed from existence, if I got distracted or interrupted. 

I have started (AND FINISHED) multiple organization projects! Our school day is running more smoothly. I am sleeping more soundly, and waking up much more capable of instant productivity. Most importantly I'm getting to the end of the day and I still have energy (and desire) to read books to my kids at bedtime, do bath time, I have brain power left for deep conversation with my pre-teen. I feel like I have found my center again! This has truly changed my life and it SEEMS too simple to work, but I swear it is getting the two brain cells I have left to rub together, to make a spark... and this seemingly simple book is the spark lit the fire that has burned through the slough and chaos of my life." -Megan

"I'm feeling less forgetful these days, and I'm more motivated to complete things I've been putting off for a while. I'm feeling a lot more focused. I haven't had to stop mid-sentence & search for a correct word, so that's great! I'm sick of this brain fog & I want to get back to my old self again!" -Sabrina

Dyslexia Games Level C
                               Photo courtesy of Megan a participant in the research group.

"I’m part of the study Sarah was referring to above. I was surprised by the results and how quickly they came. I’ve been more patient with my kids and more motivated to do daunting tasks that I have been putting off. Practicing the patterns also helped me reflect on my tendency towards perfectionism, making me put a conscious effort into being more flexible." -Rienna

"I've been using the first book and am feeling inspired, ignited, and renewed. It's also helping my teen with ADHD and sensory overload issues to focus and be calm. I think these books could benefit everyone in some way." -Emily

"I just finished the first book! I have been working on my focus issues (been known to lose things, forget things, always late for appointments) using these pages. Not only have I been able to improve my focus... But these exercises have helped with my control issues as well." -Nikki

Brain Fog
                                   Photo courtesy of Sabrina a participant in the research group.

Sarah’s mom joined the research group and here is what she has to say (DG=Dyslexia Games)

"I homeschooled Sarah in the 1980's and 90's. I'm in my 70's and have been noticing the typical mental slow down common at my age. I've been working on a project that includes lots of creative formatting images and written material. Honestly, there were times when I sit looking at the screen with a blank mind. From the first day I did the Dyslexia Games pages and then got to work at the computer that stopped happening. I'm amazed. Sarah had been saying for years that it helps kids to start their homeschooling each day with a DG page to get the kids calm and focused, but I never realized it could work for me too! I'm having other really exciting improvements with focus too! I'm not going to stop using these. I love it!" -Georgia

Now back to the T-Shirt page that stumped most of the moms. Here are some ideas for you all. A tip from Sarah, "When you feel stumped look at what is around you and draw what you see."

The Be Creative pages from Dyslexia Games Level C, the moms had similar "issues" as with the T-Shirt pages so I'll add some photos of those as well. 

Dyslexia Games Therapy
                         Photos courtesy of Megan and Amanda participants in the research group.

Photos courtesy of MaKenzie participants in the research group.

T-Shirt Page from Dyslexia Games
Photo courtesy of Janet and her 12yr. old son.

Photo courtesy of Krista a participant from the research group. 

                        Photos, courtesy of Angel & Angie participants in the research group.

                        Photos courtesy of Carmen & Erena, participants of in the research group.

                     Photos courtesy of Georgia & Grace participants in the research group.

There will be more books in the series coming soon both in paperback and pdf format!

Pens that work great in the books. 

Some fun supplies to use with the Brain Games journals. I love using alcohol markers. Just be sure to put a piece of paper or cardstock between the pages as alcohol markers bleed through the pages.

Glitter gel pens makes everything more fun!

Colored pencils was what most moms used.

Pens that I have used and work well for me are:


These are nice pens too and they have a rollerball tip which work great for those with a heavy hand or kids.

Colored Pencils Love 😍

Colored Pencils makes me happy πŸ˜ƒ they are so pretty 😍 

Here are my beautiful Cra-Z-Art Timeless Creations πŸ’₯🌈

Cra-Z-Art Colored pencils

I put them in a mug because I am going to put them in color order in my Canvas Pencil Wrap!

Cra-Z-Art Colored pencils

They were so pretty sitting on my little table that I didn't want to put them in the Canvas Wrap so I left them out for a few days.

I call these my super budget pencils because they fall way below my artist pencils Prismacolors and "regular" budget pencils Brutfuner colored pencils in quality and price but are still a joy to use and bring color to my coloring book pages!

Do colored pencils bring a smile to your face with all the beautiful colors?!?!

☕️ Coffee Time ☕️

My $4 happy mug ☕️ by the Pioneer Woman  πŸ₯°

Vintage Corningware Percolator

Yesterday we had some snow flurries ❄️ It was a nice treat for us Texans ⛄️ 

I enjoyed a nice cup of hot coffee ☕️ especially when made in my *CorningWare percolator ❤️ This one was made in the late 60s ~ early 70s. 

*Some were recalled so if using them be sure to support the bottom when pouring.

1963 Margaret Rudkin Pepperidge Farm Cookbook

I love old and vintage cookbooks 😍 today I am going to try a bread 🍞 recipe πŸ’₯

I don’t recall where I found this cookbook; at a thrift store or Half Price Books πŸ“š I am thinking 🧐 it might have been at Half Price ❤️

I love cookbooks that add some history or a peek into the lives of the ones sharing the recipe.

This πŸ‘†πŸ»Is the front of the book.

I love ❤️ the illustrations throughout the book. Some are in black and white, while others are in color. The above illustration is printed inside on the other side of the front cover and the back too!

My loaf πŸ˜† unfortunately the oven rack was a tad bit too high for this loaf and burnt the top πŸ€ͺ

Once I got to the middle of the loaf 🍞 it wouldn’t fit in the toaster 🀣🀣

It may have looked funny but it sure was good πŸ˜‹ 

The bread recipe was actually for two loaves but when I divided the dough they looked so small so I only made one. I guess that wasn’t such a good idea πŸ’‘πŸ˜

I will try this recipe again 🍞