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The Delilah Box

I have been anxiously awaiting my first Delilah Box! My sister MaryEllen introduced be to book subscription boxes. 


Basically, you pay a monthly subscription and you receive a mystery box of sorts. Sometimes you may know the theme or even a book but most of the items are a surprise. It's like having a birthday every month! 

I was on the hunt for a Christian Book Box and am thankful to the Lord to have found The Delilah Box!


What's really neat is Taylor (the owner of The Delilah Box) has recently changed it from a box to a homemade bag (so you are actually getting a book bag =) which I think is just wonderful. The bag can be used for many things and the prints are so beautiful. She totally spoils her subscribers.

I'm a new subscriber so there was a note letting me know that she included the back "issues" or notes to "The Journey" series.

The Delilah Box

In "The Journey" series Taylor shares how she lost her husband last year (in Nov/Dec) and the journey of how God is seeing her through this most difficult time. I haven't read through all the pages of The Journey but plan to make a cup of coffee and read them. ~I was just too excited after opening my box that I wanted to blog about it right away.

Taylor thoroughly spoiled her subscribers this month. I received three books, yes three ~I believe you normally receive one or two books.

 The Delilah Box

I am so looking forward to reading Judah's Wife, A Life of Joy, and Wicked Women of the Bible. I don't know which to start first!

There were so many goodies in May's box! Beautiful postcards, a pen that is a stylus too, two packets of seed to plant some beautiful flowers, and two sheets Bible journaling items ~I believe they are stickers.

Subscription Unbox ~The Delilah Box

What did I think of The Delilah Box? I loved it and felt so spoiled. Our family is going through some hard times right now and I could use some encouragement. I love the verse that you are encouraged to memorize: 

Peace I leave you; my peace I give you. I do not give you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not be afraid. ~John 14:27 (NIV)

I need to remember to not be afraid, not to let my heart be troubled and to rest in the arms of my Heavenly Father, only he can give the peace I need. The peace my family needs.

I look forward to next months book "box"!

Watch the Unboxing below.

✈️ Boarding Group A ✈️

This is an old screenshot of my boarding pass. My Grandmother was in the hospital so I flew out to California. This boarding pass was my ticket home. I was so excited to be in the "A" group. First time ever. It was nice being able to have first dibs with finding a seat.

Tomorrow is my last day with the 30 Day Picture/Blog Post Challenge! I almost made it. The last two weeks were pretty hard because my life is not that exciting (hehe) and I've been working too.

Wonder what my next challenge should be! I would like to revamp my blog, clean it up a bit. I'd also like to earn a little bit of money but I just can't seem to find my niche in the blogging world. I'm not a good writer, I don't have a lot to offer, so I'm trying to figure things out.

Hope you all have been enjoying my 30 Day Picture/Blog Posting Challenge.

My comment box isn't working, that's another thing I need to fix. I miss "chatting" with you all.

😋 Yummy Lunch 😋

I missed a day with my 30 day blog/picture post, so sad. I was just so busy yesterday and by the time I got home around 11:00 at night - I forgot. Oh well, I tried.

Here is a pic of lunch! Homemade tomato soup and homemade bread! It was so yummy 😋 

👓 Buying Online 👓

👓 Joshua is on the hunt for some new glasses and found this neat site. 

👓 All he has to do is take a picture or upload one, select the glasses that he wants to see how he'd look with them on, and voila, he is wearing those glasses online. He gets to see if he likes them or not. Pretty neat don't ya' think?

The picture above is him not really wearing glasses but what he'd look like in that pair. 

It's kinda like Simple Contacts, you order everything online without having to leave the house! Love it! I just may order me a new pair of glasses as mine are old.

🌸 Pretty Plates 🌸

This set is so pretty and they are plastic! I love them. I wonder where I can buy a set.

🤗 Corningware Percolator Thrift Find 🤗

My $10 thrift find! I’m sad it doesn’t have the inside stuff it’s only the pot but I have been searching for a non recalled vintage Corningware percolator 🤗


I also have a recalled Vintage Corningware Percolator and have used it. The recall is because of the epoxy with the metal caller. It would detach. When I use mine I always hold the bottom with a pot holder. 

Now I am on the hunt for some innards for this coffee pot. It doesn't have to be from Corningware (Corning Ware) as long as it fits and works. I know I have some laying around somewhere (in a box packed away most likely) so I'll just have to wait to perk some coffee.

Maybe my next blog challenge will be 30 Days of Corningware. I think I might have at least 30 pieces.

🍳 Breakfast at Cari’s 🥓

I love having breakfast at Cari’s. I think the mugs they find at thrift stores. I’ve never had the same mud twice! This one has a cute farm scene.


My wonderful husband looking at the menu, he didn't know I snapped a picture until afterward.

Loved seeing this. 


The tables have John 3:16, love that too! 

🧦 Cute Socks 🧦

Annette’s cute socks that her cousin gave her!

🍫 Coffee & Chocolate 🍫

Life is good with coffee and chocolate!

😍 DateBox Club 😍

Hubby and I have been going out every or almost every Saturday for the past five or six years. You can read about one of our Date Nights from 2014! 


We really look forward to our dates. We usually go for dinner and a coffee. I usually get an Americano and Lupe gets a Mocha Frappe (both McDonalds and Starbucks has fraps and Americanos, wahoo!).

Hubby has been really stressed with work so I've been wanting to do something different on our dates but couldn't think of anything other than seeing a movie. Things like bowling is too expensive.

My sister MaryEllen introduced me to the Date Box Club. She found out about the Date Box Club through a YouTube Channel called Subscription Unbox! I thought this could be my answer.


I watched a few of their Date Box unboxing. What I loved was they are just fun dates - no romance type stuff. The DateBoxes are themed around a cooking activity, DIY projects or a game.

After a few months and me not coming up with anything new for our dates I decided to take the plunge and subscribe for my monthly DateBox Club. I was worried about not knowing because the boxes are a surprise. You don't know what's inside until you open it. But after watching Subscription Unbox and seeing what was in some of the past DateBoxes I thought that's what makes it fun.

When you first open the box there will be an envelope (shown in the photo above) this has instructions for the game/activity, if there is food to prep (like baking cookies as in one previous box), it just basically tells you all what to do -all the planning is done for you.


At the time of me writing this blog post, my Hubby has no idea I even ordered us a DateBox. I'm going to surprise him.

I was excited to see that our first DateBox includes a game. Also in the box was a candle and some popcorn to snack on while we play the game.

There is even a playlist for you like I said, everything is planned for you. From the activity to the music. So, yeah, I'm super excited and can't wait for date night. 

The only con is for those who actually leave the house on date night like we do. This box thankfully can be taken with us and completed at a coffee shop but some you'd need to do at home. For example, one DateBox was face painting. I thought that it looked so fun and would love to paint my husband's face (it really looked fun) but not at a coffee shop and our house is so small that it would be hard to just sit, chat, and face paint. We have six kiddos from ages 14-21 in a one bathroom house which = no privacy. 

I'm not sure how we'd "complete" a DateBox like that but we'll figure it out.

Anyway, I'm excited and for me, the price of $39.95 is worth it. DateBox Club plans my date, figures out what we need for the date, gathers the items, packs it and ships it + plus we get a playlist and I didn't have to do a thing!

Have you tried DateBox Club before?

Try a DateBox Mini -I believe these are kinda like a sample DateBox.