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First Half of Oct. 1-14th 2005

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I last wrote. I didn't want to bore you with
the same stuff every week, so I thought I'd wait a bit longer before
posting ;)

The kids have been doing really well in school.

History we have studied; The Medieval Indian Empire, The Rise of Islam
and Islam Becomes an Empire. Very interesting stuff! They have been
learning about Monks, Muhammad's Vision, The Koran, The fight for Mecca
and the City of Baghdad. We have been looking all these places up on
our globe and world map.
So it is History and Geography together.
Keep in mind that at this stage of schooling the goal is to introduce
them as much as possible to History, Science etc. They don't need to
remember all the facts and dates, but it is all being filed away in
their brains for use later. (The next stage of learning)

The kids have also been learning about what is going on now in these
countries and how we can pray for them. They learn what the people
believe, how they live, what we can be thankful for (Example: that
there are missionaries in these countries and Bibles) How and What to
pray for the people. This is one of the many Blessings of
Homeschooling. The kiddos realize that there is more to life then their
needs and wants. They know that there is more of the world then just
their immediate area. That not all people are free. They know that in
some countries people are told what to watch, how to dress, what to
believe and I think it makes them more thankful for what they have.
When the kids hear about Hurricane Katrina, or the Tsunami, they have
been willing to donate their stuff and give some of their money to help
the people that were affected by these disasters.

Science we have been learning about Reptiles, Birds and are moving on
to Fish. We usually take about 2 wks on one subject. The first week I
read about what we are learning about and the 2nd week we do some kinds
of hands on cut and paste stuff. When we were studying about birds I
wanted to buy some owl pellets. Owls eat their prey whole so if you
look through one of their dropping you might find what the owl ate. I
couldn't afford to get it at the time of our studies so maybe I'll get
it in the summer. This may sound gross to some but it sure is
interesting to us :) I also want to see if we can take another look at
our neighbors Python.

In Math Josh is still adding and subtracting. Annette is kind of
understanding subtraction.

Annette is doing pretty good in Language Arts. She is memorizing a lot
of sight word as well as learning how to sound out words. Rod and Staff
Curriculum is really working for her.

Josh, can read lots of words, but still is sounding out. He is doing
great! He is trying to understand what an antecedent is and what an
attribution is in his Grammar lessons. I told him it is okay if he
doesn't get it yet. We will keep going over it and one day it will

Memorization: Josh loves to memorize poems, so far he has memorized
Hearts are Like Doors, The Caterpillar, Psalms 23, and he is working on
Mr. Nobody. Annette will learn these too.

We kind of stopped learning poems though because of all the verses they
have been learning in Sunday School and AWANA. It gets hard to sit down
with them and memorize so many different things.

We are still going to our Sign Language classes on Sunday. The kids and
I really enjoy it. We use some of the basic signs like; brush your
teeth, thank you, please, sorry, sit and so forth ;)

Our Read Aloud for now are Little House In The Big Woods and we are
still reading Glady's Aylward the missionary women. The kiddos really
enjoy both of these books.
For Ethan and Lance this last week I have been reading Make Way for
Ducklings and Mr Brown Can Moo. I am trying to read twice a day to the
two little ones. I don't want them to be left out.

I finally have our schedule so that we are getting all our subjects in
for Annette and Josh. Please keep me in prayer about Caleb. I still
have not been able to fit him in. I would like him to start sounding
out words, but haven't had time to sit with him.

We are also trying to fit in Character Building. I try to find teaching
moments as well as read stories on character. It sounds like this would
be easy, but when you so busy trying to fit in the 3 R's (Reading,
Writing and Arithmetic) along with disciplining, diapers, naps and
meals it sometimes is hard to see the moments in our days. Sometimes
after an incident I think "Hey that could have been a good character
building experience." and am bummed that I missed it because I was too
busy or tired to correct them in a way that would have benefited them

Well I guess this is long enough and should hold you for a few weeks ;)

Week of Sept.19th-23rd, 2005

Week of Sept. 19-23, 2005

"What a busy week!" That is what Joshua said. Not only did he have
to do school, but learn the Awana Motto: My Friends for Christ. The
Awana Key Verse: John 3:16 and the Pledge to the American flag, plus
his Sunday school verse and lastly to learn how to introduce himself in
sign language, so as you can see it was pretty busy.

Josh had a good week in school. His reading is improving. It will be a
good day in the Beltran house once he can read without having to sound
out words ;) He is being introduced to synonyms, antonyms, what a
palindrome is and similes, nouns, verbs and punctuation marks. At this
point he does not have to remember it all. Our goal is to introduce him
and later some of the light bulbs will come. When he does get something

that we have been working on for a while he says, "My light bulb
turned on. I get it now mom."

In math Josh is learning how to write out his numbers from 1-100. I
don't know why it is so important, but that's what we are supposed
to do. I think I am going to have him know how to read them all at
least, but not how to spell them all out. That would take us forever!!!
We will continue to learn how to spell them, but not stop our whole
program just to learn to spell it.
He still writes some of his numbers backwards and gets 68 mixed up with
Joshua's schooling time is about 2 ½ hrs. (Excluding History, Bible
and Science)

Annette is doing well with her reading. She still with her 3 letter
words. Right now we are working on her hearing all the sounds. For
example I will say bed and she has to tell me if it is the sound; ba,
be, bi, bo or bu. Or sometimes she has to tell me what the ending
sounds it. She is also learning phrases and complete sentences.

Math she is pretty much doing the same. Learning that there is more
then one way to get an answer.
Annette's whole schooling time is about 1 ½. (Excluding History,
Bible and Science)

With Caleb I am still trying to fit him in. He does about 2 days of
school, but I would like him to at least have 3 days. Teaching
Kindergarten isn't a whole lot of work, but trying to find the time
is hard. His school would be a total of 1 hr and that would be doing
the 3 R's. Reading would be more, but we do our read-out-loud book
together. (Excluding History, Bible and Science)

History, we read about the Justinian, The Just Emperor, his wife
Theodora, the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople and the Church in the
East. Constantinople, the capital of Byzantine is between Asia Minor
and the Aegean Sea. Other then finding these places on the map we
didn't do too much Geography this week. The kids are working on
Iceland and Greenland, trying to remember which is which ;)

Well, science fell through the cracks again. We were getting ready for
Annette's 6th Birthday so we let it go. I wasn't going to do
History, but Annette said she really wanted to do it. They like the map
work and coloring pages.

Our read aloud right now is about Glady's Awylard. She was a
missionary in China. If you ever get to read about her you won't be
disappointed. She was pretty amazing. She led 100-orphaned children
through China during wartime with a bullet in her back and not eating
for days. Sometimes when I am so tired and think I can't do this
anymore, I think about Gladys. If she could take care of 100 orphaned
children, with a bullet in her back, with not enough food or water and
no shelter then I can surely take care of my kiddos with food in the
pantry, a roof over our heads and no bullet in my back!

If you feel lead to pray for us at Homeschooling6 please pray for Ethan and
me. He is so disobedient and it makes for a hard day. He does not
listen for anything!

Joshua, Annette and Caleb are in a church club called AWANA and they
all did their Key Verse, Motto and Pledge.

Brent is in Cubbies, and loves it! He learned his verse; God is Love 1
John 4:8.

Well, that's all folks!


Mom to Six Very Challenging Cathedrals in progress ;)

Week of Sept 12th-16th 2005

This week a big moment was Lance took 3 steps towards Lupe! He was

wobbly but he did it. He still crawls and stands by himself. He is a
screamer like his brother Ethan.

Okay, back to our homeschooling week :)

Praise the Lord; we got everything done on our schedule/list, well
almost everything. I didn't fit in our art book, bummer!

Josh, is doing great with his reading. He is learning the rules of
spelling. This week we are adding in spelling. Before I was
concentrating more on him learning how to read, I think he is ready to
add in spelling now.

Math, he is doing great! He is learning how to add and subtract. I am
using a combination of two math programs. Ray's is his primary math
program and is easy for me to teach. We added in Miquon Math and he
really likes it, but it is hard for me to teach this one. I'll have to
scan a couple of pages of it, so you guys can see why I am having a
hard time explaining a 2nd grade math program to Josh :) The program
wants the kids to understand the concepts and not just memorize
problems. They are suppose to work them out. I'm not great in math so
it takes me awhile of studying the Teachers Manual before explaining

For History we have covered The Glory That Was Rome, The Early Days of
Britain and this week we studied Christianity comes to Britain. The
kids learned how Monks lived and how they made books. It was a long
process to write a book, because they had to make their pages, ink and
pens themselves. No going to Target and buying a pack of paper and
pens. If it weren't for the Monks and their books we wouldn't know
much of what was going on during that time. The kids also learned why
we call the Dark Ages the "The Dark Ages" it is because we don't know
much of what was going on at this time. People did not write things
Monks and Christians, were the ones who would set up schools so the
less fortunate could also learn to read and write. Normally this was
for the Rich only. The goal for the Christians was for them to be able
to read the Bible.
As you can all tell, I am having fun learning about History and the
History of Gods Kingdom (a study I am doing) It just ties everything
together. It is amazing how God has had his hand in everything! By me
studying The History of Gods Kingdom, it enables me to explain to the
kids how God ties into what they are learning about the Romans and so
forth. Okay, enough about History. I'm starting to babble and repeat
myself ;)

We also did Science this week. We learned how this earth did not just
happen by chance, but how God, in seven days made the earth and made
us. I won't go into our whole lesson since I wrote so much in our
History section. We'll save Science for another week ;)

Annette, is still reading 3 letter words. She learned that ck makes the
"k" sound. Only one sound. She has a hard time with the "i" words. Like
hit, sis etc. Her cute little mouth just does not want to say that
I started Annette on a new reading program called Rod and Staff (a
Mennonite company) and in her reader yesterday she read, God made
light. She is learning phrases, and parts of speech. I also have her
copy sentences, this helps her to learn when to capitalize, use commas,
periods and so forth.

Well, this is getting long and I know you guys have better things to do
then to just sit and read about the Homeschooling6 family. LOL.

We love and miss you all. Oh, April, Josh misses your cooking. We went
to a restaurant a couple of weeks ago (a tex mex restaurant) Josh order
tortilla soup, because it looked like something you have made before.
When he was done I asked, "Did it taste like April's cooking?" He makes
a funny face and say's "no" I felt bad because he loved to eat your
food. He would say "mom, why doesn't your food taste like April's?"



A Typical Week at our House

I thought I would share what a week of homeschooling looks like here.

At 9:00am we start school. Josh, does his copy work, Spelling, sight
words and math. By 11:30 he is finished with his morning session.
At 9:00am I also sit with Annette and we do her reading and phonics
(while Josh does copy work)
When I am done with Josh at 11:30am Annette and I do math.

When 1:30pm rolls around I put Caleb, Brent, Lance, Ethan down for
naps. Josh and I do his Explode the Code (this teaches him some of the
rules of writing), First Language Lessons (grammar) and The Ordinary
Parents Guide to Teaching Reading (Phonics) When he is done about 2:15
he takes his nap.
Starting Monday I will also keep Annette up from her nap and work with
her phonics, while Josh is doing his Explode the Code.

On Thursday, I have everyone sit on the couches that use to be Grandma
Tanny's and we listen to a chapter of The Story of the World on cd.
Then on Friday morning I will read the same chapter of the Story of the
World out loud to them ( Josh and Annette) but we will also do our
coloring pages and map work.

Also on Fridays, instead of doing Language Arts at 1:30pm Annette and
Josh will do Science, before their naps.
So that is a typical week here at the Homeschooling6 House, Monday-Friday.
In between all the schooling are diaper-changing, fights, yelling and
so forth ;)



Week of Sept. 5th-9th 2005

This week went well.

For History we studied The Fall of Rome and learned about the Celts.

The Celts, put animal fat in their hair and painted themselves blue.

(Yuck!) They were fierce warriors.

Science, well, uh we didn't get to it again. We will be starting a

Science program called Considering Gods Creation. It is more hands on,

cut and paste type thing. The kids will start by learning how God

created the earth etc. and then we will learn about the planets and so

forth. I like it because the kids will learn how God is the creator and

not that we came about from a form of bacteria in the water.

Josh, has been doing great with learning how to read. He is still

learning his phonics and the rules. He still sounds a lot out, but he

can read lots of words too. He gets really excited when he reads

smoothly, without having to sound out words.

In math he is learning how to subtract. He is also learning that there

is more then one-way to get x+x=5.

Annette, is still learning how to read 3 letter words. She has a hard

time with the "i" sound and still has her speech impediment. I need

to spend more time with doing phonics. She can read a lot of 3 letter


She is starting copywork. I write out a sentence and she copies it

exactly. By doing this she is learning grammar and how to write. It is

considered a natural way of learning, because they learn how to use

punctuation, spelling, reading and parts of speech by copying poems,

Bible verses, sentences from science books, History, in other words

"Great Literature"

Math she loves her Singapore math. She is learning how to add, do more

and less then and next week she will start on subtraction.

Caleb, has learned most of his colors from playing Uno. Yahoo! Finally.

He has learned all the letter sounds, but is having a hard time


In math he can count pass ten but he does not know all the symbols, so

he now recognizes the symbols 1-10.

For Geography I have shown the kids where Italy, Iceland, Switzerland,

Egypt, and Israel is and they learned the name of the 7 Contents: North

America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and Antarctica.

They kinda remember the name of the Ocean: Indian, Artic, Pacific and

Atlantic. I might have to go over them again.

Annette and Josh colored a map, showing were the Celts lived.

For PE, we danced too the Phantom of the Opera. The kids love that


We have listened to Mozart all week. The kids really like his music.

Although they can't name the music they like listening to it. Caleb

calls it "the beautiful music"

Well, I guess that is it. It was a great week. We had our share of

tantrums, quarreling, hitting, diapers, and loudness, but all in all it

was great! I thank the Lord for our LOUD house. It could be worse by

being quiet with know little pitter-patter.

Thank you Lord for my Blessings. I pray that I will continue to look

towards you with raising my children. I want to pass on to them your

love. Help me to be more like Jesus, Lord. I want to show my children

how Jesus loves them and how they see Jesus sometimes, is through me. I

am their example. They need to see me reading Gods word, praying and

wanting to be more like Christ. I love you Lord, Amen.



Mom to my cathedrals in progress ;)

Curriculum we are Using

I thought I would write about the curriculum we are using. That way

when I talk about our schooling you will have an idea of what we are
doing and learning.

Our core program is from Sonlight ( www.sonlight.com ) We are using
Core-1 right now. This means that our History, Read Alouds and Bible
are our main part of the core program. We then add in Language Arts,
Penmanship, Math, Science and Electives.

Sonlight is a Literature based curriculum. For History we have and are reading
George Muller, The Great Wall of China, The Story of the World,
Missionary Stories with the Mullers, Tuts Mummy Lost and Found The
Usborne Time Traveler and many more to learn about World History.

We also have Read Alouds. These are books that do not relate to
history. Just fun books and don't forget great literature . Books like
Charlotte's Web, Detective in Togas, Follow My Leader, Greek Myths for
Young Children, Henry Huggins, Little Pear, Homer Price. We are
currently reading Follow My Leader. The kids love to listen to me read
these books.

For Bible time we are reading Leading Little Ones to God. The kids are
learning memory verses (I need to do better with this) We are reading
the Old Testament from Egermeier's Bible Story Book. We sometime
re-read a story with one of the kiddos Bible too.

Sorry, this is so long. I am really enjoying Home schooling the kids.
If my mom were here she would love to hear all this and read what the
kids are doing. (she started home schooling Joey before she past away.
I know she would have homeschooled me if she would have known about it
when I was young) So since my mom is not here to hear all about Josh,
Annette and Caleb's home schooling, I will have to torture all of you
with it.

God Bless,

The 3R's

Okay, now that you know what curriculum we are using. And where we are

at in History and Bible. I thought I would post about the 3 R's
(Reading, Righting and Rithmetic;)

For Language Arts, Joshua is using Sonlight Language Arts 1. McGuffey
Readers (the same readers Laura Ingalls used) Explode the Code
workbooks a series of 8. Josh is currently using book 3. A Reason for
Handwriting (penmanship)

Annette is using a mixture of things for Language Arts, Abeka, Go for
the Code. This is 3 workbooks where she is learning her sounds. A
Reason for Handwriting (Penmansip)

or Math they are both using Ray's Arithmetic (Also what Laura used)
Next year we will be adding in Miquon Math and some Singapore to
supplement our current math program.

We are currently on week 22 of our 36 weeks. In History we are

learning on part 1 of World History. From Creation to the Fall of Rome.
We have studied Ancient Egypt. The kids learned about Pharaoh's,
Pyramids and how they where built. We learned about Sargon, King Tut
and many other Rulers. Josh and Annette have found Mesopotamia, The
Nile and Tigris rivers on our World Map. They have found Lower and
Upper Egypt. The kids made an Egyptian doll, a snake throwing stick and
crushed rocks to make paint. As you can tell we have had many
adventures learning about Ancient Egypt.

We are now Venturing into the land of the Greeks. Places like Sparta,
Athens, Troy and Italy. They learned about the hanging Gardens in
Babylon. We are also learning about Ancient China. As you can see I can
go on and on. History is one of our favorite subject.

I can't wait until next year! We will continue with World History form
the Fall of Rome to present day.


Did the Kids Learn Anything Today???

Posted on Apr. 15, 2005 at 2:23 PM

Today we didn't do too much schooling. We did do History and watched a
science video. We also read a missionary story. It was called, A Modern
Day Elijah. They learned how two American Evangelist (Bob Pierce and
Bob Findley) along with Christian Koreans where trying to find a place
to pray. They needed a place big enough to hold thousands of people.
Some already new the Lord but many did not. It was the rainy season in
Korea, making it even harder to find a place. There was not a building
big enough for so many people to fit in. They decided to hold their
prayer meeting at a railroad station. The problem was the rain. Once it
started raining it would rain for days. They new that people who where
not saved would not come and stand in the rain.

They prayed. They asked God to hold back the rain. Mr Pierce and Mr
Findley decided to announce that they would have the meeting and God
will stop the rain. The Korean people wondered if their God could do
such a miracle. Well, God did hold back the rain. In fact the people
(Koreans) where getting worried because they needed the rain for their
rice crops. They decided to ask the missionaries to ask God to bring
rain for their crops. The missionaries told them that when the 5 days
of their meeting where over they would ask God to bring back the rains.
Many people where saved that week. God in his wisdom, made it possible
for the people in Inchon to hear the message of hope that week. For
they where living on the brink of death! Just a few days later
communist from North Korea swept into the city in a bloody surprise
attack. When the communist came thousand of people were murdered. The
city Inchon soon lay in ruins. For many in that city, that week was the
last to hear the Gospel.

The kids have also met a young African boy who changed his name from
Tisese, meaning The animal which runs through the forest to, Dust Pan,
because he wanted to be a dust pan for Jesus. Carry out the dirt of
their lives and tell about Jesus.

We have also read about Glady's Aylward, Ralph Palmer: The Man with
the Gospel Papers. David Bontrager and how the flowers saved his life.
Ida Scudder the women who said she would never be a missionary in
India. They have met Amy Carmichael, who prayed to God to turn her
brown eyes blue like her mothers. God did not give Amy her request! A
blue eyed women would never have gained entrance to many of the places
in India where Amy was able to go.

So, did the kids learn anything today? A foggy day that we didn't get
much of the three R's in (reading, writing and arithmetic) Yes! They
learned how God could stop the rain so people who need to hear the
Gospel can have Jesus enter their hearts. They learned how this world
does not revolve around them. They see the there is a bigger world out
there. Not everyone is free to read the Bible like we are. Just the
other day Caleb prayed for the people who need Bibles. Josh, noticed
that we have over a dozen Bibles, while some people have only a page.
When the kids look at our World Map they remember these places that we
have read about, they remember the tsunami victims.

Lord, my prayer is to open my children's hearts. Help them to see
you. I pray that they will grow up serving you, seeking you, reading
your word. Lord teach me how to minister to my children. Thank you Lord
for sending your son to die so we may live! We love you Lord.