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The 3R's

Okay, now that you know what curriculum we are using. And where we are

at in History and Bible. I thought I would post about the 3 R's
(Reading, Righting and Rithmetic;)

For Language Arts, Joshua is using Sonlight Language Arts 1. McGuffey
Readers (the same readers Laura Ingalls used) Explode the Code
workbooks a series of 8. Josh is currently using book 3. A Reason for
Handwriting (penmanship)

Annette is using a mixture of things for Language Arts, Abeka, Go for
the Code. This is 3 workbooks where she is learning her sounds. A
Reason for Handwriting (Penmansip)

or Math they are both using Ray's Arithmetic (Also what Laura used)
Next year we will be adding in Miquon Math and some Singapore to
supplement our current math program.


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