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We are currently on week 22 of our 36 weeks. In History we are

learning on part 1 of World History. From Creation to the Fall of Rome.
We have studied Ancient Egypt. The kids learned about Pharaoh's,
Pyramids and how they where built. We learned about Sargon, King Tut
and many other Rulers. Josh and Annette have found Mesopotamia, The
Nile and Tigris rivers on our World Map. They have found Lower and
Upper Egypt. The kids made an Egyptian doll, a snake throwing stick and
crushed rocks to make paint. As you can tell we have had many
adventures learning about Ancient Egypt.

We are now Venturing into the land of the Greeks. Places like Sparta,
Athens, Troy and Italy. They learned about the hanging Gardens in
Babylon. We are also learning about Ancient China. As you can see I can
go on and on. History is one of our favorite subject.

I can't wait until next year! We will continue with World History form
the Fall of Rome to present day.


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