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A Typical Week at our House

I thought I would share what a week of homeschooling looks like here.

At 9:00am we start school. Josh, does his copy work, Spelling, sight
words and math. By 11:30 he is finished with his morning session.
At 9:00am I also sit with Annette and we do her reading and phonics
(while Josh does copy work)
When I am done with Josh at 11:30am Annette and I do math.

When 1:30pm rolls around I put Caleb, Brent, Lance, Ethan down for
naps. Josh and I do his Explode the Code (this teaches him some of the
rules of writing), First Language Lessons (grammar) and The Ordinary
Parents Guide to Teaching Reading (Phonics) When he is done about 2:15
he takes his nap.
Starting Monday I will also keep Annette up from her nap and work with
her phonics, while Josh is doing his Explode the Code.

On Thursday, I have everyone sit on the couches that use to be Grandma
Tanny's and we listen to a chapter of The Story of the World on cd.
Then on Friday morning I will read the same chapter of the Story of the
World out loud to them ( Josh and Annette) but we will also do our
coloring pages and map work.

Also on Fridays, instead of doing Language Arts at 1:30pm Annette and
Josh will do Science, before their naps.
So that is a typical week here at the Homeschooling6 House, Monday-Friday.
In between all the schooling are diaper-changing, fights, yelling and
so forth ;)



Week of Sept. 5th-9th 2005

This week went well.

For History we studied The Fall of Rome and learned about the Celts.

The Celts, put animal fat in their hair and painted themselves blue.

(Yuck!) They were fierce warriors.

Science, well, uh we didn't get to it again. We will be starting a

Science program called Considering Gods Creation. It is more hands on,

cut and paste type thing. The kids will start by learning how God

created the earth etc. and then we will learn about the planets and so

forth. I like it because the kids will learn how God is the creator and

not that we came about from a form of bacteria in the water.

Josh, has been doing great with learning how to read. He is still

learning his phonics and the rules. He still sounds a lot out, but he

can read lots of words too. He gets really excited when he reads

smoothly, without having to sound out words.

In math he is learning how to subtract. He is also learning that there

is more then one-way to get x+x=5.

Annette, is still learning how to read 3 letter words. She has a hard

time with the "i" sound and still has her speech impediment. I need

to spend more time with doing phonics. She can read a lot of 3 letter


She is starting copywork. I write out a sentence and she copies it

exactly. By doing this she is learning grammar and how to write. It is

considered a natural way of learning, because they learn how to use

punctuation, spelling, reading and parts of speech by copying poems,

Bible verses, sentences from science books, History, in other words

"Great Literature"

Math she loves her Singapore math. She is learning how to add, do more

and less then and next week she will start on subtraction.

Caleb, has learned most of his colors from playing Uno. Yahoo! Finally.

He has learned all the letter sounds, but is having a hard time


In math he can count pass ten but he does not know all the symbols, so

he now recognizes the symbols 1-10.

For Geography I have shown the kids where Italy, Iceland, Switzerland,

Egypt, and Israel is and they learned the name of the 7 Contents: North

America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and Antarctica.

They kinda remember the name of the Ocean: Indian, Artic, Pacific and

Atlantic. I might have to go over them again.

Annette and Josh colored a map, showing were the Celts lived.

For PE, we danced too the Phantom of the Opera. The kids love that


We have listened to Mozart all week. The kids really like his music.

Although they can't name the music they like listening to it. Caleb

calls it "the beautiful music"

Well, I guess that is it. It was a great week. We had our share of

tantrums, quarreling, hitting, diapers, and loudness, but all in all it

was great! I thank the Lord for our LOUD house. It could be worse by

being quiet with know little pitter-patter.

Thank you Lord for my Blessings. I pray that I will continue to look

towards you with raising my children. I want to pass on to them your

love. Help me to be more like Jesus, Lord. I want to show my children

how Jesus loves them and how they see Jesus sometimes, is through me. I

am their example. They need to see me reading Gods word, praying and

wanting to be more like Christ. I love you Lord, Amen.



Mom to my cathedrals in progress ;)