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Week of Sept.19th-23rd, 2005

Week of Sept. 19-23, 2005

"What a busy week!" That is what Joshua said. Not only did he have
to do school, but learn the Awana Motto: My Friends for Christ. The
Awana Key Verse: John 3:16 and the Pledge to the American flag, plus
his Sunday school verse and lastly to learn how to introduce himself in
sign language, so as you can see it was pretty busy.

Josh had a good week in school. His reading is improving. It will be a
good day in the Beltran house once he can read without having to sound
out words ;) He is being introduced to synonyms, antonyms, what a
palindrome is and similes, nouns, verbs and punctuation marks. At this
point he does not have to remember it all. Our goal is to introduce him
and later some of the light bulbs will come. When he does get something

that we have been working on for a while he says, "My light bulb
turned on. I get it now mom."

In math Josh is learning how to write out his numbers from 1-100. I
don't know why it is so important, but that's what we are supposed
to do. I think I am going to have him know how to read them all at
least, but not how to spell them all out. That would take us forever!!!
We will continue to learn how to spell them, but not stop our whole
program just to learn to spell it.
He still writes some of his numbers backwards and gets 68 mixed up with
Joshua's schooling time is about 2 ½ hrs. (Excluding History, Bible
and Science)

Annette is doing well with her reading. She still with her 3 letter
words. Right now we are working on her hearing all the sounds. For
example I will say bed and she has to tell me if it is the sound; ba,
be, bi, bo or bu. Or sometimes she has to tell me what the ending
sounds it. She is also learning phrases and complete sentences.

Math she is pretty much doing the same. Learning that there is more
then one way to get an answer.
Annette's whole schooling time is about 1 ½. (Excluding History,
Bible and Science)

With Caleb I am still trying to fit him in. He does about 2 days of
school, but I would like him to at least have 3 days. Teaching
Kindergarten isn't a whole lot of work, but trying to find the time
is hard. His school would be a total of 1 hr and that would be doing
the 3 R's. Reading would be more, but we do our read-out-loud book
together. (Excluding History, Bible and Science)

History, we read about the Justinian, The Just Emperor, his wife
Theodora, the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople and the Church in the
East. Constantinople, the capital of Byzantine is between Asia Minor
and the Aegean Sea. Other then finding these places on the map we
didn't do too much Geography this week. The kids are working on
Iceland and Greenland, trying to remember which is which ;)

Well, science fell through the cracks again. We were getting ready for
Annette's 6th Birthday so we let it go. I wasn't going to do
History, but Annette said she really wanted to do it. They like the map
work and coloring pages.

Our read aloud right now is about Glady's Awylard. She was a
missionary in China. If you ever get to read about her you won't be
disappointed. She was pretty amazing. She led 100-orphaned children
through China during wartime with a bullet in her back and not eating
for days. Sometimes when I am so tired and think I can't do this
anymore, I think about Gladys. If she could take care of 100 orphaned
children, with a bullet in her back, with not enough food or water and
no shelter then I can surely take care of my kiddos with food in the
pantry, a roof over our heads and no bullet in my back!

If you feel lead to pray for us at Homeschooling6 please pray for Ethan and
me. He is so disobedient and it makes for a hard day. He does not
listen for anything!

Joshua, Annette and Caleb are in a church club called AWANA and they
all did their Key Verse, Motto and Pledge.

Brent is in Cubbies, and loves it! He learned his verse; God is Love 1
John 4:8.

Well, that's all folks!


Mom to Six Very Challenging Cathedrals in progress ;)

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