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First Half of Oct. 1-14th 2005

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I last wrote. I didn't want to bore you with
the same stuff every week, so I thought I'd wait a bit longer before
posting ;)

The kids have been doing really well in school.

History we have studied; The Medieval Indian Empire, The Rise of Islam
and Islam Becomes an Empire. Very interesting stuff! They have been
learning about Monks, Muhammad's Vision, The Koran, The fight for Mecca
and the City of Baghdad. We have been looking all these places up on
our globe and world map.
So it is History and Geography together.
Keep in mind that at this stage of schooling the goal is to introduce
them as much as possible to History, Science etc. They don't need to
remember all the facts and dates, but it is all being filed away in
their brains for use later. (The next stage of learning)

The kids have also been learning about what is going on now in these
countries and how we can pray for them. They learn what the people
believe, how they live, what we can be thankful for (Example: that
there are missionaries in these countries and Bibles) How and What to
pray for the people. This is one of the many Blessings of
Homeschooling. The kiddos realize that there is more to life then their
needs and wants. They know that there is more of the world then just
their immediate area. That not all people are free. They know that in
some countries people are told what to watch, how to dress, what to
believe and I think it makes them more thankful for what they have.
When the kids hear about Hurricane Katrina, or the Tsunami, they have
been willing to donate their stuff and give some of their money to help
the people that were affected by these disasters.

Science we have been learning about Reptiles, Birds and are moving on
to Fish. We usually take about 2 wks on one subject. The first week I
read about what we are learning about and the 2nd week we do some kinds
of hands on cut and paste stuff. When we were studying about birds I
wanted to buy some owl pellets. Owls eat their prey whole so if you
look through one of their dropping you might find what the owl ate. I
couldn't afford to get it at the time of our studies so maybe I'll get
it in the summer. This may sound gross to some but it sure is
interesting to us :) I also want to see if we can take another look at
our neighbors Python.

In Math Josh is still adding and subtracting. Annette is kind of
understanding subtraction.

Annette is doing pretty good in Language Arts. She is memorizing a lot
of sight word as well as learning how to sound out words. Rod and Staff
Curriculum is really working for her.

Josh, can read lots of words, but still is sounding out. He is doing
great! He is trying to understand what an antecedent is and what an
attribution is in his Grammar lessons. I told him it is okay if he
doesn't get it yet. We will keep going over it and one day it will

Memorization: Josh loves to memorize poems, so far he has memorized
Hearts are Like Doors, The Caterpillar, Psalms 23, and he is working on
Mr. Nobody. Annette will learn these too.

We kind of stopped learning poems though because of all the verses they
have been learning in Sunday School and AWANA. It gets hard to sit down
with them and memorize so many different things.

We are still going to our Sign Language classes on Sunday. The kids and
I really enjoy it. We use some of the basic signs like; brush your
teeth, thank you, please, sorry, sit and so forth ;)

Our Read Aloud for now are Little House In The Big Woods and we are
still reading Glady's Aylward the missionary women. The kiddos really
enjoy both of these books.
For Ethan and Lance this last week I have been reading Make Way for
Ducklings and Mr Brown Can Moo. I am trying to read twice a day to the
two little ones. I don't want them to be left out.

I finally have our schedule so that we are getting all our subjects in
for Annette and Josh. Please keep me in prayer about Caleb. I still
have not been able to fit him in. I would like him to start sounding
out words, but haven't had time to sit with him.

We are also trying to fit in Character Building. I try to find teaching
moments as well as read stories on character. It sounds like this would
be easy, but when you so busy trying to fit in the 3 R's (Reading,
Writing and Arithmetic) along with disciplining, diapers, naps and
meals it sometimes is hard to see the moments in our days. Sometimes
after an incident I think "Hey that could have been a good character
building experience." and am bummed that I missed it because I was too
busy or tired to correct them in a way that would have benefited them

Well I guess this is long enough and should hold you for a few weeks ;)