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Dec 17-Jan 2nd

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while. We have been pretty busy with the Albrights moving
in, then Christmas, New Years and Ethan's Birthday.
We took a break from school from Dec 17-Jan 2nd. We are now back in
full swing.

We are on wk 15 of Sonlight. Can't believe we are almost half way
The kids have improved so much.

Josh is reading better, he is reading at a 2nd grade level. Still not
as fluent as I'd like him to be, but he as come a long way. He is
currently using Rod and Staff (www.milestoneministries.com) for
Reading, Phonics and English. For reading he is using book 1, for
Phonics and English he is using book 2 and we are supplementing with
Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. We are on lesson 112 and
I am going to really try to finish by the end of this yr. By the time
he is in 3rd grade I want his Phonics done.

He is doing great in math. He is really learning how to add well. For
example 3+3+6= We do a lot of his math on a chalk board that his Uncle
Don gave us. First he will look at the problem think and say "well 3+3
is 6 and 6+6 is 12. So the answer is 12." I am really impressed with
how well he thinks the problem through. Our goal is not only for him to
memorize his sums but think them through and solve the problem.
We are still using Ray's Arithmetic for math. This week we are supposed
to start with subtraction.

Annette is also using Rod and Staff. She is using R & S Phonics 1,
Reading 1. For Grammar she is using First Language Lessons for the Well
Trained Mind. And to supplement her phonics from R & S she uses
Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. She is on Lesson 54.
Annette is doing real well with reading. She is at a beginning 2nd
grade level. She reads a lot more then Josh does so I think that is why
she is at the same level Josh is at. MaryEllen helps her too. Sometime
when they are in the room together Annette is reading and MaryEllen
helps Annette with words she does not know. So she is her little tutor.
Annette is doing well in math, she is learning more and less then,
adding with lots of word problems.
Caleb is starting to blend. He can sound out cat, fat, bat, rat and
sometimes mat and hat. He knows his colors and shapes. Most of the
letter sounds, about 90% of them. I need to work on his math. He can
write his name. (Although it is sometimes backwards) We are using
Winter Promise Language Arts Pre-k (www.winterpromise.com)and Ordinary
Parents Guide to Teaching Reading.

I still combine History and Science for Josh and Annette. Makes life so
much easier if they are studying the same era.

The kids started AWANA again. They are learning lots of verses. It is a
great program and we are thankful that the kids have the opportunity to
attend.(Thank you Lupe for signing up as a leader;)

I still have not started Josh with his Latin studies. I would really
like to start no later then 3rd grade, so it gives me a little time to
figure out how to fit it in. When we do start he needs to do it at
least 3 time a wk.

I have not started Art with the kiddos either. Maybe I should make
Saturday Art day. We'll see. I lost the Teachers Manuel so I need to
find it soon. Goofy me!!!

Well this has gotten a bit long so I will end it here. Thank you all
for your prayers and support.