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Crazy Friday

Whew, what a day and it is only 2:30pm. Well all is quiet now. I have my kids taking a nap right now.

Our morning started off as a very productive school day. We did Story of the World Vol 2, chapter 15. Josh and Annette, colored their coloring sheets and did their map work. We also did some science today. We studied the sun and went over the planets order. We are using Sam's Science Adventure, along with some picture books.

I also went over their sight words and did some math. Josh is learning subtraction and I was trying to help him understand some formulas that might help him visualize the problem and answer. For example 12 less 7 is ___ and 5 and 7 = 12 I'm trying to get him to understand that subtraction is the opposite of adding. He tells me " I get it, but I don't, I know my light bulb will turn on"

While doing our Language Arts Josh got a bit frustrated. He needed to turn a sentence into a question. The sentence was; God kept his promise. Josh changed it to a question; Did God kept his promise? When I told him to read it aloud and if it made sense he said "yes" so I read it to him and asked him what other word could we put instead of "kept" He said "did" so I read the question again with the word "did" and of course it didn't make sense. Josh kept telling me that's the way he wrote it and it's correct and by his body language he wasn't going to budge. He doesn't understand why it needs to be changed when he wrote it like that. Of course I already explained about good grammar, bla bla bla. This has happened to us before were he doesn't want to correct the answer because to "him" it is right. Arrrg!

Then Ethan and Lance kept getting into EVERYTHING today. While doing our Science lesson I had to get the globe in the kitchen and thank goodness because Ethan was on the counter rummaging in the cupboard. I told him he is not to get on the counter, because it is dangerous. He just looks at me with that cute smile of his and says "Okay mom", he also wrote all over himself today. Lance my 1yr old kept pulling Ethan’s hair and hitting him too. Lance is a lot like Ethan was at 1. So I think I am going to add Dr. James Dobson’s book The Strong Willed-Child to my reading list ;)

We also had some tears at lunchtime and after lunch I had to discipline/give a lesson on stealing, with my 4yr old Brent. Apparently he took/stole some gum from his sister and cousin MaryEllen. I had a little talk with him and then had him take some money out of his bank to pay back his sister and MaryEllen along with an apology.

So it has been a little "crazy" around here today but we have survived ;)


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