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We had an okay Monday. My youngest son Lance woke up with a tummy ache and the GI Blues poor little guy.

I woke up late at 7:00 am. Yikes! I didn't get my quiet time first thing today. (had to wait till naptime)

We started our day with Phonics from Rod and Staff. First with Annette and then Josh. They are both doing a different level with Phonics, but some how ended up learning the same sound. They are working on the sound "oi" on "oy" my son Josh was getting frustrated.I think some of his frustration is my fault. I need to be more patient with him. He takes a little longer to understand his lesson and I need to understand that and not get frustrated too. I try to remember how hard it was for me to learn how to read. Sometimes I wouldn't get something, but the class would move on. I am so thankful that I can go at my childrens pace. He picks up math a lot quicker.

Annette, seems to understand her reading and phonics a lot quicker. I can explain her lesson to her and she will go at it on her own.

After Phonics we then did Reading. We are on our last lesson of Reading 1, unit 2. So tomorrow we start unit 3 It takes us a while to go over the new reading words so we spent a good hr with just reading today.

Since Lance was not feeling well and wanted to be held a lot, we kinda called it a day. I would have at least like to have fit in First Language Lessons, but by nap-time I was too tired to keep Josh and Annette up to finish.

When Josh woke up from his nap, we played a game were he had to add, so we used that as math time. Then we went over his AWANA verses. He also read some pages from; God Is Good Series.

Annette, did half a page of her Ray's Arithmetic and practiced her AWANA verses too.

We have been concentrating on their Language Arts and reading that we need to buckle down with math. Josh is good with adding, we need to work on his subtraction.

Annette is starting to do subtraction. She, like Josh understand taking away, but needs more practice.

Well, that was our day.



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