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Not Much Done

Today we didn't get much schooling done. Grandpa Joe came over and gave the kids their Valentines. Which was a heart shaped box filled with chocolates. He gives this to them every yr. The kiddos were jumping for joy. Lots of voices saying "thank you grandpa"

Annette wrote a letter to her Grandma Phyllis. Her grandma sends the kids a valentine Day card with stickers and a dollar every yr. They really enjoy receiving some mail.

Josh, sent Grandma Phyllis a Valentine card that he bought with his own money at the dollar store. He said "grandma sends us so many nice cards that I want to send her one"

Josh also got to go with Grandpa Joe to the grocery store and helped him count out what he needed. My dad was trying to fit in some math ;) since he took him during school hours
During naptime for the little ones, Annette and Josh did 2 pages of their Explode the Code books and their lesson in grammar (First Language Lessons) Annette is learning about common nouns & proper nouns. Josh is learning about Verbs; state of being, action and we are working on linking verbs. I could tell he kind of gets it but doesn't.He knows the light bulb will come on sometime soon.

Maybe later today we will get to math. Grammar, reading and writing take up most of our morning. When we are done with it they usually need a break before we continue with math. I need to make at least 2 days for some intense math time.

I’m thinking that once Josh doesn't need so much phonics we can concentrate on math a little more. He should be finished with phonics by 3rd grade.



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