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Thursday Already!

What a busy week we have had. Not to mention what a busy day!

We got a late start this morning. I was really tired and had to lie down for 10min before starting school. Once I got us all started I was okay.

I thought I would start school with my Caleb my kindergartner. We did his Explode the Code book A. We worked on writing his letter f and crossing things out on the page that didn't start with the "f" sound. He did real well. He also did a page in another book called Jump Right Into Reading.

After Caleb, I had Annette and Josh come to my room. This is were we have been doing most of our schooling lately. It is less distracting then the dinning room table. I went over Annette's Phonics from Rod and Staff. She is learning all the sounds that the double oo makes. It is a bit challenging for her. She has pretty much whizzed through her first to units, but it looks like we'll have to slow down a bit for these o's ;)

When we finished, Josh, Annette and I hopped on the bed and went over their sight words. I drilled them pretty good. Some days we have about 5 new word to learn, so we need to keep up with drilling them. When done going over their sight words they both read a story from their Rod and Staff reading book. They read a short story on Noah. After reading, they did 2 pages of their Reading Workbook. They use their new words. Fill in the blanks and answer questions concerning the story they read.

We then moved our schooling to the kitchen table and listened to our history on cd.

While listening to their story they colored parts of a Viking ship that they were going to put together once the story was over. I sat and colored too. It was fun coloring with them. We then cut out the pieces and glued the ship together. MaryEllen came down stairs asking what we were doing and joined in. I let her put my Viking ship together.

We then had Oatmeal for lunch and the kids played outside for a while. The weather is so perfect today. Not too cold or hot. While I put the little ones to bed, Annette and Josh worked on their Explode the Code books and we finished up with our First Language Lessons. Annette is still learning about nouns and Josh worked on telling a story that I read back to me.

Now all the kiddos are upstairs having naptime or quiet time and I am off to either read my Bible or do my schooling. I am doing Sonlight Core-200, History of Gods Kingdom.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting my little spot in cyberspace



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