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We Finished Week 17

Our homeschooling week has gone pretty well. We finished up almost everything on our schedules.

We are currently using Sonlight Core-2 and just finished up week 17. Yahoo It has taken us a while (about 3 weeks) We are behind on our read-alouds too. Some of the readers are just too much for my kids. Going over their heads type thing. I ordered Door In the Wall and Cricket In Time Square for them on cd so they can listen to them during nap-time or we can all sit on my bed and listen to them then. The Door In the Wall has a lot of thees and thous, I think listening to it on cd would help out.

The kids have been listening to The Little House books. Joshua really liked Farmer Boy and was asking why Laura Wilder did not write more about him. He's so cute. Annette has dibs on the cd player after Josh. She can't wait to listen to them next.

Since I have added in Rod and Staff to our Language Art Program, Josh and Annette's reading has really improved.

Joshua, does Rod and Staff Reading 1 & Phonics 2 (3 times a week) He is on the second half of First Language Lesson (Grammar) which he does 5 days a week, he also uses Sonlight's Language Arts activity sheets twice a week.

He was using Rod & Staff English 2, but did not like it so we switched back to First Language Lessons.

Math he is doing great! We are still using Ray's Arithmetic, which I love because it is a lot of mental math. He is not just memorizing his sums, which is fine if he does, I want him to be able to work through the problems too. Right now we are working on subtraction.

Annette, is also using Rod and Staff Reading 1, Phonics 1, First Language Lesson & Sonlight's Language Arts 1. She is learning how to read at a faster pace then Josh. She memorizes her sight words pretty fast too. She is a reader, in fact today she told me she wants to be a reader. Since she has been listening to books on cd she want to do that when she grows up. I thought it was so cute, her big brown eyes looking at me and telling me she wants to be a reader. She reads a lot more then Josh also. She will pick up a book and start reading it, she will read the cereal boxes, signs etc. Maybe it's a girl thing!

Math she is also using Ray's Arithmetic Series 1, Book 3. She is learning how to add and has just been introduces to subtraction. She is still working on more and less then too.

Caleb is starting to read cat, ran, rat, hat and a few sight words; the, a & and from his McGuffey Reader. It takes him a while to read a sentence, but he is doing very well. He also uses Explode the Code book A. Right now he is practicing his writing the letter "F" His motor skills have not kicked in yet, but we thought we would go a head and try it, to see how he does. Some of his "f" look like they are flying at least you can tell what letter it is. He can write his name really good and he wrote his cousin Jamies name good. He surprised me with how well he can write sometimes. I think he writes better when he doesn't have the lines.

For math Caleb is using Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten. He is practicing writing his numbers and he does his little math problems: counts how many birds and then writes the answer.

Well, this is getting kind of long so I better sign off. Besides my hubby called and is on his way home from working at the apartments. He stopped at Starbucks and bought Cynthia (my sis) and I some Mochas. Don is with him. He has been such a big help, he has been going with Lupe to fix and get the apartments rent ready. Thank you Lord for Blessing us with my sister and brother-in-law. They both have been a great help and blessing to us.

Okay, I am really going to end this now. Sorry it got so long. I just am so thankful to be homeschooling and it is so much a part of me that I just have to write about it :)


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  1. I remember using SL Core 2. Reading old post brings back memories.


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