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Back to Normal ;)

Last night I went to bed early at 9:38pm. Haven't done that in a long time. I was so beat I woke up at my usual time today :) Josh and Annette both copied their verses today, Rocket Phonics and First Language Lessons. We haven't done any math yet .

Now that we have put Rod and Staff a side it feels like we are not doing a whole lot. I'm use to us going over our sight words, doing 2 pages of reading and 2 pages of Phonics. Now we go over our sounds, play a sound game, like Go Fish or Bingo and then they read a story. It still takes time but I don't have workbook pages to feel like we did something. It's nice though, just different.

When I was using only Sonlight for Language Arts I felt the same way, because we would only do 2 activity sheets a week. One day would be copywork, 2nd day would be questions, 3rd day copywork and 4th day questions again. It felt so light. I know they are learning, but coming from a public school background it takes some getting use too ;)

It is another beautiful day here in Texas. The weather is just perfect. Not too hot with a cool breeze, I guess some would say it is pretty windy. My kids had lots of fun outside again. After they played outside we watched a video on Pandas. I didn't know how many animals and humans rely on the Bamboo.

I put the kids down for naps. Josh and Annette are listening to one of the Little House books so I think I am going to read



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