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Curriculum for 06/07 School Year

It's that time of the yr for us. Getting ready to make our curriculum orders. I haven't put everything down on paper yet, but I thought I would write on what we might be doing. It's not set in stone yet ;)

Josh will be in 3rd grade and will use Sonlight Core- K
History; Mystery of History Vol. 1, Bible and some of Story of the World.
Read alouds; from SL Core-K
Science; Sam's Science Adventures & Animals and Their Worlds from Winter Promise.
Math; Ray's Arithmetic, CalcuLadders (if needed) and I am looking into Professor B-Mathematics
Language Arts; I am not sure were he'll be at. I do plan on using Rod & Staff and Sonlight Language Art's 2, Spelling Power and Writing Strands
Music;Great Composer Series, Classical Kids Collection and learning music notes from Rod & Staff.
I would like to start Prima Latina.
Bible; Christian Studies from Memoria Press
Art; Start Smart Homeschool Art Series and How Artist See Series

Annette will be in 2nd grade her schooling will look like Joshua's with different levels for Math and Language Arts. Omitting Spelling Power and Latin.
Bible; NIV, Rod & Staff and Egermeir's Bible Story Book

Caleb , will listen in on Sonlight Core-K
Science; Animals and Their Worlds & Sam's Science Adventures
History; Mystery of History Vol. 1 and listening to Story of the World
Read Alouds; from Core-K
Math; Calvert-K

Language Arts; depending on were he is at, but right now am looking at Calvert-K or Rod & Staff Reading-1.
Bible;Egermeier's Bible Story Book and NIV
Music; same as Josh and Annette
Art; from Calvert

Brent will be using Calvert Pre-k, listening in on Sonlight Core-K and Rocket Phonics.

Ethan; Dr Suess Books, cutting and pasting ;) Some Sonlight Pre-K books

Lance; Lots of hugs and kisses

Well, that is what our yr might look like. I am not really sure were my kids will be at with LA, so I am waiting until the last minute to order that.

I really would like to add in Latin and Art, but our days are pretty full so I will keep that in prayer.

I would also like to buy some of Diana Waring History on cd, more as a just for fun listening :) Not something that we would have to keep on schedule.



Fast forward to 2010: We never did finish Mystery of History. Spelling Power was too overwhelming I ended up selling it as well as Writing Strands. Joshua was just not ready for all that. Memoria Press Christian Studies went out the window too. Again it was too much. I was still so new with homeschooling and going year by year was a lot on my shoulders.
With the younger ones we don't do so much formal schooling. We use lots of read aloud and audio books.

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