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A Full Day

It has been a full day! Just what I prayed for;) Although I would have been happy if it was a little bit more calm. We just had lots of tantrums and quarreling. But we survived.

I started my day off by waking up late. This is the second time this month. I woke at 7:40, was able to still have my quiet time, thank goodness :-)I read Psalms 119, Proverbs 31 and some of Philippians. My dear sweet hubby put a load of laundry in the wash before he left for work and that was a start of 6 loads of laundry today. I still have 1 load to put away.

At breakfast with the kids I read them some off Psalms 119 and we talked about sharing and helping others. I then let them know what I expected of them today concerning school and chores.

I gave Josh his copywork and math to do while Annette and I worked on Rod and Staff Reading. I then let her know what pages of Explode the Code and Ray's Arithmetic she needed to do. By then Josh was done with his copywork and we did Ray's Arithmetic orally. He did great! Maybe he just needed a break from school. We then did his Rocket Phonics. After we did most of our 3 R's I read our read aloud. The last chapter of the Apprentice. They really enjoyed that book. It was probably 10:30 or so when we finished.

After lunch we finished school up with First Language Lessons.

I caught Caleb being good today. He came downstairs and with out me saying anything he started cleaning up the living room. He has been helping out more around the house with no complaining. We didn't get any school done with him so tomorrow for sure!



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