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Spring Break

We are taking a little break this week. I am watching a friend's two boys so I thought we would take it light. We might do some History and Science. The kids did copy a verse today.

It is in the high 50's so I took the kids to the park. They had so much fun running around and playing. I got lots of mud on the wheels of the stroller. I didn't think that the dirt was that wet. The mud out here in Texas is like clay. Yuck! So I will have to hose that down later.

We had a great weekend. On Saturday I met with 5 other homeschooling moms. It was nice to get out and chat. Not to mention eat a meal without having to get up. It felt good to be served and not worry about cleaning up after ;) When I got home the house was clean. The floors were mopped, the carpets vacuumed (even under the couches) the laundry was washed and put away and my dear husband even painted the walls where the kids wrote on or touched with dirty hands. It felt good to come home and not have to clean.

Later in the evening I got to get dressed up to attend a wedding. My sister watched the kiddos for us. We had a lovely time. My husband usually works on Saturday so it was nice to have him home and spend time together.

Sunday we went to church early so we could go to the Coffee House. The Coffee House is in one of those portable building in the back of the church. The inside looks like a cafe, so we get to have coffee and donuts while we visit with each other then have a time of worship and the Word. After, we went to the 11:15am service. Our pastor taught from the book of Titus.

It was a lovely weekend. A time to be with family and friends.



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