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Today I was schooling Josh, we were going over his Rocket Phonics. Josh had to blow his nose so I decided to get a re-fill of coffee As I am entering the kitchen Brent my 4yr old says "mom, Ethan (my 2yr) is watering the carpet" I look in the living room and Ethan is standing there with the water hose and the hose has one of those nozzles things on it that makes the water shoot out far. I wanted to burst out laughing but I controlled myself. I said "Ethan, what are you doing with the water? It rained last night. You don't need the water on." Ethan just looks at me and said "Mom, can I play with the water? I want water on."

We did get school done (thankfully).

Fast forward to 2010; as I'm reading this post, I don't get it. I can't remember exactly what happened but I think Ethan, is watering the grass and Brent called it the carpet, so I thought it was funny. At least I know now to write in more detail for the future.

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