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We finished most of our schooling today at 9:30am. I was shocked!

Annette did a page of Ray's Arithmetic with the cuisenaire Rods, 2 pages of Rod & Staff Reading, copywork and First Language Lessons.

Josh did his Ray's Arithmetic orally, Rocket Phonics, copywork and he got his Dr. Dreadful Drink Lab so we used that as part of math too. The only thing we didn't get to was First Language Lessons with him.

We will start a new Read Aloud, White Stallion of Lipizza. I think the kids will enjoy it.

Ethan and I built a tower out of Mega Blocks, Brent and I built a race track and played Mr Mouth, Lance and I got to dance together, it was a busy, fun morning.

Today my dad took Joshua to IHOPS and he came back excited. He said " mom their eggs are really good, so good that I don't even need to put catchup on them." I just burst out laughing and said " so my eggs are not that good" then we both started laughing

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