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Happy Ending (Bible Found)

Yesterday evening we had some excitement at our house. My bible that has been missing for almost two weeks was found Lord. It had fallen from the roof of our car on Preston Rd. and a couple saw it fall and stopped to pick it up. They were on their way home from visiting family and they live an hour away. My bible didn't have my name or address in it, but did have our church flyer in it. So they drove an hour out here to drop it off. Our church is pretty big (we have 2500 children running through the halls every Sunday) my bible had a cover on it with a little window/pocket to put a photo in, which I had a family photo. One of the Ladies recognized Brent in the photo and gave it to his AWANA leader.

What a miracle! It dropped from our car onto a busy road, picked up by a stranger who doesn't live in the area, returned to the church, someone notice Brent, put it in the hands of his leader and it was finally handed safely to my husband who brought it home to me and with only a scuff mark. God is good. Thank you Traci for taking the time to pray with me about my lost bible

A funny thing that happened; I was talking with my husband when Caleb came looking upset and confused. He said so innocently in his soft voice " Mom, my tooth fell out, I was sucking on my blanket, when I pulled it out, something white flew out and I picked it up and it was my tooth." He looked like he was about to cry. We didn't even know he had a loose tooth. That was why he was so confused. Once we rinsed his mouth out and told him it was normal he was excited.

God is good all the time. All the time God is good. I am learning to rejoice and praise God, even when things are not going my way. Let go and let God is another good saying ;)

He is my hope, my truth and all that I desire. He is beautiful. He is full of love, mercy and grace. And he loves me.

In Him,

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