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We Took a Week Off

It has been a good but busy week.

Monday my hubby woke up sick. Really bad cough and stuffy nose. My brother-in-law took Annette out with her cousin. So we didn't get a whole lot of schooling in.She did her Rod & Staff Reading and that was it. Josh did his Rocket Phonics. Math they do together so with Annette being out all day we didn't do it.

Tuesday, I had an 11:00am dentist appt. So I tried to have the kids do at least their reading. Again no Math got done . I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled and a few cavities filled, so I was gone for a good 3 hours. My tooth just didn't want to come out. By the time I got home my sweets (hubby) let me take a nap. I was so exhausted. I slept for 2 hrs. By the time I got up it was pass 5:30pm. I was still out of it for a while.

Wed. Hubby is still pretty sick and I am still in a lot of pain. Again we did no math. Josh did his Rocket Phonics. Annette didn't do any school. With both my kids still needing me for the 3 r's it would be too much for this whooped mother. I couldn't even go over their AWANA verse.

Thurs. I still can't talk much and Dear Hubby is still not feeling well. I need to get ready to go to a women's conference this weekend. I am bummed because I am still in pain. Hopefully by Friday night I can at least enjoy a meal. I can't believe that having my 6 children was eaiser then having my tooth pulled. Gees! I feel like a wimp here.

Josh did his phonics and Annette did her reading, but no math again. I did pick up a little and mop the kitchen.

Tomorrow will probably be the same with schooling. Phonics and Reading. I told the kids on Monday that we need to get back to a full day of schooling again. Read aloud, copywork, reading, phonics and math. I think we have gotten a little too relaxed here.


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