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Friday (Snow)

Here is what I woke up to this morning.

Here is our house.

Here is a picture of Brent.

Here is Josh and his big snowball. It was the last of the snow.

This is Annette last night. We had a snowball fight. Everyone against dad. Annette is just about to throw her snowball and that is why she has a BIG smile. My Sweets threw a snowball at me and snow was up my nose, in my mouth and nearly knocked my glasses off. So the kiddos help me get him back ;)

We actually got some schooling in. The first thing that I thought when I saw the blanket of snow outside was "We are not having school today" We started at 10:00am because I did want to finish up that half lesson so we can start fresh on Monday. The kiddos did play most of the morning and after lunch. They will do their math after nap.

I know some of you are in colder climate then we are, but we are freezing here. Our house has vaulted ceiling so it is so hard for us to stay warm on the bottom floor. We are wearing jackets & scarves here.

Here we are freezing

This is me, in my fashionable scarf & brown sweater.

Here is Lance trying to stay warm while watching "The Little People"

Here is Caleb, playing and trying to keep warm
Here is Joshua, freezing while doing his school work.

When your from California 21 degrees is freezing