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Caleb's 3rd Grade

Here is an outline for Caleb's 3rd grade year. (♦ means we purchased it already)
  • Reading: Pathway or Christian Light ♦
  • Phonics: Phonics Road to Reading Level 1♦
  • Grammar, Writing & Spelling: Character Quality Language Arts (CQLA)
  • Math: Christian Light Education ♦
  • Science: Christian Light ♦
  • Social Studies: Christian Light ♦
  • Bible: Christian Light
I'm not sure if Phonics Road to Reading & Spelling along with Quality Character Language Arts is going to be too much. I'm still not sure if he will do both. Maybe if we skip the spelling in CQLA.
What I see from Phonics Road is there is not much grammar until the 2nd level, so I like that CQLA will cover that and writing for his 3rd grade year. Once he starts the 2nd level of Phonics Road, then I won't add in CQLA anymore.
I'm not sure if we will actually do Christian Light Bible, because his Science & Social Studies has lots of scripture in it and we can use that also. Annette, is currently using CLE Social Studies and when we sit and discuss what she has read and look up the Bible verses it's kind of like we had our little Bible Study time together.

Annette's 4th Grade

Annette's Outline
  • Spelling: Rod & Staff or Spelling Workout or Spelling Wisdom (can you tell I'm undecided)
  • Reading: Christian Light 4 or 5 depending on where she is at when the new school year starts.
  • Grammar: Christian Light 4
  • Math: Singapore 3A/3B, Intensive Practice 2A & Challenging Word Problems 2 or we might switch to Math Mathmammoth (I'm getting lost with Singapore. I'll explain more later)
  • Geography/History: Christian Light 4
  • Science: Christian Light 4
  • Writing: Writing Tales and once finished she will start Meaningful Composition 4+
We will also have family read aloud time.

Joshua's 6th Grade

Here is a rough draft of what Josh might use in the fall.
  • Language Arts (grammar, writing, spelling) Character Quality Language Arts Level A (Red)
  • Reading: Christian Light
  • Science: Christian Light
  • History: Christian Light
  • Math: Math-U-See and maybe Life of Fred
I might also try some of Bob Jones Literature Links.

Edited 3/30/09: Character Quality Language Arts (CQLA) Josh, will most likely start in Oct or Dec. As of today Joshua is half way through Writing Tale (lesson 15 out of 30) & 1/4 way through Growing with Grammar. Regarding spelling he is almost to the half point, but if he is not finished with it by the time we start CQLA that's okay because he'll cover it in CQLA.
I do want him to finish writing & grammar before starting CQLA. Here is a sample of Character Quality Language Arts Scope & Sequence & here are some reviews. You can also order CQLA at www.timberdoodle.com end of editing.

My Children are so Brave :)

Yesterday about 8:20p.m. our lights went out. It was so dark we couldn't see our hands in front of our face. My dear, sweet children were all so brave. Not one was scared. Brent was standing in the kitchen and so was Ethan. Annette, Caleb, Josh, Lance & I were finishing our pumpkin pie and my Sweets was mopping the hallway.

I told everybody to stand still until dad and I could light a candle or find a flashlight. I didn't want to smack into a wall ( I bump into walls when we have daylight and wearing glasses. LOL) so my dh said for me to stay where I was and he'll get his 'man' flashlight. You know those Dwalt ones.

Once he found his flashlight I lit some candles and the children thought this was a grand adventure. In fact they all wanted to go upstairs and make their beds. Because of the holidays they have all been sleeping on the floor in the game room. So I took them upstairs and helped them into their little beds (blankets and pillows). Josh had his area ready for any emergency. His clothes, flash light and his new Jonathan Park Communicators.

I'm glad that they were so brave and had fun. We all went to bed early and the lights were back on by 10:30p.m.

We had a wonderful CHRISTmas. My dad and brother came over. I try to make it special for my dad. He is kind of lonely and misses mom.

I didn't buy the children lots of gifts of their own. I did purchase them all one gift and some books. Everything else I bought was Playmobiles and are shared or what we call community toys.

My Sweets read from the Old & New Testaments before we opened the gifts. It was a real nice day. And as always Joshua said, that it's the best. Every year is "The Best CHRISTmas". Too funny.
We are getting ready for new years. Tomorrow we make a little train out of chairs and my Sweets will read from The Polar Express. I'll be in the kitchen getting some dessert and Hot Chocolate ready. The children will come in with their tickets and I'll hole punch them. Once we are done with our hot chocolate we will all snuggle in the living room and watch the Polar Express. We do this every year.

Before we did this with my sis and her two children, but the moved to GA, so we are on our own now.
Next year we plan to ride the Polar Express here in Texas. I think the children will love it.