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Caleb's 3rd Grade

Here is an outline for Caleb's 3rd grade year. (♦ means we purchased it already)
  • Reading: Pathway or Christian Light ♦
  • Phonics: Phonics Road to Reading Level 1♦
  • Grammar, Writing & Spelling: Character Quality Language Arts (CQLA)
  • Math: Christian Light Education ♦
  • Science: Christian Light ♦
  • Social Studies: Christian Light ♦
  • Bible: Christian Light
I'm not sure if Phonics Road to Reading & Spelling along with Quality Character Language Arts is going to be too much. I'm still not sure if he will do both. Maybe if we skip the spelling in CQLA.
What I see from Phonics Road is there is not much grammar until the 2nd level, so I like that CQLA will cover that and writing for his 3rd grade year. Once he starts the 2nd level of Phonics Road, then I won't add in CQLA anymore.
I'm not sure if we will actually do Christian Light Bible, because his Science & Social Studies has lots of scripture in it and we can use that also. Annette, is currently using CLE Social Studies and when we sit and discuss what she has read and look up the Bible verses it's kind of like we had our little Bible Study time together.

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