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Joshua's 6th Grade

Here is a rough draft of what Josh might use in the fall.
  • Language Arts (grammar, writing, spelling) Character Quality Language Arts Level A (Red)
  • Reading: Christian Light
  • Science: Christian Light
  • History: Christian Light
  • Math: Math-U-See and maybe Life of Fred
I might also try some of Bob Jones Literature Links.

Edited 3/30/09: Character Quality Language Arts (CQLA) Josh, will most likely start in Oct or Dec. As of today Joshua is half way through Writing Tale (lesson 15 out of 30) & 1/4 way through Growing with Grammar. Regarding spelling he is almost to the half point, but if he is not finished with it by the time we start CQLA that's okay because he'll cover it in CQLA.
I do want him to finish writing & grammar before starting CQLA. Here is a sample of Character Quality Language Arts Scope & Sequence & here are some reviews. You can also order CQLA at www.timberdoodle.com end of editing.

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