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Candy, Candy and More Candy

Lupe, took Annette, Caleb & Ethan with him to Dallas today. I have Josh, Brent & Lance. We are going to go to the coffee shop and then the park in about thirty minutes.

Last week we went to our Church's Family Fest and enjoyed some homemade chili. The children also enjoyed bringing home lots of candy. Yesterday Lupe, picked us up at 3:30p.m. They were having trick-or-treat time, where the parents can bring their kids. The children left with a good grocery bag full of candy. When we got home that evening I told them that they had to pick out 15 pieces of candy to give away. They were happy to find which ones to give. Than I told them that I would pay them .2 for every candy they got rid of after that. I ended up filling a Braum's paper bag half way . We are going to use it for the children that come knocking at our door tonight. Hopefully we will get a lot of children. I don't like throwing away food but the candy will have to go.

I still need to get our school shedules ready for Monday. Can't believe another week done!