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Almost CHRISTmas Vacation

We will school this coming week then take two weeks off. YES! Although we will continue with math. Next week we hope to bake lots of cookies.

We have been so busy. Not only with school but Lupe with the apartments and work. My dad needs some financial help, so if you can keep us in prayer to make some good decisions. We are seeing the effects of the economy pretty close to home now. It's sad seeing people out of work and struggling. I think moving here was a good thing.

On a lighter note, Lupe bought some fun games for the children and us to play. He came home last week with "Sorry" and "Risk". The children love playing Risk on the computer and when they can't play it on the computer the use Legos and make territories. So cute! So, they were so EXCITED when Lupe, brought home a board game of Risk.

Well, the boys' played Risk, Annette and I play sorry.

As for homeschooling, I have been reading a lot about Spell to Write and Read. I'm also waiting for my book The Writing Road to Reading. I know you don't need both books but I would like to read more. Currently I'm using The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading and I would like to see which book would be best to recommend to those using Phonics Road. We are on week 15 with Phonics Road and I plan to continue using it with Caleb & Brent (will write about this more in another post ) but while reading Spell to Write & Read I am understanding more of the "think to spell" philosophy. SWR is helping me to better use Phonics Road. Anyway, I would like to help others who are using Phonics Road so I need to educate myself .

I am also using Cursive First with all my children. The older ones are going over it too.

You can purchase Cursive First HERE. Shipping is a little high, so I would recommend adding the SmartPals too ;) You can use SmartPals to with any curriculum. I bought one for each child and the practice their cursive on it. SmartPals is made out of plastic. You can insert any worksheet have them write on the SmartPal and when done wipe off and save the worksheet for another child. Pretty neat!

Regarding cursive, I am having Joshua & Annette go double speed and the rest of the kiddos doing a page a day. Cursive First is reproducable so I don't have to buy 6 cursive books. I'll have to write more about how it's working later. Maybe after the new year.

Merry CHRISTmas,

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