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Almost CHRISTmas

Today we are going to take the children to puchase some CHRISTmas gifts for each other. Some of them have already made gifts. Annette, made her grandfather a memory box. She took pictures that she had of her and her brothers and taped them on a 5x5 box. She put extra pictures in it to start grandpa off.

I had a stuffed bear pattern laying around the house for a few years. It was originally for Josh but we never completed it. I bought it five years ago from Keepers of the Faith. Anyway, Brent found it sewed and stuffed it. He made it for Ethan.

Brent my little artist also painted a picture of my favorite mug. He had me get my three favorite mugs and he placed them side by side on the table. This way I won't know which one he painted. Can't wait to see it.

I'm not sure what the others made. I'll find out on CHRISTmas day and report back ;)

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