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The Boy Who Couldn't Read

This is the boy that didn't start 'really' reading until the summer of his 4th grade year.

Do you see the book? My Josh, fell asleep while reading!

He now reads daily. He loves to read! Praise the Lord!

Some books Josh has recently read;

  • Blood on the River James Town 1607 by Elisa Carbone
  • My Side of the Mountain by Craighead George (he also read the sequels)
  • Revenge of the Whale The True Story of the Whaleship Essex By Nathaniel Philbrick
  • Morgan the Jersey Spy by Jamies Otis (an A Beka book)
  • Master Cornhill by Eloise Jarvis McGraw published by Sonlight
  • Air Raid-Pearl Harbor the Attack that Stunned the World; The Story of Dec. 7, 1947 by Theodore Taylor
  • The Giant of the North By R.M. Ballantyne
  • The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne
It is a blessing to see him falling asleep while reading. He didn't start reading until he was 10.5 years. Oh, he could read small words (consonant, vowel, consonant words-cvc and cvcc words) but he was not a fluent reader. He was still in the sounding out stage. Now he reads at grade level. His comprehension skills are above that. His vocabulary is above also.


  1. Linda, this is very encouraging. I have a Josh, too! :O) He is a 3rd grader and a very good reader, but reading is like pulling teeth, pardon the cliche! This gives me hope that he will also come into his own, eventually!!! I love your son's booklist.

    Many Blessings and a Happy New Year!

    I love this new blog! You should find a way to somehow incorporate the three into one...just a suggestion. This one is very easy to navigate.

    Dee in Sunny FL!
    Muchas Bendiciones en el nombre de Jesus para ti y tu bella familia!

  2. Hi, Dee, I think I'm going to eventually combine them. I am slowly copying my post from www.homeschooling6.com to here.

    Do you all listen to audio books? Before Josh was a reader he listened to lots of audio books. Still does.

    Sometimes I buy the first book of a series in audio and the rest of the series he has to read ;)

  3. What a great idea about the audio books! Our library has many of them. After this school vacation I'm going to give that idea a try.

    I'll get back to you and let you know how he does with it.




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