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I'm still at a crossroads with what to do with my other blog at HSB. I do like the community over there. Maybe I'll ask my sister to help me organize it a little better and make is a specific blog for homeschooling only. What to do??? :)

The children are playing "Camping" this is when they fill their backpacks up with camping gear, go outside on an expedition and come back inside to make make camp under the kitchen table, beds & coffee table.

Normally they would make camp outside but it's raining. Since they are inside they get to sleep at their camp site.

Lance & Annette are under the kitchen table. Brent is under the coffee table, Ethan is under my bed and Josh & Caleb are in their room listening to an audio book. A Henty book I think.

My camera doesn't want to load any pictures otherwise I would have posted some. I have the pictures now. At least some of Annette & Lance.

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