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CHRISTmas Shopping

Today we were pretty busy and I'm glad to be home ;) We took the children to Target & Toys R Us to shop for gifts. They had fun.

We also were on the look-out for a small CHRISTmas tree. Annette and I found one that was on a table with a 50% off sign. With our small apt. house (700sq.ft.) we don't have room for a regular size tree. Once we were done at Target we went to pay and the tree rung up as full price $17.99. Annette was sad but we left the tree at Target.

We then went to Toys R Us to finish our shopping. I found a pretty scrabble game. It's pink!

It was $39.99 so I guess it's my CHRISTmas present to myself :)

After Toys R Us we went to Home Depot and guess what?? We found a small live tree that was $8.00 plus 75% off. It was under $4.00. The children were so happy. We have a CHRISTmas tree after all. Thank you Jesus!

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