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Elsie Dinsmore

Last CHRISTmas I bought Annette an Elsie Dinsmore book. Elsie is an 8yr. old wealthy girl in the 1840's. She lost her mother when she was a baby and her father is in Europe. Elsie longs for her father. She has comfort in that her heavenly Father loves her.

Well, the book never clicked with Annette. She picked it up once. It just didn't interest her.
This CHRISTmas I got her the audio book.

The children listened to the first cd and enjoyed it. I would like to listen or read the book myself. Normally I like to pre read the children's books but it's getting harder and more time consuming to do this. I find that I am relying on Sonlight, My Father's World, WinterPromise, Christianbooks and good reviews to help me choose books that I don't have time to preread.
Now, do I dare add the Elsie and Me Workbook?

I'm thinking this would be a nice character study that Annette & I can do together. This will also give me a chance to listen to it.

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