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Ethan & SWR

Lance is so sweet! Every time he goes down for a nap he gives me kisses. He starts by giving me one kiss on each cheek, then my nose and last my forehead.

It's been a busy morning. I have done three spelling lessons. One with Annette using SWR, one with Caleb & Brent using Phonics Road and one with Ethan, he did his first SWR lesson.

Ethan did his first Spell to Write and Read lesson. Some words were hot, all, but, and etc. He had ten words. First I would say the word, use it in a sentence, finger spell it and let him write it in his Primary Learning Log (PL). He new most of the words so I had to slow him down so we could do all the steps. I new with 'all' he would get stuck. We did the finer spelling and I asked him what 'o' sound are we going to use for the first sound in 'all'. Of course his first thought was using an O I gave him a hint. I asked him what letter says /a/, A, /o/. After a while he figured it out but still wrote "oll" instead of "all". I asked him to help my pencil write out 'all' and when he compared my word to his he realized that he made an O instead of an A.

Ethan, wrote with some capital letters too. I am teaching him cursive but for now he is going to write manuscript in his PL until we finish learning how to write all the letters in cursive or almost all. He is still learning how to form the letter 'a'.

When I first introduce him to a letter we start using the 'salt box', trace the sandpaper letter or finger trace the enlarged clock. Then I have him practice tracing a stamp of the clock face using his SmartPal. I insert the paper and he using a dry erase market. Lastly I give him a copy of Cursive First for the letter we are practicing. We don't do all this in one day, so it has been taking us a while.

We are doing the clock face letters first; a, c, o, b, d etc. any letter that goes around the clock I'll add pictures soon.

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