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Getting Ready for Church

Today Annette & Caleb will sing with the childrens choir in front of the church. They are so excited.

Usually it seems that the mom is the one getting the children ready to look nice and sharp for a Sunday especially a CHRISTmas Sunday. Well, here it is my dear, sweet husband. If it wasn't for him the children would go looking nice but this Sunday because of Lupe they look REALLY nice, wearing their ties and jackets. Annette, EVEN is wearing a dress and Lupe, bought her two more.

My boys look like little business men, at least that's what Brent is saying. He really likes his new clothes and said he would like to dress like this more often.

When I was first having babies, boy after boy I always thought I would have them very well dressed for church, considering it's the Lords day. As time went by well, the ties and jackets were less and less. Oh, yes they still wore slacks and a nice dress shirt (most of the time) but I missed the whole dressing up thing. I always believed that we should look our best on Sunday.

Even I don't wear dresses every Sunday anymore .

Anyway, it's nice seeing my little men and my little lady dressed for church.
I'll try to edit this post with pictures later

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