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Happy Thanksgiving

It has been some time since I have blogged. Things have been pretty busy here. A good busy though.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Lupe, made the turkey and sweet potatoes. I made stuffing, mash potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole and opened a can of cranberry sauce. Everything tasted delicious. Every year Lupe's turkey gets more and more tender. This year he brimed (think that's what you cal it) the turkey and it was the BEST. I have pictures of it but I'm still trying to figure out this new computer & camera.

Our previous computer was on it's last leg, so as soon as the new Windows 7 came out, Lupe, ordered a computer. Right away Annette, said, "Does that mean we have to stay here an extra month?"

My dad and brother came over for Thanksgiving. My brother didn't eat for a whole day, just so he could stuff himself. LOL.

We are trying our best to get into the CHRISTmas spirit. Sounds awful, I know. We can't find any of our CHRISTmas stuff and a tree won't fit in our apt. house. I know CHRISTmas isn't about decorations and trees but we really enjoy them.

I did get all the CHRISTmas shopping done.

As for school we are chugging along. It's been so cold that I don't want to do school :) but it has to get done. The children can't really play outside too much because it's been so chilly. Today we left the house and it was 23 degrees outside. The air is icy so that is the reason why I don't want the kiddos out. Four of my kiddos have asthma and the chill seems to bring out their symptoms.

The children are all doing fine. Ethan still has eczema around his eyes. He told me that a little girl at church in AWANA asked his teacher why his eyes are like that. I asked Ethan, if it bothered him that people noticed. He replied, "No, not really." I told him if people ask, to let them know it's allergies.

Speaking of church, we really like Wylie Bible Church. The people are very friendly. We have made some friends. Many of them homeschool and the pastor has some wonderful services as well as Sunday School messages. Annette & Caleb joined the choir. They are really excited about that.

Joshua took this picture. It was so cold that the water on the leaves froze.

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