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I Can't Cook

I must admit I am not a good cook. There are days when I make something and it doesn't come out right. I will call my Sweets to let him know, just in case he would like to stop at Taco Bell ;) Today was one of those days. My bean soup had a funny taste to it. The kids and I put lots of cheese and we survived. Well sort of. As you can see Brent below is, well, maybe it was the spices in the soup ;)

Just kidding, this is a picture of him after he ate a cookie with lots of frosting on it. He didn't realize that his face told a story ;)

Well, back to my cooking. My dear husband thought he was marrying a women that can cook. I had made some pretty good meals before we were married. Little did he know that's about all I could make. Hee, hee.

My Sweets is so sweet though because after he has his supper he always says, "Thank you for that wonderful dinner."

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