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I'm Sick

Today I didn't go to church. I came down with a cold. If it wasn't for the coughing I would have gone, but I don't like to cough in a quiet place. I'm bummed because our pastor has some pretty good sermons.

I haven't been taking my Berry Well daily.

I also have been slacking with my SuperMom Vitamins too.

Last year during the cold season I took Berry Well daily in a glass of lemonade. I would take my SuperMom's after meals. I have been really lazy and I need to get back on track.
I also had the children taking Berry Well daily. We didn't have any sickness in our house for 15 months.

I usually purchase from SuperMom a homeschooling mom. If I am going to buy six at a time then I buy from HERE. You get a discount for ordering in mini bulk :)


  1. Linda, love the new blog. It is much easier to navigate for me because Homeschool blogger freezes up my computer for some reason. Where do you get your Berry well for the children. I'm interested in the ingredients for this and why this works.

    Many Blessings and a Happy New Year!!!

    Dee in Sunny FL!

  2. Dee, sorry about not posting links. I updated my post to add them.

  3. I still want to try these. I just haven't done it yet. I really really need to buy some for Bobby to keep him healthy during the raining season because he tends to get bronchitis or however you spell it. Thanks for adding the links, I'm gonna check it out when I have time.

    As for church, I'm the same way. I hate to be coughing or trying to stiffle the cough during service. It makes me get all hot and flushed trying to swallow different ways, lol.


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