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Joshua's School

Since this is a new blog I thought I would post about what we are using.

Josh is in 6th grade this year. He loves to read. He just finished Robins Crusoe. I'll have to make a list of some of the books he has read this year.

Spelling, we were using Phonics Tutor Frequent Words  but it's a cdrom and Josh doesn't like using the computer for school.

In January 2010 I am switching him to Spell to Write & Read

I like that you have to 'Think-to-Spell'. The child takes the word apart and puts them back together.

For Reading he is using Christian Light Education

Language Arts Josh is using Character Quality Language Arts. This includes Grammar & Writing. Spelling is included but since we are using SWR we are not using this portion of CQLA.

Social Studies is also from Christian Light Education (CLE)

Christian Light for Science.

Art we will start in January 2010.

Joshua's favorite subject is Science. He also enjoys History. He is starting to write more in cursive this year. His cursive is improving. I'll post a picture of his penmanship soon.


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