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Lance's School

My Lance, is 5.5 years old. He is a bit immature for his age. This year we decided not to start Kindergarten with him. At church in AWANA he is still in Cubbies.

We are mainly working on his motor skills using these:

As you can see there are books with lots of cutting, pasting, tracing, drawing & so forth. My sister gave me the Big Book of K Puzzles and those have lots of critical thinking puzzles. My husband purchased Reading & Math from a Scholastic book fair that they had at work a few years ago, so I'm adding that in too. Lots of beginner stuff.
Here are some pictures of his school.

Below is a binder with tabs. The tabs are labeled with the day of the week. Monday, Tuesday etc. I put a days work in each sheet protector. What doesn't get done that day I move to the next. Usually there is unfinished work and I put that in "Monday" section and add new material for T-F. In each sheet protector I put a page from each book. One for cutting, pasting etc.

Here are a few samples from his 'I Can' workbooks.

Here is some of his completed work!

As you can see with the 'pig' below, Lance, uses too much glue. These are from the Kumon workbooks.

Annette, is a huge help with Lance. She enjoys being his 'teacher'.

Annette, took the above picture.

I do plan to start Christ Centered Math in January. Lance, is also learning his phonograms. He doesn't actually like doing his phonograms. He says, "I don't like phonograms." He mostly just hears them while he is playing and I'm teaching the older children.

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