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Morning Accomplishments

Busy morning. Let's see what's been accomplished.
  1. Got our dinner in the crock-pot. Stew is on the menu. Will have recipe soon.
  2. Went through all the mittens, gloves and hats. They are paired and the stragglers have a home until we find their mate.
  3. All the veggies & fruit are put away.
  4. Washed down all the kitchen counters.
  5. Put two loads to wash. Now the dishwasher is running so I can't put another load until the dishes are done.
  6. I washed all the big pots and bowl.
  7. Children helped tidy the house. Still needs a good sweep but at least most of the items are put away. They also cleared the kitchen table off and wiped it down, folded laundry, made my bed and cleaned what they could in my room ;)
There is still a lot to do but at least we got a good start. I once thought a smaller place would mean less cleaning but it's been quite the opposite :o)

Well need to start lunch. We are going to have grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. As I type Brent, is playing Risk on the computer. He gets 20 minutes. Josh, is sweeping the kitchen, Annette and the rest of the gang are in our little bathroom playing in the sink with water. There is CHRISTmas music playing.

I'm still in my Pj's

Jesus loves you!

1 comment

  1. Sounds like a great morning!
    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful New Year celebration!
    I am grateful for the blessing your friendship has been to me in 2009!
    Happy New Year,


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