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My Goals for 2010

Some goals I have for 2010:

  • Read my Bible more
  • Lose 10lbs

  • Get our chores back in order

  • Start menu planning back so we know what we will have for lunch & dinner

  • Become more organized, this is a goal I have been working on for years. I'm improving but still have ways to go

  • Become more frugal. Our goal was to be dept free by April 2010 but my dad needs financial help so it won't be for a few years now.

  • Continue to work on character traits with the children.

  • Use more homemade beauty products. We started making our own shampoo & conditioner. I would like to make deodorant, face wash & scrub and toothpaste.

These are some goals. I am trying to use less chemicals and by doing so I save money too :) I'll post more on these goals later. This is just my list.

I'm working on being more frugal. 

 One of the hardest parts for me will be to not spend on books and curriculum. Using what we have. I'm going to start making my list for next year and buy little by little so it doesn't become one big purchase.
I don't buy clothes, perfume lots of make-up. No expensive items in our house or fancy decor; just give me books. I haven't been in a mall since 2008. Forget diamonds, I'd rather buy books :o) My sweet husbands keeps saying, "That's why we have libraries."

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