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Math Mammoth

We started using Math Mammoth Complete Curriculum Light Blue Series this past June (2009).

Joshua used 3A and is almost finished with 3B. Annette is almost done with 3A and will start 3B in January. Brent is using 2A and Ethan 1A.

So far so good.The children aren't jumping for joy to do math but they do like Math Mammoth.


You can download and print as many copies as needed
Inexpensive. You pay about $30.00 for a full grade/year. This includes the student text, answer keys, test and review pages.
There is no need for a Teacher's Manual per say; everything is written in the student text.
Step-by-step instructions for both mom/teacher & student (in student text)
Starts a new concept using illustrations then moves away from until there is only problems with no pictures etc.
There is an end of chapter review and then a test. You can file these away instead of keeping a whole workbook. You do have to print the test off separately (same download though)

The answer key is sometimes hard to follow. It takes me a few minutes to find the page in the answer key that I need, to quickly correct a students page.
In the 3rd grade Answer key some of the pages are off. For instance to correct lets say page 92 of the student page it's not the same in the Answer key. Minor error and I have penciled in the correct pages.
Other then answer keys I haven't really found any cons for us. It would be nice if the answer key was set up with the problems and the answers, but I can see where that would be a lot of printing for the customer.

The Complete Light Blue package is a full years worth of math. There is also a Blue Series. You would use the Blue Series if you are using another math program but your child needs review or you want to supplement your current math.

Click HERE to see how the author of Math Mammoth compares MM to other math programs (MUS, Saxon, Singapore etc.)

I have bought many math programs, R&S, Right Start, Singapore, MUS, Miquon, Saxon, Rays and I'm sure a few more that I have forgotten . For me I have narrowed it down to two that I have found works great for my children and I. I say "I" because it has to make sense to mom too . The two are Math Mammoth and Christian Light Math.

Caleb has used CLE Math 2 & 3. Brent 1 & 2. I'll post about Christian Light math another time.

I do want to add that I REALLY am trying NOT to combine math programs but it has happened again. Caleb is currently using CLE 3 but wants to do Math Mammoth also. What we are doing is one week he works with MM and the next week he does CLE. We work through the summer so we'll see if he can finish both in 12 months. Samething is happening with Brent. He is using MM and Schoolaid. I started Brent with Math Mammoth level 2 but he wants to complete his Schoolaid math too, so again he is combining also . Annette, I started her off with Math Mammoth (MM) she is almost done with 3A BUT she wants to use Christian Light Math. Aaack! She said she would prefer to use Christian Light math because almost all her other subjects are from Christian Light Education. So, we'll see how that goes. I ordered CLE math level 4.



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