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Why 3 Blogs! Yikes!

I first started blogging at www.homeschooling6.com in 2006. In 2007 I thought I would try Blogger. I liked how easy it was to set up. Then I decided to stick with HomeschoolBlogger. Now that I 'think' I might be ready for a change I couldn't figure out how to get back into my Blogger acct. (the homeschooling6 one), so then I opened up this acct. only to finally figure out how to get back into my old Blogger account. Here I am now with two Homeschooling6 blogs. One here and one at HSB and of course this one. What to do? I'm still trying to figure out.

My Blogger Homeschooling6 still has what we were doing in 2007. I don't want to change it. The kiddos were so small and it is fun to see what we were doing back then.


  1. I wanted to share that you can import a blogger blog into another blogger blog and fairly easy, too!

  2. I'll have to look into that. Thanks!


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